The Quest: Episode 5


At the end of last week’s episode, the Paladins discovered that an ogre has broken through the outer walls of the castle. It’s a good thing Ansgar decided to train them properly, because it is now up to the Paladins to protect Everealm from this imminent danger.
The Paladins retreat inside the castle to suit up for battle, while Ansgar yells at them to hurry up. The Paladins then carry the parts of a Scorpion to a wall of the castle, where they attempt to assemble it. As they are struggling to do so, the Ogre appears and Sir Ansgar starts fighting him. While Sir Ansgar is getting his butt kicked, the Paladins basically stand on the sidelines watching. Andrew says that they were all panicked because the Scorpion fell apart. I guess watching your leader dual with an ogre while you do nothing substantial to help is a pretty stressful situation. Since Sir Ansgar is apparently the toughest man in Everealm, he manages to defeat the ogre, causing the Paladins to all cheer. If ever there was time for an Ansgar tirade about how useless the Paladins are, it would be now. He could have Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.21.05 PMgotten killed while they watched due to their cluelessness. Surprisingly, Ansgar tells the Paladins – with a smile on his face – that they will do better next time. Yeah, it’s not like his life was on the line or anything. He’s yelled at them for far less, so I’m honestly shocked that Ansgar didn’t have a problem with the Paladin’s incompetence to assemble a Scorpion. Ansgar tells the Paladins to take the Scorpion back to the armory and then meet him at the drawbridge. The Vizier shows up and addresses Sir Ansgar and the Paladins in his usual condescending manner, saying, “I’m afraid you’re better on the battlefield than you are at fulfilling prophecies.” Did the Vizier actually forget that he failed to procure an antidote for the Queen, whereas the Paladins saved her life? Adria says that it’s unnerving to know that there is a victorious army advancing towards them, and equally unnerving to know that there are elements within the castle that are not on their side. The camera shows the Vizier as Adria says this last part, no doubt to remind us that she questioned his loyalty to the Queen when he was unable to find a cure for the poison.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.46.01 PMAnsgar tells the Paladins that evidently, Verlox is now using ogres in his siege plans. He says there are always two sides to every siege, attacking and defending, and today the Paladins will learn to do both. The Paladins pick arrows from Ansgar’s quiver to determine the two captains. Christian draws the red arrow, and Lina picks the blue arrow, making them the two captains. Andrew says that when Christian was chosen as captain, he was very excited that he and his “main man” would be fighting together. Christian chose Patrick first, which hurt and befuddled Andrew. Christian says he knew everyone would expect him to pick Andrew, but he thinks this was a good stScreen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.46.15 PMrategy. Christian ends up with Patrick, Adria, and Bonnie; Lina chooses Andrew, Leticia, and Shondo. The only possible reason I can think of for Christian choosing who he does is that he thinks the teams will have to fight against each other, like last week. However, that isn’t the case this week. The two teams of Paladins need to barricade their doors with various items- dirt, barrels, concrete, etc. To win, a team must be the first to knock down their opponent’s door and plant their flag in the soil. Christian says Bonnie and Adria had very little to contribute, both with skills, strength and ideas, so it was basically a two man job. This makes me wonder why Christian thought it was a good idea to choose them instead of more physical players or if he even thought his choices through. Adria says that Lina’s barricade looks like it was made by a professional team of barricade builders, whereas theirs looks like a collection of stuff. Christian says that even though he chose the weaker team, he still feels confident in what they did… but why did he choose the weaker team in the first place? I know I’m basically beating a dead horse trying to rationalize this, but it just makes no logical sense.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.53.33 PMAnsgar tells the Paladins to begin, and they uncover two giant battering rams. There are three pieces of rope attached to the ram that need to be pulled with force in order to swing the ram into the door. When it seems that they’ve almost opened the door, Lina tells her team to stop with the battering ram and tries to push it open by hand. Ansgar announces that they can’t use anything except the battering ram to open the door, which apparently doesn’t apply to Christian (at least in his mind), because he slips a wooden pole through the doors and tries to pry them open. Ansgar shouts at Christian to stop, that he just said they need to use the battering ram, and what about obeying orders? Christian then stands by and watches Bonnie, Adria, and Patrick use the battering ram. Christian says he knows the team he chose, and, he chose them for a reason, which was almost failure, and they played their part well. He says his allies were on the other side, and regardless of the outcome, he will still be safe in the Fates’ challenge. So he chose his team purposely with the intent of failing, to ensure the safety of his friends? He seems a little too confident in his likelihood to stay in Everealm, since this will be his fourth Fates challenge. Andrew seems to be done with Christian; he says that Christian hasn’t shown the traits of the One True Hero, who should have honesty and loyalty. Ansgar tells the winning blue team to choose who showed the most ingenuity amongst them. Shondo says that since Lina is the smallest person left and it was such a physical challenge that she kept up with well, it would have been a crime for the medal to not go to Lina. The other members of the Blue Team agree, and Lina thanks them.

