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When I first decided to ‘blog’ Celebrity Big Brother, I intended to only write about it once a week; a round up of the previous week’s events if you like.

Well, the constant drama has put paid to that.  I can barely keep up with the goings on, my poor fingers are knackered (not to mention my brain too), this series has been a total hotbed of emotions and drama.

I think, Series 17 will go down in history as one of the most explosive to date.  I truly felt nothing could ever compare to CBB15, but that seemed like a quaint tea party in comparison.

As we enter the 3rd week, a clear divide between housemates is evident.

So, have a read on for my opinions and my predictions for tonight’s eviction as well as my updated Top 3 (if the house has any housemates left in it by then).


Gemma Collins

I’ve eaten a bit of humble pie over the last few days where “GC” is concerned.   Do I think she’s playing a game?  Yeah I do; to a certain degree.  She’s pretty much confirmed she is, however, I have to respect her for the way she’s carried herself over the last week and took Steph’s total character assassination.  She also provided me with one of the best quotes of the series thus far, during the ‘David Gest has passed away’ fiasco last week with “I want my shoes back”.  Paying extra attention to the important matters there.  Fair play to her for accepting Stephanie’s apology with grace the way she did.

Danniella Westbrook

She’s alright is Danniella, a voice of reason amongst the carnage.  I enjoyed watching her during the task on the weekend where the housemates had to decide who was being described by a list of words given.  Her line “turn it in you bunch of ego obsessed wallies” was spot on.  I’m firmly of the opinion the only reason Steph put Danniella up for eviction on Friday was because of what Danniella said about Steph not having a boyfriend there for her when she leaves the house.  Not only did Danniella have a point, but she also had the balls to tell Steph that she said it.  Shame Steph didn’t repay the favour by being honest when she nominated her.

Kristina Rhianoff

The highlight of Kristina’s week was trying to teach Christopher Maloney how to dance and that’s all I have to say on her really.  She’s faded into the background, mainly because of the much bigger characters in the house perhaps.

John Partridge

He tried didn’t he, he tried to force those tears but they just didn’t come.  Says a lot about his acting skills, or lack of perhaps.  I couldn’t believe how John was creeping to Steph after her and Gemma had their row the night before.  Let’s not forget the problem John had with Steph only last week.  I’ve seen a totally different side to Jonathan John over the last week and I really don’t like it.

Christopher Maloney

I’ve been asked if I think Christopher is genuine. I really want to believe he is (I never like to think people aren’t in all honesty).  I had every expectation of not liking Chris but I’ve warmed to him a lot over the last week or 2.  Poor bloke doesn’t know what to do with himself when World War 3 is kicking off around him.  Just stick a face mask on, that’ll make you feel better.

David Gest

Absolutely gutted David decided to depart, although obviously health comes first.  I think he would have been in the Top 3 had he not left, even a potential winner perhaps.  I have to admit, I was beginning to grow concerned when he didn’t make an appearance on Sunday’s episode.  He managed to miss yet another explosive argument (at least he wasn’t presumed dead this time).  Au Revoir David, you’ll be missed.  A lot.

Jeremy McConnell

Oh I don’t know about Jeremy, there’s a part of me that feels sorry for the heavily tattooed model because I suspect that Steph is playing him like a flute.  However, he also knows she has a boyfriend and didn’t let that well known fact deter him from giving her a sly snog under the duvet on the weekend.

Stephanie Davis

Well done Steph, you’ve not only managed to alienate the majority of your housemates but you’ve also offended the cast of TOWIE and probably their loyal fan base too with your rant.  I cringed at Steph’s behaviour, because unlike Megan with her incessant swearing and raging last week, Stephanie didn’t really have a point did she? She is in the wrong with what she’s doing and instead of accepting responsibility for her shady behaviour, she decided to deflect it on to Gemma.  “I can’t wait for everyone to see what you’re like” shouted Steph to Gemma.  Errrmmm….I wouldn’t worry about Gemma love.   Ruff.

Megan McKenna

Megan’s outburst last week was exacerbated by how much she had drank, she probably had a point regarding John. We’ve all been there when we’ve had too much to drink and gone OTT with the swearing and the attitude etc. but obviously it’s made worse when you’re on TV and you have the country watching you.  She seemed to genuinely regret her outburst the dreaded morning after the night before but still stood by her points, which is fair enough.  Once again, the person who seems to be at the very heart of the disagreement was nowhere to be seen.  Steph’s on a ‘please feel sorry for me’ rant in the diary room, blaming Big Brother for her indiscretions.  I like Megan, I don’t think she’s 2 faced like people have suggested but wonder if she felt caught between a rock and a hard place with Gemma and Steph.

Scotty T

All I have to say is Thank God for Scotty T, eh?

Darren Day

I could listen to Darren talk all day, although I can’t remember him sounding like Danny Dyer back in the day, can you?  I’m even beginning to develop quite the crush on Mr Day too, something I never thought I’d admit.  A friend to everyone (always the best way to play it), I think Darren is a decent enough bloke, I even felt a bit sorry for him while Gemma told him she was disappointed in him, despite the fact she may have had a point.

Tiffany Pollard

I find Tiffany a very entertaining and funny housemate.  I would LOVE that rumour task she was given by Big Brother and wasn’t she amazing? I don’t think I could have done what she did without laughing.  When she pretended she had a thing for Scotty T and Angie said it was obvious.  THAT WAS BRILLIANT.  It’s those fantastic scenes that make Big Brother the show that it is.  I really, REALLY don’t want Tiff to go tonight, I’ve grown to really love her.

Angie Bowie

Is she going? Is she staying?  Do we care? Well, yes, I do actually.  She’s provided us with endless drama and a few laughs along the way.  And lets talk about THAT outburst.  “Angie, what you doing” asked Steph.  “SHUT THE FUCK UP”  replied Angie.  One thing I can’t work out is whether “if you wanna be cheap, get Uber” was a good advertisement for the taxi company or not.

Next to be evicted:

Kristina Rihanoff.  Siding up with John could be Kristina’s downfall.  She’s also a bit dull.

Top 3

3. Danniella Westbrook

2. Darren Day

1.Scotty T


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