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It’s only week one and we have already seen MORE gameplay and MORE drama than all of last season! For the most part, I am loving it! If you don’t have the feeds, you are missing out on a shit storm! But I won’t get into that right now, I’m just recapping the episodes. Becky and John won the Battle of the Block competition and saved themselves from eviction and dethroned Jason from his reign as HOH. Steve and Jackie remain on the chopping block. (Read my previous recap here for more details.) Who will win the first Power of Veto of Big Brother 17? Read on to find out!

We begin right after the Battle of the Block competition. Steve is a little bummed out because he and Jackie lost and now they are the official nominees for the week. Jace reassures him that he will have his back if James, Jason, Meg, Da'Vonne, Clay and Audrey start plotting to backdoor Jace BB17needed. (Of course, if you have the live feeds, you KNOW by now that Jace is full of shit and does NOT have Steve’s back, but I am getting ahead of myself here.) Jason and James are in the HOH room and are figuring out the votes needed to backdoor Jace. They have to start rallying the troops to secure the minimum of 7 votes needed. James, Jason, Meg, Da’Vonne, Clay and Audrey meet upstairs and the plan is set in motion. Da’Vonne tells us in the diary room that this is a very temporary deal and she won’t be able to work with most of these people in the long run.

The fake "Cloud Town" alliance is formed to lead Jace into a sense of security BB17Meanwhile, the unknowing Jace is upstairs in the HOH room with Austin, Audrey and James and they form the fake “Cloud Town” alliance. Seriously, these alliance names get more and more idiotic each year! But I digress. They discuss getting rid of a big “target” the first week… leading Jace into a false sense of security. The plan is to get rid of him week one and he will find out the hard way that this alliance was never really a real thing. LOL! Nothing like a good blindside.

It is now time to pick players for the veto competition. James, Steve and Jackie all will be playing as well as three other houseguests chosen at random by each of them. James chooses Becky’s chip, Jackie chooses Johnny to play and Steve chooses the “Houseguest Choice” chip, so he picks Jason in an attempt to form a bond with him.

Da'Vonne is the QUEEN of the diary room! BB17

Queen Sassy Dae slays us in the Diary Room

Meanwhile, Da’Vonne is convinced there is a counting competition coming up soon and she’s wandering all around the house counting objects to prepare herself for the comp. Things get a little weird when Jeff asks her why she was going into “his” room. Of course, Queen Sassy Dae shuts him down and says she lives there too and she can go wherever she wants! Have I mentioned I LOVE her? She’s PISSED and her inner Inglewood gangsta is about to come out because Jeff, Clay and Shelli had no right to question her motives for wandering into rooms. LOL! Jeff traipses up the stairs to the HOH room, Clay and Da'Vonne confrontation BB17where Mama Dae is seething to Jason and Audrey, to do a little damage control and apologize. Dae admits she is pissed and accepts his apology but tells him she heard what was said and KNOWS that Clay and Shelli were the real culprits. Y’all. Da’Vonne is here to play this game and she hears and sees EVERYTHING. Clay comes upstairs to confront her about the situation and she tears him a new one. This scene was everything and I was getting my life!

James assigns the four Have-Nots for the first week of BB17It is time for James to pick the have-nots for the first week. We see the pails of Big Brother slop on the table and all the houseguests are disgusted by it. Seriously, I don’t know why they make such a big deal out of it. They get to use condiments as well and can dress that stuff up pretty well. It’s not like they are forced to eat it or starve. I’d personallyThe BB17 dentist office-themed Have-Not Room like to see them go back to just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like in the older seasons. Anyway, James chooses the four people that will be eating slop, taking cold showers and sleeping in the new Have-Not Room, which looks like a run-down dentist’s office complete with dentist chairs for the houseguests to sleep in. He chooses Vanessa, Da’Vonne, Austin and Liz—the people who are immune from eviction this week.

The Nose-A Scotia power of veto competition BB17It is time for the first veto comp of the summer! The houseguests all go out to the backyard which has been transformed and has a lake, a campsite and noses… that’s right, there are huge noses and obviously the players are going to have to pick them. How appetizing, right? Anyway, we learn that this comp, “Nose-A Scotia” (it’s so embarrassing hearing these punny names for comps), is the infamous “technotronics” or “caltoru” spelling comp. This year, they added a completely unnecessary Scrabble element to it, assigning points to the different letters. The houseguest to correctly spell the highest scoring word will win the power of veto! The houseguests take off and start digging for gold in the huge noses and trying to assemble their words. After everyone buzzes in, we get to see what words they used. James takes the early Steve wins the Nose-A Scotia POV comp with the word "trombonists" BB17lead with “lifeguards,” but Steve knocks him out with “trombonists.” Love it! Jackie played the word “judge.” Seriously, is that the biggest word she could pull out of her head to spell? It was hilarious that John chose to play the word “boogers.” If there wasn’t a reason to love him before, this made me love him even more! I’m actually pleasantly surprised that everyone spelled their words correctly this year. Steve wins the golden power of veto and will be able to save himself from the block!

Jace is named as the replacement nominee BB17It’s time for the veto ceremony, and we all know that Steve is going to use it to save himself from eviction. The question is, whom will James nominate as his replacement? He chooses to stick to the plan to backdoor Jace and puts him on the block. Again, if you have the feeds, you KNOW that all hell broke loose in the house after this meeting! I wonder if any of this will make it on the next show. I hope so! Now, either Jackie or Jace will be evicted on Thursday.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you want Jace or Jackie to be evicted? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @vince1187 and let’s keeps this conversation going!

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  1. Mama Dae was set up by Clay Jeff and Shelli! She was just studying and minding her business and that easily became the pegged as the angry black woman! I’m watching this season all over again and it making want to tear up at how petty not only guys can be just as well as some females! Ugh I’m loving your take on this episode, I had to subscribe ❤️

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