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Hi, everyone! Vince here again, and I’m back with info on the two newest people to enter Utopia. That’s right! Two new people have moved into the compound to embark on an adventure to build a new society from the ground up. Get to know Kristen and Taylor, and learn my initial impressions of them! And don’t forget, you can watch them on the 24/7 live feeds, which you can get for FREE here!

As you are probably aware by now, Andrea was booted before things even got started because she decided to break production’s rules of sequester. Up until now, she had not been replaced. That’s where Kristen comes in. The Utopians voted to let Kristen join them in their fledgling, still undeveloped utopian society.

utopia_KRISTENKRISTEN, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who used to own a burlesque clothing company, comes to us from Jamestown, NY. In her own words, Kristen’s skill is “sowing the seeds of drama.” Awesome! That’s just what I love in reality TV! Drama. Glorious drama. Speaking of drama, she may be involved in some drama with fellow Utopian Nikki. Kristen believes she is the most likely to lose her mind listening to Nikki. I can’t say I blame the woman. I’m not a major Nikki fan. As someone who strongly believes that people should be accountable for themselves, Kristen cannot stand lazy people who lay around and do nothing or people who make excuses for the way they live. Kristen also describes herself as a “take-charge” kinda gal. She even admits to being totally in control of her relationship with her boyfriend and says that he is there for her support. (Boy, he must be whipped!) My first impression on Kristen is that I’m going to like this blonde battleaxe. I foresee her locking horns with the hot-tempered hillbilly Red because he is so lazy. I’m really hoping that Kristen will bring some drama to the feeds.

Before Utopia even premiered on TV, former convict Dave walked out the gates because he couldn’t handle it. Yes, that’s terrible news (not really, who cares), but fear not: now we have Taylor as his replacement!

utopia_TAYLORTAYLOR is a 24-year-old construction worker from Omaha, NE. First of all, I’m going to start off with this: Oh Mylanta, is this guy hot or what? There’s nothing like a twenty-something corn-fed construction worker stud to keep things interesting. He’s like a younger version of Josh, in a way. Ok, moving on. Taylor’s skills include hunting, cooking, landscaping and building. Nice! He should prove useful in getting things going for the Utopians. He says he is most likely to hook up with the bulls-eye babe Hex. I’m doing a little happy dance right now, because Hex is my favorite, and I think they would be great together. I wonder what their kids will look like? Taylor’s utopia is “a giant sandbox filled with Tonka trucks, and a couple of pretty girls to play trucks with.” My initial thoughts on Taylor are that he is HOT (duh!) and he is going to be fun to watch on the feeds. He seems like a fun, lighthearted kinda guy. He also gives me the impression that he will be a hard worker who will contribute a great deal to Utopia. I think he has the potential to be one of my favorites and should be well-liked among the other pioneers as well as viewers.

There you have it! Kristen and Taylor are the newest Utopians. What are your thoughts on them? Do you like or dislike them? Let me know what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to get all your Utopia recaps and power rankings here.


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