Amy Clements

YRR Producer & Eric’s Memory!

You most likely know Amy from our live show chats.  She is the person who always has the answer when Eric is too busy to read chat.  When not filling her wall with post it notes of things to remind Eric she is usually coming up with fun stuff for the #YRRFam to do.  Amy runs the #Trashdraft every Big Brother season.  So if you haven’t check that out you really should here.  Amy also helps produce some of the live shows with house guests… not that you’d know it.  She isn’t one to brag.  Currently, Amy is going to oversee the team of live feed updater for Big Brother 19.  She truly is an asset to the Your Reality Recaps team.  She is a vital part of this #YRRFam that so many of you love.  You can follow Amy on Twitter by clicking the picture above.