Hell’s Kitchen Ep. 6 Recap: 13 Chefs Compete


Hell's KitchenWe begin this episode of Hell’s Kitchen after Monique was FINALLY eliminated last week! (For a complete recap of last week’s shenanigans, click here and leave nice comments!) After the teams head back up to the dorms for the night, we see that the women are happy that Monique is now gone and they have no excuse from this point on to not be the winning team at dinner service. Meanwhile, we have Sarah, who is having a late night cram session trying to brush up on her cooking “skills,” as if these things can be learned in one night.

The chefs receive a phone call from Chef Ramsay, who tells them to leave the dorm and meet him in front of Hell’s Kitchen immediately. He tells them that they will be opening Hell’s Kitchen for a special lunch service for The L.A. Fire Hogs and the Leatherheads, two charities made up of active and retired firemen who raise money for the families of their fallen comrades. The team to complete lunch service first will win this challenge.

Both teams frantically race to be the first one to finish. Josh, who is sick of the blue team losing the challenges, yells orders at his teammates instead of focusing on pouring drinks. Meanwhile, Sarah seems lost and confused when it comes to her job: putting salad onto plates. Things stall a little bit for the red team as T sends some raw chicken to the pass, but luckily Sarah noticed it and has T redo it before Ramsay did. Things don’t go as well for the blue team, who send raw chicken up and get caught by Chef Ramsay. Both teams kick into gear and start sending out entrees left and right. It gets close as both teams race to complete the final ticket for their kitchens, but the blue team finally pulls out a victory in this challenge. As their reward, the men will be touring the vineyards of Malibu and enjoy a safari tour. The women will be serving their punishment detailing fire engines and then preparing over 400 chicken wings for dinner service.

Meghan, who is tired and embarrassed of her team’s poor performance, pulls them all aside and yells at them to straighten up or she may nominate herself so she can go home just to get away from them. None of the women seem to really care, but the true test will be how they perform in dinner service. Chef Ramsay also pulls Meghan aside and tells her that he sees she is a great cook and thinks she needs to step into more of a leadership role with her team and stop tolerating so much.

It is now time for dinner service once again. The men are still struggling to pull themselves together and get it right. Nick repeatedly screws up on the scallops. (STILL?!) Brendan doesn’t do much better and tries to serve raw salmon. HK_BrendanPelleyMeanwhile, in the red kitchen, Meghan cracks the whip on her team and pushes them to perfection, or as close as you can get to perfection in Hell’s Kitchen. Nick, Brendan and Josh are thrown out of the kitchen for their continued mistakes. It’s no surprise that the women emerge victorious in this dinner service. The men must nominate two men to go up and face elimination. The nominees are Brendan and Nick. Brendan is the next chef to be eliminated from the competition.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Did the right person go home? Let me know in the comments below!

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