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We made it guys! Through 28 women, countless tears, the Olivia drama, the Lace antics, countless helicopter rides and Ben breaking all the rules, we finally find out who his one true love is. We are being teased it’s the most dramatic every, there will be a shock at the end blah blah. They even show Ben, JoJo and Lauren’s families in the audience. They have Ben’s minister held hostage back stage just in case the two decide to marry right now. I just think they are tired of the break ups before the next cycle even airs so they are going to make them get married. Chris Harrison better deliver because he has cried “most dramatic EVER!” one time to many. Time for some redemption Harrison!

It’s time now for both of Ben’s lady loves to meet the parents. Mom is not very impressed that her boy has told two girls that he loves them. Will she be Team JoJo or Team Lauren?  Lauren meets the parents first. To Ben3me that signifies front-runner. He wants nothing clouding their judgement of Lauren and giving her the opportunity to set the bar. Ben has just brought his parents to Jamaica so there isn’t the usual gamut of sibling and the spouses to face which makes these days pretty easy and just a little boring. Ben starts it off by telling his parents how Lauren has wanted to meet them since their day one to break the ice. She sits down with each of the parents individually and I feel like she’s just trying to prove her love for Ben. Mom has concerns that she hasn’t face any tough times with him yet. Lauren asks her how to help him through it and tells her that he’s intense do she needs to be patient and talk him off the ledge. Mom thinks she’s a sweet girl and Lauren tells her she’d marry Ben tomorrow.

It’s JoJo’s turn to meet the parents. Ben brings her in and Lauren has set the bar pretty high. Ben tells mom and dad that with her he can be himself and they have faced hard times and she knows he’s hard on himself. Ben4She needs to sell herself to dad first. When he asks what it is about Ben she tells him he’s my best friend. OK Side note, you’ve known him a month, been alone with him for maybe the equivalent of 3 days and he’s your best friend? I’m sure the old best friend that spent years with you is pretty bitter now! When faced with mom she tells her that Ben makes her feel safe and protected. Mom is so happy to hear this because that is EXACTLY what Ben has told her. JoJo tells her how they’ve had hard things to go through and they come out of it stronger. It’s seems mom and dad are divided. Both will say yes, both are great ladies. Lauren is polished and elegant but JoJo seemed to answer questions before they were even asked. Ben has no clarity as mom seems to be Team Lauren while dad is Team JoJo.

Luckily Ben has one more final date to find out who he loves more. Batter up Lauren! The two are on a boat and I want a nap.  Ben is freaking the hell out in his head and it’s obvious to Lauren something is up. Ben6Things are awkward, conversation is almost nothing. Where is my drama. The two have quite afternoon on the boat and swimming in the ocean. Lauren is not feeling things going into their evening portion of the date. First off it’s not a date. He goes to her room. Since when did ABC not shell out the dough for a spectacular last date. Come on this is boring.  Lauren’s only concern is that she doesn’t know how things are for Ben when things get hard. Well Lauren, judging how he’s handling this stress I’d say he tells you what you want to hear to avoid confrontation or awkward silence and then clams up and stays in his head. Ben’s chaperone must be around and awake because you can see he wants to say I chose you, like he said I love you last week. With his intern on high alert he chooses to say no matter what happens  you made me a better man. Just what every girl on the possible eve of her engagement wants to hear. Ben is quiet, and leaves Lauren for the first time this season  NOT feeling confident about her position.

