Meet the Big Brother Canada 4 Cast


Christmas morning has arrived in the Big Brother world.
The newest batch of hamsters has been revealed. Or at least the first 7 and now its time to meet the people we will be watching for the next three months. Love them or hate them we will scrutinize every thing they do and tweet endlessly about it.  So without further ado here they are!

Jared Kesler, Big Brother Canada 4Jared Kesler: 24 from Winnipeg MB. He’s a pipeline worker with a heart of gold who will charm the pants off the house guest. I get the Emmett vibe from Jared, but he says if he had to pick his favorite HG is Jon from season 2. He doesn’t plan to copy anyone game, just be himself. He may be strong but admits that mental challenges won’t be his strong suit. He doesn’t want a showmance but he knows he’ll get bored with just the guys.  ERIC SAYS:  “Hottie Alert”

Loveita Adams, big Brother Canada 4Loveita Adams: 25 from Fort McMurray, AB. She owns her own natural skin care line. She is independent and bursting with energy. She plans to make and keep as many promises as she can to build up trust.  Hopefully this won’t get her into hot water. I am feeling her as a little big of a Naeha. She is tiny so she could win some endurance but she said her mental game would be stronger. I have to love her though. Brittnee is her idol and I am all about the Queen B!  ERIC SAYS:  “Queen… SLAY”
Ramsey Aburaneh, Big Brother Canada 4Ramsey Aburaneh: 26 from Toronto, ON. He is a fun and charismatic Digital Marketer. He plans to downplay his athleticism and be the fun guy. He will bring out his competitive style when he needs to. I see Ramsey as a young Bruno. He seems to have the most strategy of everyone. His Idol is last season’s Kevin. Ramsey’s plan to throw competitions is a little dicey. Did he not see Jordan last year?  ERIC SAYS:  “Drake ?”
Maddy Pavle, Big Brother Canada 4Maddy Pavle: 25 from Vancouver, BC. This blonde and beautiful server plans to play the game strong and confident. She’s not afraid to play a little dirty. Her idol is Season 1 winner Jillian because she wasn’t afraid to win but was so humble it didn’t get her hated. She has the athleticism of Jillian but the sweetness of a Heather and the sass of Ashleigh. She plans to take each day as it comes. She should be interesting to watch. I see her in a showmance.  ERIC SAYS:  “Kelly Pickler”
Raul Manriquez, Big Brother Canada 4Raul Manriquez: 21 from Calgary, Alberta.  This fashion stylist is here for the fun and experience. He plans to go with the flow and wants to avoid finding a guy to fall in love with on the show. We are either going to love or hate this guy.He admits that he is not smart and is just pretty. His idol is Kenny because he was just so darn cute. I’m all for loving eye candy but I hope there is more substance to him underneath all his glittery necklaces.  ERIC SAYS:  “Muy Caliente!”
Paige Distranski, Big Brother Canada 4Paige Distranski: 19 from Thunder Bay, ON. This young and I mean young nature lover is a Vet Tech Assistant. She plans to take dog psychology and use it in the BB house. She also thinks her experiences in hunting and trapping will help her anticipate players moves. Her favorite player is Gary and she is most afraid of the mental competitions. She can do a pretty good Ginga Ninja impression so she’s high up on my list! I can see her being a bit of a Willow. Young and fun will most likely be the life of the house.  ERIC SAYS:  “Sweet As Pie”
Joel LeFevre, Big Brother Canada 4Joel Lefevre: 33 from Edmonton, Alberta. This likeable, nerdy actor plans to fly under the radar until he needs to shift gears to win. People already are comparing him to Steve but part of Steve’s charm was he was young. At 33 it will be hard to pull off lovable, naive nerd. He fears mental competitions the most. He plays soccer and works out. Players won’t know how athletic he really is. His BBCAN idol is Jordan. Let’s hope he doesn’t make the same mistakes!  ERIC SAYS:  “Not Me!”

Kelsey Faith, Big Brother Canada 4Kelsey Faith: 25 from Calgary Alberta. This fun loving flight attendant doesn’t want to over think her strategy preferring to find a group of people she clicks with. She isn’t opposed to a showmance if one presents itself but isn’t going to mess with someones heart. She is more afraid of the mental comps but is planning to keep track of everything while she is there so she’s prepared. Let me just say I love Kelsey. She’s has a good head on her shoulders and very Ashleigh-esque, maybe even bordering on a Neda smart wise. Keep your eye on her, she could take home the prize money!  ERIC SAYS:  “Going to a wedding?!”

Phillippe Paquette, Big Brother Canada 4Phillippe Paquette: 21 from Ottawa, Ontario. I’m just gonna call the 21 year olds the brat pack since we seem to have a bunch of them. His plans are to fly under the radar and play a strong social game. Although he’s very ready to stab someone, anyone in the back he will be ready for a showmance around day 42. If he makes it that far anyways as this DJ seems to have an ego the size of the Big Brother house. He isn’t looking forward  to mental challenges. He seems to be a cross between his idol Jon Pardy and BBCAN ladies man Kyle Shore. Hopefully he can channel more of the Jon than the Kyle, or at least make better alliance than Kyle did.  ERIC SAYS:  “Me Likey!”

