Hell’s Kitchen Ep. 1 Recap: “18 Chefs Compete”

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Gordon Ramsay returns to terrorize 18 new chefs in the 14th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen is back for its 14th season and promises to have a group of recruits more passionate and more emotional than ever before! We are shown clips of what to expect in future episodes and we see it all: ambulances, fire trucks, injuries, and even a snake? This looks like it will be an interesting season! If you have not already, be sure to learn more about the 18 competing chefs with my cast preview.

The 18 new chefs are on their way to Hell’s Kitchen for their first time and make their introductions to one another. Of course, it just wouldn’t be interesting without someone sticking their foot in their mouth and looking like a complete idiot. Alison tells the group that she is from Jamaica and Monique says “Cool! Wait, do you guys, like, have a native language? Or is that, like, Rasta?” Luckily, no one seemed really offended by this, but they did get a good laugh at Monique’s idiocy.

Hell's Kitchen

Chef Ramsay is really trying to kill them this season.

They finally arrive at Hell’s Kitchen and find that the doors are locked! Obviously, something is up and we are about to find out what. All of a sudden, Chef Ramsay shouts down from the rooftop and informs them that he has designed this to be the most challenging season ever. Before they can even enter Hell’s Kitchen, he wants to be assured that they are all 100% committed to being there. How will they prove this to him? By jumping off the roof of  course! Totally logical, right? (Meghan has the same reaction I would have had… “Ehh, f*ck it. I’m leaving.” She doesn’t actually leave, but that’s what I would have done!)

SIKE! Ramsay tells the group that the ones who jumped were actually stunt doubles. They don’t actually have to jump. He just wanted to see which of them had the guts to actually do it. He see’s that they are all 100% committed to being in Hell’s Kitchen (and 100% crazy as well). I was a tad bit disappointed they didn’t have to jump. I would have loved to see some of them wimp out! Instead of jumping off the roof, it’s time for the chefs to enter Hell’s Kitchen and begin preparing their signature dishes.

Hell's Kitchen

Josh earns the first 4 points for the blue team.

For the first time ever, the chefs must prepare their dishes in front of a live audience. They have only 45 minutes to cook their food and have it plated. Chef Ramsay rates each dish on a scale of 1 (disaster) to 5 (outstanding). The red and blue teams will be competing to see which earns the most points from its chefs’ signature dishes. Things go pretty well until Chef Ramsay tries Mieka’s dish: shrimp cake with asparagus and peach salsa. “It isn’t half bad! It’s ALL bad.”

America's reaction to Chrissa's ginger crusted chicken

America’s reaction to Chrissa’s ginger crusted chicken

Meghan earns the first perfect score of the night with her rainbow trout. Chrissa is up next with her horribly disgusting concoction known as ginger cookie crusted chicken breast. I call it “Chrissa sharts on a plate.” Chef Ramsay manages to stifle his vomit long enough to give her a 1 out of 5. T (for TERRIFIC!) earns the next perfect score with her coffee crusted flank steak. Monique serves her specialty: Moe’s pasta. With marinara sauce FROM A JAR. Why a jar of marinara sauce was even in Hell’s Kitchen to begin with is beyond me, but I digress… She gets a 1 out of 5. With her major blunder, the blue team wins the challenge 31-28. The men’s prize for winning is a limo ride to meet a Hollywood legend… WILLIAM SHATNER! Meanwhile, the ladies have to reset the entire dining room and then have to get thousands of reservation confirmations ready to be mailed out to diners. As these things generally go, the women bitch and moan amongst one another while completing their punishment. T gets in a few jabs at Monique for being the one to screw them over. Don’t forget to drag Chrissa for her ginger crusted shart chicken breasts!

The teams now begin prepping for their first dinner service, but wait… Chrissa has to pee! While she is excused to the restroom before she wets her knickers, the rest of the chefs get to work. Things go pretty well to begin with, but Chrissa (who is now back with an empty bladder) seems really out of her element so Ramsay boots her ass outta the kitchen to help T with tableside service. Both teams begin to struggle with their entrees. The women keep having to refire the lamb that’s supposed to go to the VIP table until they discover that Monique didn’t even turn the oven on. If it doesn’t come in a jar, Monique ain’t about that life. The team still can’t manage to get it together, so the entire red team is kicked out of the kitchen. The men, meanwhile, are hitting their stride and getting the food to the diners.

chrissa schmerler hell's kitchen

“Guys I’m confused. Did I just lose? I gotta pee too!”

The losing team of the evening is clearly the red team, so they have to come up with two people to put up for elimination. The first nominee is Monique for not being able to handle the meat station. The second nominee is Chrissa for being so unaware of what’s going on around her in the kitchen. Chrissa becomes the first casualty of season 14 as Chef Ramsay asks for her jacket and for her to leave Hell’s Kitchen. She even manages to screw this up as she starts to walk out without giving him her jacket. She’s so bewildered. Lord, I hope someone walked the poor girl out to her car, because I’m really afraid she will wander out into traffic.

What did you think of the premiere? Did Chrissa deserve to go home? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course she deserved to go home!) Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Follow me on Twitter @vince1187 for all my live tweets each week and other nonsense. Follow Your Reality Recaps (Twitter: @RealityRecaps) for the latest on all your favorite reality shows including RuPaul’s Drag Race (recap blogs by yours truly and hilarious video recaps from Jon), The Bachelor, King of the Nerds, Survivor, TAR and all of the Bravo shows! And if you have any shopping to do at Amazon, be sure to click that link over there on the right hand side. —> Thanks!


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