Ben needs to get Lauren out of his head now and focus on JoJo. The vibe between the two of them seem much less tense than his vibe with Lauren a day earlier. These two end up by a waterfall (this is a theme The Bachelor, The Bachelor 20. Ben Higgins, JoJo Fletcherfor them)  and have a picnic. THey have fun zip lining across he fall and making out in the water. Even though they’ve face some hard times things are just easy with JoJo and can I say she was sexy as hell on that date. Her breasts were doing all the right things in all the right places. Even I was distracted. I don’t know how Ben was forming sentences! At the falls JoJo tells him she will do whatever she needs to do to make this work post show. The first talk I’ve heard from anyone about what will happen when this is all over. Moving on to their evening portion of the date. He tells JoJo that he’s tried to find concerns and he can’t find one, that she’s his best friend but his mind is in 100 places. JoJo and Ben need some privacy to talk out their feelings, forgetting they are mic’d they head into the bathroom. JoJo needs reassurance. He tells her I love you but… and she says you love her too. He admits yes, he loves Lauren as well. Boom! Drama!  Not really of course she’s upset. The love of your life just said I love you but I love her too. JoJo is tired of competing and Ben leaves without her getting the reassurances she needs.

Ben7It’s Ben’s big day. He still has no clue who he’s choosing. What he does get to choose is the ring. Neil Lane shows up with a briefcase full of jewels any girl would die to have. Once he chose the ring Ben declares he knows who he wants. The ring has spoken. Neil Lane you really are The Lord of The Rings aren’t you. Back to Mordor with you! Both girls are getting ready. Lauren looking stunning in a bright blue gown that shows off he eyes and blonde hair. JoJo is looking sexy in a pale pink beaded gown that shows off her assets fantastically. Fun fact both girls get to keep those gowns since as they stylist says I’m not going up to a girl who has just had The Bachelor, The Bachelor 20, Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnellher heart broken or who just got engaged and ask for a dress back! First out of the limo is JoJo and my heart sinks. First out is NEVER EVER EVER a good sign. Ben lets her say her thing about how much she loves her then breaks the news to her.You’re not the one  and there you have it, JoJo’s heart is in a million pieces. Ben has a little cry as JoJo rides away in her limo but dusts himself off and makes a very important phone call to Lauren’s dad asking for his permission. Lauren’s dad of course says yes. A beaming Lauren walks up to Ben and after each of them proclaim their love for each other Ben gets down on one knee and  asks Lauren to be his wife. No surprise there Lauren says yes and the two hopefully spend the rest of their lives with each other. Chris Harrison, you lied. Two minutes of a bathroom conversation is not the most dramatic finale ever.

How is everyone post show is the big question. JoJo and Ben meet up one last time so she can get Ben8answers. For a girl coming off a huge heart-break she is good. A little too good if you ask me. She’s not angry, she’s not crying, she seems to have gotten over being dumped by her best friend quite well. Before we bring out Lauren it’s time for Chris to announce which Ben reject is going to be our next Bachelorette. Talk of racial diversity has been out there with Jubilee slated to be a choice. Single mother Amanda is also one of our top picks but Emily already did that, and fan favorite Caila has been the number one choice. I guess the most shocking part of the night happens when JoJo  is announced as Bachelorette. Not since Ben F have we had a finalist be the next star of the show. I hope JoJo finds the guy of her dreams.

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! For the first time in public we get to see Lauren and Ben. They are super cute together and it’s obvious that they are in love (for now anyways) We learn in the next few weeks Lauren will be moving to Denver to be with Ben and they want a short engagement. Well Chris says  you can get married right now! Look we have your family, your pastor  has been chained backstage for three hours Ben9what do you say. They say NO! Ben says things have been done so strangely that now they just want normalcy. Plus who isn’t going to wait for ABC to pay for a big public wedding. Ben does bring their families on stage though, and again asks Lauren’s dad for permission to marry his daughter and gets down on one knee again and proposes to Lauren again, who of course says yes. No drama would have been her saying well after three months of seeing the real you …um  no….  that would be the most dramatic ending ever! Not this anti climatic love fest. I am all for Lauren and Ben though and I do wish them happiness for the rest of their lives. CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN AND BEN!

Do you think he made the right choice? What do you think of JoJo being the new Bachelorette? Comment below and let me know.  Can’t wait to see you all next season!

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