Christine Kelsey, Big Brother Canada 4Christine Kelsey: 47 from Vancouver, BC. Finally we have a real honest to goodness adult in the house. This housekeeper will have her hands full cleaning up after the youngsters if she can make it past the first eviction. Lets face it. 40 somethings haven’t faired to well in this game. This “game freak” would like to allign with someone opposite herself (Raul??)  so people won’t guess they are together. Hello a page out of the Jun Song handbook. Love her already. She also plans to lay low and let the bigger players duke it out. Love her already! Please team up with Kelsey and Paige so I don’t have to divide my loyalties – K thanks!  ERIC SAYS:  “MILF!”

Mitchell Moffit, Big Brother Canada 4, ASAP ScienceMitchell Moffit: 27 from Guelph, Ontario. This YouTuber and scientist plans to use adaptablility as his strategy. I have high hopes for Mitchell I watched about 2 minutes of one of his videos and was enthralled but made myself turn it off to continue writing this. He may need to watch out for Raul. This guy is taken, like all the good ones are. He idolizes Neda, another point in his favor. He isn’t going to reveal his true profession so his smarts don’t intimidate. Not a guy to rest on his laurels, every move he makes will be deliberate even if it appears he’ coasting. By far my favorite guy. Back off Eric this one is mine!!! I call dibs!  ERIC SAYS:  “Johnny?!”

Sharry Ash, Big Brother Canada 4Sharry Ash:  30 from Toronto, Ontario. This sexy customer service supervisor plans to listen more than she speaks and be adaptable within the game, changing her strategy as the house shifts.  Lets hope she doesn’t change too much or she could look wishy-washy and unloyal. She plans on being a competitor, winning competitions. This girl doesn’t plan on entering any showmances, unless her girlfriend walks in the door. Backstabbing and being a snake isn’t on her to do list either. She thinks Jon’s way of playing the game was the best, be likeable, have fun and win some comps. Hopefully she doesn’t intimidate the younger girls and stick around for a while.  ERIC SAYS:  “Sexy!”

Dallas Cormeir, Big Brother Canada 4Dallas Cormier: 24 from St John’s, New Brunswick.  This welder says he’s the life of the party or class clown. He wants to have a male and female alliance so he has his bases covered on both sides of the house. He wants to adopts Kevin’s social and smart strategy going into the house. He says he’s a comp beast and a sore loser. He comes off a bit douchey despite not wanting to. He has some arrogance of Tom and Emmett but the party boy style of Kyle. He may rub people the wrong way even though he doesn’t tone himself down a few notches. Oh and Dallas, Spencer called. He wants his beard back!  ERIC SAYS:  “Spencer?!”

Cassandra Shahinfar, Big Brother Canada 4Cassandra Shahinfar: 22 from Winnepeg, Manitoba. I will say it now she confuses me. She’s a social media strategist that works at a car dealership.  Planning to play a strong social game she isn’t opposed to lying or saying what she needs to. Using her assets (aka push up bra) to reel in the men she doesn’t want a showmance so much as a guy that will win comps for her and do her dirty work. She thinks her talents in make up will give her points with the girls but her lack of ability in anything else might make her quite irritating to live with. She is kind of a Sabrina, Talla, Liza all rolled into one. Again, I’m confused.  ERIC SAYS:  “Nice Shoulder!”

CCBAN4_HALF_SMALLSo my overall thoughts is that this is a young cast….a very young cast. Will the few 30+ cast stand a chance against all these younguns. With the amount of people terrified of mental challenges  I really fear for the types of conversation will be listening to. Lets hope it’s not all beer bongs and Justin Bieber. After a strong showing from Atlantic Canada, with only New Brunswick represented we see a switch to the middle provinces with Manitoba well represented. Saskatchewan and Quebec were shut out. I will miss the newfie accent. One newfie should always be cast just for the accent. I am really looking forward to seeing all these guys in action. I can’t wait til Wednesday!

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So there you have it, comment below and let us know what you think! I’ve linked their official BBCAN twitters in their bios. Remember their personal  accounts are all locked while they are in the house, so if you find people claiming to be them or running their accounts just be careful of scammers. Unless it ‘s a #TeamHouseguestnameBBCAN its not their family running it.  Eric and I are doing a cast preview on Friday at 7pm EST with a special guest Season 3 sweetheart Johnny Colatruglio and at the end Jon, Eric and I are doing a YRR draft pick. Who’s team are you going to be on? Mine of course! Can’t wait to see you all on Friday as we kick off what is promising to be one of the best seasons of Big Brother!

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