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Hello everyone!  We are trying something new for Celebrity Big Brother UK this year.  We will have short daily update blogs after the show right here.  So if you miss something just come back to this post and we will fill you in on what you missed.  It will be updated daily and sorted by weeks.  So we are going to jump right in with our new blogger Joe from the UK and he is starting with Episode 4.

Episode 4 (01/06/17)  Tonight’s show was very entertaining and it was also very deep and emotional for some of the housemates I am Joe and this is your round up of the days events. The episode started off with Ray J and Stacy having a heart to heart about what happened between them and Whitney Houston, this was really interesting to get some of the background story about them all. Another thing that happened in the garden was Angie and Coleen having a conversation about Coleen choice to smoke and it all ended up with Angie saying how Coleen is wrecking her body and how it should be treated like a temple. There was then a challenge for the new stars and it was improvisation the two least entertains housemates would Brando,James & Stacy. It turned out to be Bianca and Ray J that were the least entertaining and therefore they ended up being edited out. There was then a wrap party for all the producers and the “stars of the show”. Unfortunately for the edited out housemates they had to stay in the bedroom and watch the other housemates enjoying themselves. Spencer and Hedi were up to their old tricks but this time they were hiding water, it’s safe to say Austin wasn’t happy with this as he confronted both of them and said exactly what he thought of them and it did not go down with them both but it went down well with the other housemates. Big Brother had a trick up their sleeve when the reviled that the edited out housemates would not be able to nominate on Sunday which could cause a lot of problems. The ” stars of the show” had a decision to make and it was to choose who would be the first housemate to face the public vote. Unfortunately it was later revealed that James would be the first to face the public vote. Tonight we also got treated to some more all stars in the form of Irish singer Jedward. These bubbly Irish lads will cause a lot of chaos in the house I cannot wait to see Jedward V Spedi if it does happen (we all want it too).
Episode 5  (01/07/2017)  This episode had some good moments in it,I’m Joe and this is the round up of tonight’s show. One of the first things to happen tonight was that Angie,Jasmine & Heidi were working out. In my opinion this is quite a weird one to put at the start of he show. Then in the same section it switched to Austin,Ray J,Stacy & James J were in the bedroom talking about US laws and the rules about guns in the US.Later in the show we finally saw abit of romance in the show which was between Jamie & Jasmine started flirting on the sofa. James C was in the diary room but when he came out he decided to play a prank on the other housemates. The Prank was that he pretended that he was leaving the house,Ray J & Stacy believed him however Coleen didn’t fall for it and he then revealed that it was a prank. As the new housemates joined the house it was obvious that people will talk about them and Coleen & Angie which was quite entertaining because they had only been in the house for a few hours. Then probably the most emotional thing in the episode was Austin getting upset and saying how he feels like quitting but no need to worry because Bianca & Coleen were there to tell him to stay and not to quit. Jamie had ago with Jasmine earlier in the episode but now Callum & Jasmine shared a little kiss in the smokers area. To add even more smoke to the fire they were all in bed together at the end of the episode. I wonder how far this love triangle will go we will soon find out.

Episode 6  01/08/2017  Today’s episode was full with drama, My name is Joe and this is the round up of episode 6. The episode started with James J and Spencer coming together to annoy Austin. All this happened over the door being open so what did James & Spencer do yes they kept opening and closing the door which I found really entertaining. James then went into the house and told Austin to stop shouting at other people and to just shout at James. Big Brother then had a few surprises up its sleeve. The first was that they had to eat pizza within ten minutes without Bianca noticing, they successfully completed this challenge. The second challenge was that James had to bring Tony The Pony through the house without Bianca noticing, they successfully completed this challenge also. The third challenge was that all of the housemates had to have a secret rave in the snug without Bianca noticing, this challenge was also completed. The reward for this challenge was that the housemates got to eat some of Bianca’s favourite takeaway food and got to listen to Bianca’s favourite music. the house,ages then had a game of dares which then resulted into Nicola & Jasmine getting into and argument. Colleen also had to perform a lap dance and of course she chose Callum. However this calm atmosphere didn’t last long as Callum misheard Coleen talking about him and got very annoyed because he thought they were classing him as a player but obviously they weren’t and Stacy then went to talk to Callum and he wasn’t too pleased about it saying that he was fine and for her to leave him alone. The episode then ended with Coleen was telling Jasmine how she feels that Jasmine is leading Jamie on. I was shocked that we didn’t see much of Jedward tonight but hopefully we will see them more tomorrow.
Episode 7 01/09/2017  This episode was a nomination special my name is Joe and this is todays roundup. This episode started off with Callum & Coleen making up after yesterdays misunderstanding.  First up to nominate was Callum and he surprisingly chose to nominate Stacy & Hedi & Spencer. The second person to nominate was Jasmine and she chose to nominate Stacy & Brandon. Third to nominate was Jamie and he nominated Stacy and James J which was surprising. James J was the forth housemate to nominate,he chose Stacy & Austin. Coleen was next to nominate, she chose Ray J & Angie which I was shocked about. Nicola was next up and she nominated Ray J & Angie. The new housemates Jedward nominated Austin & Jasmine. Austin then nominated Stacy & Hedi & Spencer. Angie was the penultimate housemate to nominate and she nominated Hedi & Spencer & Austin. The final housemate to nominate was Hedi & Spencer and they nominated Austin & Bianca. Brandon,Stacy,Ray J,James C and Bianca couldn’t nominate because they had been edited out. So the people who are facing the public vote are Stacy with 5 nominations,Ray J with 2 nominations, Austin with 4 nominations,James J with one nomination. Finally it was Hedi & Spencer with 3 nominations. If you can remember James C is already facing the public vote as he did not get chosen but the “stars of the show”. The ending of the episode was strange because Nicola (a married lady) was having a little flirt in the smoking area with Jamie,I wonder if this will go anywhere we will have to wait and see in tomorrows episode.
