Hell’s Kitchen 15: Episode 4 Recap


Here were are, time for the fourth episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 15. The women have sucked especially hard this season and have lost the last two challenges. I’m beginning to wonder if they will ever take this seriously and win a dinner service. Read on to find out what happens in the latest episode!

We begin right after the elimination of Vanessa last week. Dannie is pissed off that Ariel named Vanessa as a nominee after the team decided to put up Meese and Manda. They continue to shout and bitch at each other across the dorm and to be perfectly honest with you they remind me of the women on The View, they yell and bicker and you can’t understand what they’re saying because they sound like a bunch of hens clucking. These women have no hope of surviving to the end of the competition if they can’t put this petty shit aside and focus on the challenges and dinner services.

The chefs prepare for the duck "hunting" challenge #HellsKitchenThe chefs are awakened the next morning and given camouflage and orange vests to wear and then they are whisked away to meet Chef Ramsay at the lake. Some of these morons actually think they will be duck hunting. Like Chef Ramsay can trust any of these idiots with guns? Ha!! What they will really be doing is finding out what ingredients they will be using in their next challenge. One member from each team will share a canoe and will have ten minutes to gather five rubber ducks… the bottom of which have an ingredient that they will be using in their head-to-head cooking challenge. Afterwards, they head back to Hell’s Kitchen where they have 40 minutes to create their duck dishes to face off against one another. Once they’re done cooking, Chef Ramsay and Michelin-star Chef Citrin will critique their dishes and award up to four points to each dish based on how good (or really, how shitty) they are. Up first are Manda and Joe with their dishes. Joe gets 6 points for his dish while Manda only gets 2 for her overcooked breast (the duck breast, you perv). Ariel and Chad are next and each earn 5 points. Jackie is next and only gets 5 points while Frank’s dish gets 7. Dannie pulls down a 5 while Alan’s disgusting dish gets 2 points. Meese gets 4 points for her duck leg while Hassan only gets 2 points (whaaaat?). Eddie serves duck with raw fat that could have choked a diner, but it had great flavor. He earns 4 points anyway while Ashley earns a 6 for hers even though it had a clumsy presentation. Finally, Kristin and Jared face off. Jared earns 6 points and Kristin earns only 3. The men win yet another challenge with 32 points to the women’s 30 points. At this point, are any of us even surprised?

While the women are prepping for the night’s dinner service, Jackie get’s into hot water with sous chef Christina for being disrespectful and just generally a pain in the ass as always. Luckily, Christina is not in a position to tolerate that shit and nips it in the bud real quick. Jackie later pulls Christina aside and apologizes for her actions.

It is time for another dinner service. Tonight they will be serving special guests in their kitchens at the chefs’ tables. For the red team, Kris Jenner will be dining as a VIP. The blue kitchen will be serving the queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese. So, no pressure. Things get off to a bad start for the red team as Ashley once again forgets to turn on the gas to boil the water. I seriously can’t with these buffoons.

At this point, I could probably copy and paste this paragraph into each week’s recaps. The women fumble through their service while the men are rock stars. Jackie even thinks it’s not a big deal to try and serve pink chicken to the diners. Yeah, okay, Jackie. Why don’t you eat the pink chicken and let me know how you feel when you have the Hershey squirts and projectile vomiting. The men finish their service ahead of the women and are sent over to help the women finish service. Hassan takes charge of the situation and helps finish the evening’s service in Hell’s Kitchen. It is no surprise that the red team has lost once again. The two nominees for elimination are Jackie and Meese. Meese ends up getting the boot for her piss poor communication skills. But that’s not all! Chef Ramsay calls Hassan forward. To balance the teams out, Hassan is made a member of the red team.

What do you think of Meese’s elimination? Did Chef Ramsay make the right decision, or should Jackie have gone home for not taking this as seriously as she should? Do you think Hassan’s team switch will breathe new life into the red team or will it kill him in the competition? Let me know your thoughts below or on Twitter @vince1187.


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