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WOW….all I can say is wow. This week was one of the best (in my opinion) weeks of The Bachelor in a LONG time. A perfect mix of love, hate and shock and awe so let’s get started. The girls are still reeling after their first real rose ceremony. Tension is at an all time high for week 2 and Chris Harrison walks in. He tells the girls that there are two one on ones and a group date which means 1. Not all girls are going to get to go on a date and 2. The group date will be HUGE and insane. First up one of the favorites Lauren B gets the first solo date. Everytime Olivia is shut out of a one on one I am happy and an angel gets her wings.

Ben takes Lauren up on a bi-plane ride. You’d think a seasoned flight attendant would think a piece of cake but nope. She is used to nice large planes with plenty of safety devices and back up ways to operate. Her The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnellmind, as mind would, goes to if this one and only propeller dies we go down.  Up in the air she soon calms down and they have a nice flight even as the pilot does some fancy tricks and they end up in some remote area where a hot tub just magically popped up for some tub time, conversation and drinks. He is enamoured with her already and has been since she left the limo but she is guarded. Can she let her guard down and let Ben in? I hope so before his relationships with other girls get stronger. He takes her to dinner where normally I am bored to tears but Ben is refreshing. I’ve heard more real conversation in two episodes with him then I have an entire season with Juan Pablo or Chris. She talks about her simple family life, how her dad loves his yard and that she is so picky about men because of her dads example.Of course she gets the date rose, I expected nothing else and he surprises her with a concert in a barn by another obscure country artist Lucy Angel GROAN.

Next up is our group date where it’s easier to say who wasn’t on it. Becca, Caila, JoJo and Jubilee are left The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Soccerat the mansion and Jubilee is freaking out. She doesn’t think Ben is that into her so she is a mess while all the other girls go off to play soccer with Ben. It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without some friendly (or not so friendly) competition. After playing around a bit and meeting World Cup champs Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara they are divided into teams stars and stripes. Winning team gets an after party, losers back to the mansion. Emily proves herself to be quite the goalie while Lace didn’t even know she could touch the ball with her hands.  Final scores are tied so they go to a shoot out. Rachel ends up getting hurt pretty bad but shakes it off and finishes the game. With Rachel hurt the stripes take over the stars and they all head to the mansion. Rachel being carried into the house. Claws come out at the hotel where Olivia steals Ben away before he can even properly say hello to everyone. She makes The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Amber James,no bones about the fact that she’s bringing him into a room to be alone rubbing their faces in it. The girls are pissed. Amber is seething mad and determines this is the day she steals her time. While Olivia is not in the room though the girls do some old-fashioned gossip and talk turns to her ugly feet and bad breath, which Jami feels the need to stir shit and tell her. Jami, I love you, but in that moment I wanted to muzzle you! Amber finally snatches Ben away from Jami!  She stopped whining got up off the couch and demanded her time.  Amber’s new-found confidence works in her favor and she finally snags a date rose and from Olivia which is AMAZING. Olivia is living in some alternate universe where she thinks that her and Ben have some secret language because when he got up to leave he pushed up on her leg (and Jami’s too)  Honey you were packed on that couch like sardines he had no choice!

While the girls are at the party the last date card arrives. Jubilee looks like she’s given up until her name is called. She gets the last one on one of the week. So excited she does a little victory dance. Her excitement is short-lived as she gets ready to go and her nerves start to take over. Always afraid to open up she is scared The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Jubilee Sharpeand it comes off as uninterested and as Jami says Awko-taco which makes the girls angry and when Ben shows up 20 minutes late with a helicopter she jokingly asks anyone want my date. The girl’s claws all come out just wait for this cocktail party. It’s a little awkward at first well lets be real for the first half. She calms down about the heights and they end up at a health spa  where she starts to loosen up. They try caviar (EW), she tells Ben about her first love….the hot dog and teaches Ben to dance and she finally starts to loosen up but awkwardly. At some points I just wanted her to stop talking but then dinner  time came, she looked fantastic and in that conversation we learn more. She hasn’t been to Haiti since she was adopted because she can’t face it alone. Yes she’s an orphan because all her family was killed. Her story gets more tragic as she tells it and you can’t help but just want to reach out and hug her. Finally she ends up in his lap where he gives her his rose and the two start kissing.  The girls wake up the next morning to see her in her bed and are shocked.

Ben arrives at the mansion for the cocktail party in a somber mood. He received news from home that two very close family friends passed away in a plane crash. This would be hint to the girl calm your crazy and be civilized right. Hell no! He barely gets a drink in his hand and  Canklivia has stolen him. You’d think it would The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Jubilee Sharpebe to console him, but no. She confesses she has body issues with her cankles and her feet. Are you kidding me? This girl is insane, she’s making Lace look normal! Thankfully Amanda offers her support along with some other girls. Their bigger issue though is with Jubilee, who they are really just made is still there.  When she gets some alone time with him and offers him a massage to relieve his stress they lose their mind. Keep in mind it was just a massage, all clothes were on, there were no happy endings, not even a kiss with tongue. She just wanted to make him feel better. Amber and her posse are not having it, she finds Jubilee wrapped in a blanket alone satisfied with her time, and she wants her to come face the firing squad of bitter bitches to which Jubilee is like HELL NO. Fine  then we will come to you and Amber leaves to gather her girls. Jubilee high tails it out there and the girls make a stink to which Ben become alert to and sympathizes with Jubilee. While they all think Jubilee is thinking she’s Queen B it’s Amber stomping around that mansion demanding things not her.  So whose rose when to whose head Miss Amber? All this drama has Lace freaking out over her lack of time and when she sees Ben kiss Becca she snaps. Before the rose ceremony even starts she pulls Ben aside. She has come to a realization and a tough one. Firstly there is no connection between the two of the and secondly, if she wants to find love she need to love herself. She removes herself from the show to work on herself and become the person she wants to be. Good for you Lace. That is a courageous move and I’m proud of her for The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Jami Letaindoing it. The rose ceremony goes relatively smooth. For a split second I was thinking he was going to send Olivia home but no. He did call her name last thinking he’d send the message your cankle talk wasn’t cool but no…she think he saved the best for last.  Deluded…..totally deluded. Going home with Lace is Russian Shushanna and Canadian Jami now knows as cat lady Jami. Not surprised neither got any air time, but I’m sad about Jami.

Next week we are off to Vegas and the Kelsey style panic attack makes a comeback. I can’t wait to see what the stress of travel does to an already turnt up group of girls. See ya next week. Don’t forget that Vince is blogging Hell’s Kitchen and we have Celebrity Big Brother coverage too!


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