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Kevin pushed for Jason to take out Matt during the double eviction, but Josh put the target firmly back on Elena’s back after Mark won Veto. He explained to Jason and Kevin that they would be screwed if they kept Mark and Elena together in the house. So, Elena was sent packing.

Wuss Mark is in the DR crying because he feels like he’s the reason that Elena is gone. Yep, dumbass should’ve thought of that after being warned multiple times of the perception hanging around with Cody gave to the rest of the house. He explains that she asked him to give her space, and he didn’t give it to her. She would’ve been in a better position in the game if not for him. No shit, dumbass. He even planned to leave Elena on the block last week if he won POV to keep Cody in the house. He tanked her chance at $500K. Did I mention that Mark is a dumbass wuss? He says now it’s him against the whole house. Pretty much.

In DR, Paul says that they finally have Cody out of the house for good and he survived the double eviction. He excited to never have been on the block yet this season. He’s not sure why he hasn’t been on the block, but he’ll take it! Josh and Paul are congratulating Jason for his speech and saying that they can’t wait to get Mark out of the house. Jason’s speech was very interesting to Paul because it obviously referenced him.

Paul confronts Mark. Mark says that he heard his name was being tossed around by Paul. Paul asks him to say who told him that in front of everyone. Mark says he doesn’t remember. Paul calls him a liar. Paul asks if Mark’s big move was going to be taking him out of the game? Mark says yes. Paul asks Mark how many HOHs Paul won when Mark didn’t go up even as a pawn. Mark responds, “2.” Paul asks who can’t be trusted. Mark says, “Clearly me.” Paul asks again who said he was throwing his name out. Mark says he doesn’t remember and it must’ve just been paranoia. He says that nothing he says is going to protect him. Mark says in DR that he put his trust in Jason, and it bit him in the butt. If Dumbass wasn’t constantly staring at Elena, he might have noticed that Paul and Jason are working together.

The doorbell rings. Derrick walks in with a duffle bag, making everyone wonder if he’s playing now. He’s just messing with them, but the look on Paul’s face; he shit his pants a little bit. He says that Derrick is arguably one of the best BB players in the history of the game. He’s there to do a recap of the season thus far. They start reminiscing about the season, talking about fights, showmances and pots and pans. He tells Josh to stay away from him with those.

We see some clips of Josh yelling at Cody and Mark. He tells Cody he needs to return the personality he ordered from Amazon because it sucks. LMAO! He starts doing beating pans together with circus music while running around the living room furniture with Paul, Alex and Christmas cheering him on. Alex and Paul love the chaos he is causing.

Derrick asks what they think about Jess and Cody. Thumbs down. They don’t think that he loves her like she loves him. Flashback to Jessica trying to get Cody to admit he’s in love with her. He says that he doesn’t want to love her, but it just happened. We see their ups and downs with the BB house testing their love. We see them fighting, with him telling her, “Fuck all this. Find someone else to distrust.” He tells her never to question his loyalty; it’s all he’s got. Then, he storms out of the room. Jessica calls him a child and says, “I didn’t sign up to be a babysitter.”

Ramses is shown having a crush on Matt because he realizes that he wants a man that is a cross between Mark and Paul, which leads him to having a crush on Matt. They are shown with Matt putting his arm around Ramses shoulder, Ramses massaging Mark and then Matt piling on top of them to massage Ramses.


Derrick asks Alex if she thought she’d be friends with a rodeo clown? “No,” she responds but admits that he is       ride or die. Dang, girl. You shouldn’t have said that in front of the whole house; you just painted a target on you two as a pair. There are lots of funny clips of the #NoMance between #Jalex with clips of them from throughout the season joking around, her hitting him with a pillow and her police baton

Mark and Elena are shown with him being a big flirt but developing real feelings for her. Elena says in DR the Mark is so sweet, maybe a little too sweet. He’s completely infatuated with her. She explains in DR that in the real world, you go out with someone, maybe have a first kiss, reflect on it and text each over the next few days; in the BB house, you have a first kiss and then you’re living with that person. We see Elena tell him that she wants to step away from him because he’s hurting her game. Elena made him cry. Wuss. She says to him that they aren’t a showmance, but can still have each other’s backs. (On the feeds, they were back to showmance status before she was evicted.)

Derrick wants to know how cereal junky Matthew keeps his abs. We see clips of Matt getting up at all hours of the day and night pounding bowls of cereal. Derrick then brings up Kevin telling jokes with Jason and we see Kevin and Jason walking the backyard talking about sharks and that they are more afraid of humans than we are of them. He says people catch a shark, hang it up, beat the shit out of it and all the shark wants to do is go back in the ocean. Jason says in DR that he gets an ab workout while walking with Kevin.

Derrick says that Jessica liked to have spelling contests, but doesn’t have good vocabulary. She is shown telling Cody that when she walks out on stage, Julie is going to give her a hymen. She then asks around for what a hymen is, leaving everyone laughing. Elena and Paul tell her, and she returns to Cody to tell them that she in fact no longer has one. I think he already knows that from the number of times they banged in the house.

Derrick wants to know how Mark and Josh’s relationship is after pickle-gate. We are shown the footage of Mark throwing pickle juice (vinegar) and hot sauce in Josh’s eyes. I’m glad that they didn’t tone it down to just pickle juice as they did on the original airing of the episode. Josh speaks up about Mark throwing hot sauce in his eyes and that crossing a line.

As Derrick points out, Kevin has hilarious stories. He and Jason walk the yard every day that the backyard is open. He is telling a story about sharks and that you never hear about one of them biting you in your bedroom. He also talks about silver back monkeys in a zoo and how they must think people are really fucking idiots when they come see them. Kevin is hysterical.

Alex has gotten some great surprised reactions from houseguests, referring to her jumping out and scaring people. We see a montage of her jumping out of the trash can, hiding in the storage room and scaring Josh in his Have Not bed. Each of their reactions are shown in slow motion, and personally, I had tears coming out from laughing so hard.

Derrick explains to the houseguests that he is there to host the HOH comp, which revolves around their memory of the season. The name of the comp is Tales from Decrypt. It is a space themed and the power is back up for grabs. We will see the comp play out on Sunday’s episode, learn about the new temptation twist and see nominations. After Mark’s dust up with Paul, he knows he must win or he may be the next person evicted.

My spoilers blog will be up soon. Be on the lookout. Lots of juicy gaming to discuss!


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