Ansgar awards Lina with the Mark of Ingenuity. For the first time this season, four Paladins will be sent to the Fates for judgement. Ansgar leads the Paladins back to the courtyard, where they practice more sword fighting. Leticia says that going into the Fates’ challenge, she sees the fear in Adria’s eyes, Bonnie is petrified, Patrick is the most driven, and Christian looks pretty suspect. Adria and Shondo say that Christian always has excuses whenever  something doesn’t go his way. After making several excuses, Christian tells his team that he takes all the responsibility, but he is glad he chose them. Patrick says he thought this was big of Christian, until he heard the rumor that Christian picked his team to lose. Patrick says that was the tipping point for him, and since his reasons were suspect, does Christian possess the qualities of a One True Hero? Christian – whom I would like to nickname Christian the Delusional – says he feels really confident going into the Fates’ challenge, knowing that if he doesn’t win he has his allies there to help him. This week The Fates are back to their usual clothes- cagesno more dark robes for them, apparently. The Fates say that the first Paladin to complete their test will be safe, and the three who fail will face judgment. Crio tells the four Paladins up for banishment (Patrick, Christian, Bonnie and Adria) that together they failed as a team, and as punishment they will be locked inside an iron cage, and must maneuver themselves through the gauntlet. The first Paladin to get the key and free themselves will be safe from judgement. Crio takes the four Paladins outside, and tells them to each choose a cage. Since the Paladins need to carry the solid iron cage throughout the maze, Christian and Patrick have an immediate advantage. Predictably, Christian and Patrick are the two fighting for first place; Adria is in third, and Bonnie is still stuck at the first task. Patrick, who keeps pushing Christian out of his way, says he will do whatever it takes to win.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.34.17 PMPatrick wins, although he ends up with a bloody eye as he takes the cage off by himself ; he calls it a badge of honor. Christian comes in second, and Adria in third. Bonnie, who wants to finish regardless, falls and hurts herself. Upon hearing Bonnie’s cries, Patrick, Christian, and Adria sprint back into the gauntlet to help her. They help Bonnie out of the cage, which Patrick then lifts up and hurls into the forest (he may be related to the Hulk). Bonnie says she considers herself to be strong, she doesn’t typically cry, but when she thought she had broken her hand, she lost it. The five Paladins who are safe this week must now decide who should be banished. Several Paladins say Bonnie has a huge heart, and Leticia says Adria has the qualities of the One True Hero. Patrick says that Christian has been up there four times already, and they keep giving him passes. Andrew says they have to understand this is about the Quest, this isn’t about friendships. Lina interrupts Andrew and asks if he understands that. The group falls silent for several long seconds, then Andrew responds that he honestly doesn’t know, he won’t know until he goes to vote. Crio calls the Paladins inside to vote. Christian says he still feels good, he knows his friends will stand behind him. Adria says that people talk, but then they could go and do something completely different. Bonnie thinks that no matter what, she has Patrick’s vote. Bonnie says that if she is being banished, she will turn around and hand Patrick her medal and have him wear it on his quest. Patrick and Shondo vote for Bonnie, Lina and Andrew vote for Adria, and only Leticia votes for Christian.

ADRIA KYNE, SHONDO BLADES (OBSCURED), BONNIE GORDON, PATRICK HIGGINSChristian is banished from Everealm. Leticia says she knew Christian would be banished, but she voted for him because everyone deserves to have at least one person standing behind them when they turn around. Christian says the thing that stung the most was not seeing Andrew and Lina behind him. Looks like his brilliant strategy of not picking any of his allies to be on his team for the siege challenge somehow backfired. The Paladins go back to the courtyard to do chores. Sir Ansgar walks through and jokes with Patrick that he looks like a lady due to his cut, then laughs and says, “You did a good job.” Ansgar asks how the girls did, and Patrick says they did well, but Bonnie hurt her thumb. Patrick adds that if they hadn’t have gotten her she would have finished regardless, because Bonnie isn’t a quitter. Sir Ansgar says, “We’ll see about that,” then calls Bonnie over. Ansgar has Bonnie hold a sword and asks if her thumb hurts. Bonnie responds that her thumb is fine, it popped out earlier but it’s good now. Ansgar tells Bonnie to go back to work, and as she does, Bonnie tells him that she finished her song for him. Ansgar asks her to sing it, and Bonnie agrees but first says, “Please realize that it’s all in admiration for you.” Sir Ansgar replies that Bonnie makes him blush. Bonnie sings the song, and the rest of the Paladins join in on the chorus, “Sir Ansgar the Fierce.” After they finish, Sir Ansgar says he’s flattered, then they all notice an ominous shadow overtake a window in the castle above. Ansgar tells the Paladins to crouch down, and says that the shadow is a spy sent from Verlox. 

This week was extra special, because there were actually two new episodes of The Quest in one night! Next, the Paladins will evidently have to deal with the spy that has infiltrated the castle. What do you think about Christian being banished? Do you think Christian’s strategy in the initial challenge was wise, or do you think that if he had employed a different strategy he might have been safe this week? Let me know in the comment section below!


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