Hell’s Kitchen Ep. 2 Recap: “17 Chefs Compete”

Hell's Kitchen

Chef Ramsay is feeling extra crabby this week. The teams must catch 20 crabs and then use them to make the perfect (or at least the most edible) crab cakes.

Hell’s Kitchen is back for episode two this week and if you haven’t watched last week’s episode, you should probably get on that (or at least read my blog recap). 😉 We are now down to 17 chefs after the hopes and dreams of season 14 resident windowlicker Chrissa Schmerler went up in flames. Which hopeful contestant will be the next to go? Read on to find out!

We begin the episode with the immediate aftermath of last week’s elimination. The women are back in the dorm and Alison tells Monique that she should have been the one to go home due to her crappy service. Meanwhile, Josh is busy flirting with all the women. Dude, chill the hell out, would you? The Bachelor auditions are over at ABC.

Hell's Kitchen

The blue team has more crabs than the red team… they also caught the most in the challenge!

Chefs Andi and James wake up all the contestants in the morning with several alarm clocks and by shouting into megaphones. Seriously, if I were a contestant and they woke me up at the ass crack of dawn like that, I would cut a fool. The chefs are then told that they are to pack their bags. They will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen and some of them won’t be coming back. They all meet Chef Ramsay down at the beach where he informs them that they will first be retrieving crabs and then making Dungeness crab cakes. The first team to make it back to shore with at least 20 crabs will be given a head start in the second part of the challenge. The women get off to a slow start as they have trouble getting their rafts to go straight ahead. Meanwhile, the men have already retrieved more than half of their crabs. If you’re expecting a come-from-behind story where the women emerge as the victors here, well… you’re wrong. The blue team arrives to shore first with the required number of crabs and therefore will be getting a time advantage in the second half of the challenge.

With both teams now through with the first half of the task, Chef Ramsay shows them how to properly get the meat out of their crabs and how to make the perfect crab cakes. They now have to try and mimic this as closely as possible. He places them into pairs and the first team to successfully put out ten plates of crab cakes will win the challenge. The blue team starts 30 seconds ahead of the red team. Both teams get off to a great start. Despite their 30-second delay in the beginning, the women pull ahead of the men! Michael and Bret are the only duo on the blue team to have not delivered a plate yet. Michael moves way too slow as if he has all the time in the world. Oh, don’t worry. Take your time. It’s not a race or anything! I think Michael has picked up some bad habits at that senior citizen home he works at… moving all slow and whatnot. The men eventually manage to catch up to the women and tie the score at 7-7. The tie is short-lived, however, as the women pull back ahead 9-7. Sarah and Mieka are working on the last plate to hopefully secure the first victory for the red team, but they drop the crab cake and have to start over! T and Michelle salvage what could have been a devastating loss and the red team wins the challenge—the women’s first victory of the season! As a reward, the women will be traveling to Scottsdale, AZ to travel through the cactus trails on horseback followed by a sunset dinner at Talavera Restaurant at the Four Seasons resort! As punishment, the men will be spending the day peeling tons of shrimp, clams and lobsters.

Hell's Kitchen

“I don’t follow Ramsay’s instructions well, but the voices in my head told me to make a beet salad and I made it real good!”

It’s now time to begin prepping for Hell’s Kitchen’s second dinner service. Things aren’t off to a great start for Michael, who is apparently Chrissa’s male counterpart. He has written the recipe for risotto down and Chef Ramsay discovers it and tears it up. He then asks Michael to name the first ingredient in risotto. His answer? OIL. “It’s rice, you f*cking pillock!” Michael, we’ve been over this! Rice is the main ingredient in risotto. Oil is the main ingredient in Cameron’s hair. In the red kitchen, Mieka has trouble remembering what ingredients are used in which dish. Back in the blue kitchen, Michael is putting up orders that never existed. I’m no expert here, but when you start cooking for imaginary friends or because the voices in your head told you to, you get into a bit of trouble. That’s not good. This guy is a little touched. Meanwhile, Cameron screws up the scallops for the first table. We all knew it was coming! Someone always messes up the scallops. Meanwhile, Cameron and Brendan screw up at the fish station by undercooking and burning the salmon at the same time. Chef Ramsay makes them sit down and eat their mistake. Over in the red kitchen, Mieka is clueless and distraught. She can’t seem to get organized and struggles to get orders out. Back in the blue kitchen, the scallops are messed up yet again, so Ramsay kicks Brendan, Michael and Cameron out of the kitchen, leaving the blue team three men down. In the words of the dearly departed OxiClean guy, Billy Mays: “BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!” The rest of the blue team is soon kicked out of the kitchen for the night, because well… THEY SUCK.

cameron spagnolo hell's kitchen

RULE #1: Don’t f*ck up the scallops. You will leave even if you aren’t the biggest idiot on the team.

The women manage to complete the dinner service, so it’s obvious that the men are the losers tonight. They must now nominate two of their own for elimination. The first nominee is Cameron because he sucked at scallops and we just cannot have that. The second nominee is Michael aka Chrissa with a penis because he sucks at everything. The first member of the blue team to leave season 14 is… Cameron? The guy sucked, of course, but really? Michael is literally one IQ point above being a doorknob. He should have gone first! I guess the moral of this story is, you can be a complete imbecile, but if you serve up rubbery scallops, you’re TOAST.

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