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Utopia First 15Utopia may have been cancelled by FOX *angrily shakes fist at the executives over at FOX* but you can still follow your favorite (or not so favorite) Utopians on Twitter! I have gathered a list of all the Utopians (that I am aware of) that are on Twitter. If you know of any that I missed, let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter. I’ll update this list as I get new information.

Thanks again for watching with us and thanks for reading all the blogs and keeping up with the live feeds account! You all have been great!


AMANDA SCOTT: @MamaBearSeattle

BRI NGUYEN: @Briizeey

CAL EFORT: @CalEfort13

CHRIS TUORTO: @tuortillini

DAVE GREEN: @5thAveDave

DEDEKER WINSTON: @DedekerWinston

HEX VANISLES (aka Kimberly Bondy): @kimAbondy

JAMES SWIFT: @jamswft

JON LOVELACE: @BigJonLovelace @PastorOfPromise

JOSH JOHNSTON: @joshslcstud

KRISTEN VANSTROM: @kristenvanstrom

MIKE QUINN: @msqsp

NIKKI NOCE: @DrNikkiNoce


RHONDA DENISTON (Newtopian): @RhondaDeniston

ROB HOSPIDOR: @hospidor *Recently deactivated account. He could reactivate it within a 30-day period.

And, if you are so inclined, you can follow the host DAN PIRARO @pirarobizarro and the executive producer JON KROLL @hippykid.

For the last time blogging Utopia, this is Vince signing out! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TVjunkie38340.


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