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Hello everyone!  We are trying something new for Celebrity Big Brother UK this year.  We will have short daily update blogs after the show right here.  So if you miss something just come back to this post and we will fill you in on what you missed.  It will be updated daily and sorted by weeks.

Episode 12 01/15/2017  Today’s episode had loads of arguments, my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s show. Today’s show started off with Jedward have a argument with Jasmine in hell. Kim,Nicola and James C talk about new housemate Chloe Ferry about being loud and not bathing. After a comment from Stacy in a task saying Jedward are talentless Jedward the start arguing to Stacy saying they got further than her in the X factor and that they had number ones and are not a joke act. Jedward then won the task meaning they got released from hell but had to o send a housemate down to hell,the housemate they chose was James C. James J won the second task meaning he had to send a housemate down to hell, he chose Callum. When back in the house James J then admitted that he was in the house to play the game and not to make friends. James J and Jamie have a argument about James calling a Jamie a washed up footballer in a task. A few minutes later they then make up. Kim then has a argument with Jamie, James J and Nicola about getting Jedward out of bed to discuss what they said about the food fight.

Episode 13 01/16/2017  Todays episode saw a unexpected eviction my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s show. Kim and Chloe talk about Chloe being on Geordie Shore and how it is “disgusting” for people to earn their money that way. Hell housemates take part in a quiz and the 3 losers get sent back to hell. Coleen,Callum & Stacy won the task and are sent back to the land of the living. Housemates have to evict either Hedi & Spencer, James C or Jasmine. The housemate they chose to evict was Jasmine. Nicole and Kim argue about Jasmine & Stacy and how “mean” Jasmine was towards Stacy. Chloe says she fancies Callum but she then finds out that Jessica also fancies Callum. Jessica, Chloe & Stacy talk about Callum but Stacy turns it into a argument saying that Chloe has no chance with him. As a result of this argument, Chloe was then called to the diary room for throwing and kicking things and is given a warning by Big Brother and told to calm down. I cannot wait to see what other arguments happen tomorrow,we will have to wait and see.
Episode 14 1/17/2017  This episode had the first face to face nominations of the series and also a eviction, my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s show. Today’s show started with face to face nominations, as the newcomers Kim,Chloe & Jessica were immune from nominations. James C nominated Jedward & Spedi. James J nominated Jedward & Callum. Callum nominated James J & Jedward. Chloe nominated Jedward & James C. Jamie nominated Jedward & James J. Coleen nominated Jedward & Jamie. Spedi nominated Jamie & James C. Bianca nominated Jedward & James C. Jedward nominated James J & Nicola. Jessica nominated Coleen & James C. Kim nominated Nicola & Bianca. Nicola nominated Jedward & James C. Last to nominate was Stacy who nominated Jedward & James C. The housemates nominated were James C, James J, Jedward. After the nominations had finished we saw Jessica and Callum flirt in the smoking area. Kim and Stacy then have a talk about Nicola in the bedroom. Stacy gives Jedward advice about how to not be defensive. Kim and Nicola then have a argument about Spedi. James J is the fourth celebrity to be evicted from the Big brother house. James J then says that Kim is ” 100% playing a game “. I want to see how the house react to James J being evicted, and I cannot wait to see who the faith housemate to be evicted on Friday’s show.
Episode 15  01/18/2017  Today’s episode had lots of things going on, my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s jam packed show. It started off with Kim mistaking Jamie who she likes with Spencer who she doesn’t like. Jamie then confessed his love for Bianca to Nicola. Kim and Spencer then play a game of tug of war by opening and closing the door Kim wanted it closed but Spencer and Chloe wanted the door open, obviously Spencer won this little game of tug of war. Spencer then called Kim scum and vile. Chloe has a secret mission to gain as much knowledge from their housemates if she is successful she wins chicken nuggets and chips, she passed this task and got her prize. Big Brother then told Chloe not to rub her naked bottom on any of the housemates. Then we saw what happened after James J left and it was fair to say all of the housemates were very sad that he had been evicted from the house and especially Hedi was crying. Bianca and Jamie share a kiss in the toilet and Stacy walks in on them and pretends nothing happened. Chloe, Stacy and Jessica were talking about Kim. Stacy then turned that conversation into a argument with Jessica. Kim argues with Nicola, Stacy & Chloe. Kim is then ordered to the diary room. Kim then argues with Bianca and Nicola everyone then sticks up for Nicola. Nicola says she is going home.Jamie storms out of the bedroom & argues with Kim security are then called into the house to calm the situation. I cannot wait to see how many more arguments Kim will cause we will have to wait and see.
Episode 16 01/19/2017 Today’s show was boring compared to the other shows, my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s show. It started by the housemates getting split into heroes and villains. During this challenge James C refused to wear the costume so the hot water was turned off until further notice. Nicola and Kim had another argument. Last night Callum and Chloe had a little kiss in the bedroom. In the second part of the task Jamie confessed his love for Bianca. Jamie and Bianca watch Chloe and Callum flirt in the bedroom. Chloe then does a lap dance on one half of Jedward. I hope tomorrow’s episode is better as there is a eviction.
Episode 17 01/20/2017  This episode saw a surprise eviction and nominations, my name is Joe and this is a round up of today’s show. Chloe,Coleen, Jedward, Kim are facing the public vote. Stacy continues to moan about the nominations. Jamie then asks Stacy to have a row with him because he can see she is angry. Stacy then argues with Jessica and not with Jamie. It was then announce that Coleen was safe from eviction. The fifth housemate to be evicted was Chloe. James C can not be nominated for eviction until the final. ( internal immunity ). Spedi gets internal nominations for the rest of the time during their time in the house. Let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s episode.

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