Episode 8 01/10/2017  This episode is jam packed with arguments,games & a housemate leaving the house, I’m Joe and this is the round up of today’s show. This episode started off with the coming together of two of the biggest characters of the house those people being Spencer & James J they were planning to confront Austin. Big Brother then had a challenge for Angie as she had to pick 5 housemates to take part in a detox lead by herself, the chosen housemates were, James C,Coleen,Ray J,Brandon & her son Callum. 3 of the 5 housemates were fine with this but not Coleen & Ray J as they spoke to Angie and Big Brother about this. When this was taking place Austin told Stacy that he didn’t like her saying she is “up Ray J’s ass”. However Austin then confronted James J but James being James started to argue back using loads of explicit language. Austin then turns his attention back to Stacy and said that other housemates don’t like her and brung up nominations which is always a touchy subject in the house. Who’s lying now was the game played on tonight’s episode and taking part in this game were the most “untruthful” housemates and they were Coleen,Hedi & Spencer & finally Jasmine. The housemates had to guess who was lying the first one they got wrong but however the next two they got correct. That wasn’t the end of the task however the reason for this is because Jasmine made a comment about Stacy in the task and she obviously brought her up on that and there was a little argument over that comment. Austin then went into the diary room and started shouting and swearing saying that he wanted to leave the Big Brother house,but in the end he stayed in the house and someone else left more of that at the end of the blog post. Angie then gets a delivery from Big Brother and it was a big box of fresh fruit and vegetables to cook a meal for the house. Towards the end of the episode everyone was in the bedroom apart from James J, Austin decided to walk Nicola up and tell her to put water at the bottom of James J’s bed which obviously caused a big argument it is big brother after all. At the very end of the episode we were told that Ray J had left the big Brother house and would not be returning which I find really disappointing.
Episode 9 01/11/2017  A lot happened in today’s show, I’m Joe and this is the round up of today’s episode. For the shopping task housemates cannot lie down during the day,have not hot water, cannot yaw and have no makeup and hair appliances apart from James J and Nicola and whenever the alarm sounds they have to jump on the cloud trampolines. Then Stacy has a indirect rant at Jasmine saying how Jasmine is fake but didn’t actually say it to Jasmine. James J then decided to put Stacy and Austin together on a task & they start arguing and Stacy then starts shouting and screaming at the top of her voice. Stacy then featured again as she and Bianca then decided to talk about Austin. James and Nicola have got to order their own food from McDonald’s & have to eat it in front of the other housemates because they were not part of the task. The housemates then have to do a obstacle course as a pair and the Irish twins Jedward win the task. We then found out that Ray J had left the house because of medical reasons, we do not know what these reasons are. We then saw Jamie enter the diary room and have a bit of a cry because he missed his kids. One of the funny moments was when John (Half Of Jedward) done a impression of Stacy. Jamie then spoke to his good close friend Nicola about missing his kids and he had another little cry which then made Brandon come over to see if he was okay. The housemates prize tonight was a dreamy slumber party and the dream team chose who can go and who cant the chosen housemates are Jamie,Austin,Callum,Bianca,James,Brandon & Spedi. The housemates who didn’t go were Jasmine,Stacy,Angie & Jedward. Be us of this Angie and Stacy then had a argument in the bedroom. Confirmed on CBBBOTS Brandon has decided to leave the house we will see more of that on tomorrow’s show.
Episode 10 01/12/2017  This episode wasn’t as jam packed yesterday’s,my name is Joe and this is a roundup of today’s show., but there was a massive shock stay until the end of the post to find out more.Today’s show started off with Stacy crying because she misses her kids. Then it was Jasmine to moan because she didn’t get much sleep. When Stacy was feeling better Nicola then told her that she had invested time in her. Stacy was involved in another event as her and James C were talking about their celebrity friends. Brandon then announces that he is leaving the Big Brother house because he does not feel himself in the house and James J cries, Jedward then stop him from leaving for 10 minutes. Jamie then tells Jedward to shut up and call them the biggest joke act he has ever seen. Then James J and Nicola take part in the final part of this weeks shopping task by having to match quotes to the housemates and if they get most of them correct they pass the shopping task for this week. After the task Angie then confronts Hedi & Spencer about calling her the biggest player in the house. It was then announced that the housemates had passed this weeks shopping challenge. Austin then got mad yet again and started swearing at the other housemates including James J. Jamie & Nicola then had another flirt in the smokers area.  We then found out not one,not two,but three yes three new housemates will be entering the house in Fridays eviction show which I cannot wait for. We will see who they are tomorrow.
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