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The whole house wants Jessica out, but Josh is hoping to flip the votes onto Elena. Kevin goes to Jessica after veto and says to her that he’ll look out for Cody if she happens to be the one voted out this week. Kevin wants to try to team up with Cody to use him as a weapon to get out Mark, Matt, Raven and Elena in exchange for protecting Kevin, Jason, Alex and Paul. Cody says he’s not taking that deal. Alex is against bringing Cody in and so is Paul. Nonetheless, as Kevin and Jason are walking the yard, Cody joins them. He is telling Kevin what he wants to hear, that his targets are Mark, Elena, Raven and Matt. Cody and Kevin shake on it, but in DR, Cody says that the deal is null and void. Jason does damage control with Alex and Paul. He says he was very uncomfortable with Kevin speaking loudly. Paul says that Kevin could’ve just made us targets if news of this gets out.

Josh and Paul are joking about how many showers Matt takes. They say that he is personally responsible for the drought. Jessica then inserts herself into the conversation, saying, “Josh, can you even spell drought?” He correctly spells it, and she says that she could probably get him on 100 others. He tells her he has a college degree and owns his own business. When they’re outside a little while later, Josh is complaining about the personal attacks. Paul suggests that he ask Jessica if she can spell evicted. He jumps up to ask her to do so.

Cody and Jessica are shown to be the horrible people that they are. They berate Josh, calling him a moron, a fat ass, the dumbest person they’ve ever met, ignorant and an idiot. Cody says, “I’m going to make sure that the whole world knows what a piece of shit you are.” Josh is standing up for himself, holding his own against these two bullies. They say that Josh is only being kept around because he’s an idiot. They call him fat repeatedly. Josh says at only 23, I have a degree and own my own business. Jessica says she knows nothing about his business; Josh responds that she doesn’t know because she hasn’t had a conversation with him in 49 days, and nobody knows anything about Cody because he hasn’t shared anything with anyone. It’s hard to watch someone be treated so horribly. Josh keeps bringing all the personal attacks on him back to game attacks on them. He says that he’s more mature than either of them. Josh finally says that Jessica is going home on his HOH. Jessica replies that she put herself on the block. SO, JOSH IS THE MORON HERE!?! You just admitted to everyone you threw the Temptation Competition, put yourself on the block and lost the veto. Josh correctly states that she played herself. Since Elena was his original target, truer words could not apply to Jessica. She’s a next level see you next Tuesday, and now she’s going home.

Afterwards, he goes to his HOH room and bawls his eyes out. Raven, Alex, Matt, Paul, Elena and Christmas come to talk to him. They tell him he did great standing up for himself, that he stood his ground, didn’t back down and didn’t let Jessica and Cody know that they hurt him. In DR, Josh says that he was in Jessica’s corner this week, but Cody and Jessica are so blinded by their hatred of him, it’s too late. He’s not trying to flip the vote to evict Elena after that. Jessica’s need to ‘stir up a little drama’ as promised on Wednesday’s episode cost her the game, and she will likely feel the wrath of her disgusting behavior well beyond the game.

After regaining his composure, Josh comes downstairs to do bang pans and do his circus song at Jessica and Cody. He asks Cody how it feels to have taken jury away from Jessica and her shot at $500K. Cody picks up a basket and breaks it. (What you don’t see is that Jessica threw a metal coffee cup at him, too.) Cody rushes up to Josh chasing him back into the house, trying to take the pans out of his hands. He’s in Josh’s face. AGAIN. This is the 4th time that Cody has become aggressive with houseguests, threatening violence. Alex gets between them to keep Cody from striking Josh. He also threatened to physically harm Josh outside of the house on the feeds. That’s behavior that could allow Josh to get a restraining order against Cody. It’s a fair concern to worry about what might happen in the jury house when there are not cameras and producers around. Kevin says that after Cody’s behavior, he can’t back him and their deal is off. He says he should be ejected from the ball park. Yes, Kevin, Cody should be ejected from the game to remove the threat of violence which has houseguests on edge.

(Side note: On the feeds, Raven claimed that her was wrist was injured by 1 of the pans during the confrontation, yet from the footage on the show, she isn’t near either Cody or Josh. For the record, on the feeds, they cut to fish every time things might turn violent, so footage may exist that wasn’t shown in the episode or on live feeds. My point is that Raven seeks attention. A LOT.)

Time for the eviction:

Raven mentions her mom and that it’s gastroparesis awareness month. She thanks the houseguests for making her feel normal. Elena makes fun of Dominique’s eviction speech quoting the first lines of it: It’s never easy to witness a false fact; it’s never easy to dribble the ball back. She says except by definition, if something is false it’s not a fact and dribbling is not that hard. She says as an act of faith, thank you for keeping me in the house. Jessica thanks CBS, says this was her dream since growing up watching BB with her father. She says that Cody didn’t ruin her game, he made it. She says, “We aren’t the biggest targets in the house; it’s not Forrest Gump (referencing Josh). It’s Mr. Friendship, and if you keep him in the game much longer, you are bigger idiots than I already thought. Bring me home, Julie.” Jessica is voted out 7 to 1 with Cody casting his vote against Raven. Bye, bitch. Get your weave fixed.

When Jessica joins Julie, she admits that she gave up after losing veto. She blames Paul for making a comment about following his advice. Blah. Blah. Blah. If she followed his advice regarding the hex she would probably still be playing BB, not watching from home. During the goodbye messages, Josh tells Jessica that his target this week was Elena, but she made it personal. Julie confirms to Jessica that Elena was Josh’s target, and Jessica responds that she was lied to so often, she didn’t know who or what to believe. Um, this is the first time that Jessica is hearing this, and she’s hearing it from effing Julie Chen from outside the BB house. Jessica, Julie’s telling you the truth, and you could’ve still been in the house if you weren’t such a raging bitch to Josh. Serves you right. Back to bottle service for you.

The HOH is a True or False called Hocus Focus featuring quick change artists David and Dania. Their 2 routines are entertaining with a lot of details to memorize on each outfit change. This caught the houseguests off guard because BB has been playing sounds for the past 2 days, so they were expecting the comp to be about them. It came down to the final question with only Raven and Alex left in booths next to each other. Raven begged Alex to throw it to her because she wants a letter from her mother. Raven answered the next question wrong, and Alex won HOH.

Julie announces that they’ve all made it to jury, and this year there will be no jury battle back. Once they’re out, they’re out of the game. We’re told that there will be a double eviction next Thursday and a special bonus episode next Friday.


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