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hell's kitchenOkay, it has been nearly two weeks since I last recapped Hell’s Kitchen 15 for y’all. What can I say, except that I have been slacking? Get yer ass in gear, Vince! Anyway, a lot has happened since the end of the fourth episode when Meese was given the boot and Hassan was forced to join the inept bitches of the red team so that he might be able to breathe life into the collective corpse that is their “team.” In the interest of brevity (and my sanity), I’m going to only lightly touch on what happened in the 5th episode and focus mostly on episode 6 for this recap. So, here goes:

In episode 5, the teams were tasked with coming up with three dishes for each of three different holidays: the Fourth of July, Mardi Gras, and Cinco de Mayo. The red team wins the challenge for once and Ashley and Ariel will be featured in Family Circle magazine for their impressive Mardi Gras dishes. Later on, the teams compete in yet another infamous dinner service. In an especially tumultous Family Night, Chef Ramsay actually boots Kevin out of the competition altogether, right in the middle of service! That’s not all… the blue team never recovered and Alan was sent packing at the end of the episode as well! Also, the red team has a piss poor performance during service as well and have to nominate two of their own for elimination. Luckily for Manda and Kristin, they are spared elimination and Manda is sent to the blue team.

Okay, now on to episode six. After last week’s shakeup with the mid-service expulsion of Kevin, Alan’s departure and Manda’s move to the blue team, things are really getting interesting now. The women head up to the dorm after elimination and Jackie is a rampage, pissed off that Ashley dared called her out in front of Ramsay. So, an argument ensues between the two, which consists mostly of Jackie stomping around acting crude and loud like she always does. #ClassyBitch. She really is more like a bully than a chef. She reminds me of a certain Big Brother alum that shall remain nameless. You can make your own assumptions on that one.

The chefs get an early wake up call to meet Chef Ramsay outside. They travel to a local market to do some shopping for fresh ingredients for their next challenge. However, they won’t be shopping inside the market. A shit ton of shopping carts have been released into the parking lot, each with different letters. Each team must using the shopping carts to spell out ingredients to use in their dishes. Afterward, they are given 60 seconds to run into the grocery store to grab whatever ingredients they can to make their dishes stand out more. They then get a half hour back in the kitchen to cook their dishes using their allowed ingredients. The blue team will be making a dish with salmon, chard, parsnips, lemon, rice and fennel (ugh) and their individual special ingredients and the red team will be using halibut, beet (note: singular), squash, kale, fingerling (which I have no clue what that is, but is giving me flashbacks to Big Brother 17’s Liztin) and wine plus their special ingredients.

The blue team’s dishes score pretty well from Chef Ramsay for the most part, earning them 22 points in all (out of 30), including a perfect 5 points from Joe which completely shocked me because I didn’t think he had it in him. Meanwhile, things don’t get off to a good start for the red team when Jackie’s halibut which looked like it had been chewed by a dog only earns 2 points for the red team. Totally serves her right though. Ariel’s dish blows him out of the water and earns a perfect score of 5. Ashley earns another perfect score which ends up tying the red and blue teams at 22 points apiece. The tiebreaker will be which of the three perfect dishes was the best overall. Ashley’s dish breaks the tie and the red team wins the challenge! They will be enjoying the day flying in a stunt plane while the blue team will be prepping for a Spanish-themed dinner service by prepping fruit for sangria.

Dinner service begins and things are off to a bad start for Hassan who is called out for sweating into the lobster. Like… seriously, dude? Why the hell are you not wearing a bandana? For that matter, why the HELL are hair nets not being used by everyone? So gross! Meanwhile, Joe is back to his usual ways of being a total screw-up when he can’t even find table 23 out in the dining room. I swear he is like the male version of Chrissa from last season. They should get married. But not reproduce. Nope. He also moves way too slow and is wearing a dirty jacket so Ramsay throws him out of the kitchen to find a clean jacket to wear. Jackie is completely freezing up in the red kitchen and seems like she is confused about where she even is.

Amazingly, both teams manage to complete dinner service without killing a diner or burning the restaurant down. Jared and Ariel were declared the best on their teams and Ramsay assigns them to have one-on-ones with each member of their teams in order to determine two people to face elimination. Ariel chooses Jackie and Kristin. Jared chooses to nominate Eddie and Joe. Ramsay ultimately eliminates Eddie for not being able to lead or follow.

What were your thoughts on the eliminations? Let me know in the comments below!


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