RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep. 1 “Born Naked” Recap

RuPaul's Drag Race

“I’ve had pelvic exams more thrilling than this.”

Yasss hunty! RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for its seventh season and it did not disappoint! We immediately meet the 14 drag queens who will be competing for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” as well as the $100,000 grand prize! If you haven’t already, you can find their pictures and social media handles here.

First up is Miss Fame and she’s looking rather… sharp. Literally. She has spikes coming out of her costume, which reminds me of one of Vivacious’ ridiculous getups from last season. Next is Ginger Minj (nice name!), a [self-described] overweight, asthmatic, chain-smoking crossdresser as well as a glamor toad. I guess the toad description isn’t too much of a stretch. Next is Jaidynn Diore Fierce, another big girl from Nashville. Tennessee represent! Don’t f*ck it up, hunty! The fourth queen is Violet Chachki, the youngest of the cast. She comes in and greets the other ladies and then throws some shade about Miss Fame saying she’s impressed by her, but not that impressed. Next up is Max, who takes queen to a whole other level looking like the Queen of England. Next is Katya, a “Russian bisexual transvestite hooker.” Next is Jasmine Masters, who has some insanely huge eyelashes, even by a drag RuPaul's Drag Racequeen’s standards. The eighth queen is Mrs. Kasha Davis and when she enters, Jaidynn immediately compliments her on her tits, but says hers are still bigger. Next is Trixie Mattel who is a comedy queen. Next is Kandy Ho (another fabulous name) from Puerto Rico. Next is Pearl, a robotic Stepford wife bitch. She enters wearing some weird ass chin strap that none of the girls seem to understand either… so they make fun of it, as one does. Next up is Kennedy Davenport and when she comes in, Jasmine Masters immediately flips out and goes crazy because she is apparently a huge fan. Also, let me point out that Kennedy out of drag look’s like Big Brother 13’s Lawon Exum, with that humongous forehead. Next, we have Sasha Belle who is apparently a student of the show and “knows” what it’s gonna take to win. Last is Tempest DuJour, who has rather interesting and hilarious entry when she squirts a plastic baby out of her snatch.

Now that the girls have all made their appearances and gotten to know one another (somewhat), it’s time for their first mini challenge! Mama Ru enters and informs them that their first task isn’t just the usual photo shoot. It is a fashion extravaganza! The queens have to model two of their best looks: one from their spring collection and one from their fall collection. As Katya puts it, “this is a maxi mini challenge… with wings!”

RuPaul's Drag Race

“Bitch, I’m from New York and you can wear fur in spring, ‘kay?”

First, the girls showcase their spring looks. The only two that stood out to me were Pearl, who decided it was okay to wear FUR in the springtime. Mmmkay. Tempest DuJour, who had recently lost a ton of weight, came out in some huge skirt that made her look fat again. Whoops! Now, for the fall looks. Violet Chachki serves us some tartan eleganza with two looks in one! Kennedy Davenport walks the runway wearing an all-green ensemble. Consequently, Michelle Visage has a nervous breakdown and has to be wheeled off the stage. She hates green!

Back to the werk room as the girls untuck and unwind from the fashion extravaganza. Katya throws some shade at Ginger Minj as she undresses and says she goes from Kathy Bates to Bob Hoskins. LMFAO! Ru enters again introduces the Pit Crew… naked! Calm down, ya perves! It was censored. He tells the girls that they will be making their main stage debuts naked! They have to create a resort look that tears away to give the appearance that they are nude. After all, you are born naked and the rest is DRAG!

Now, to the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ru introduces the new judges, Carson Kressley and Ross Matthews, as well as guest judge and Fashion Police star (and gay icon) Kathy Griffin! Katya is the first out with her Russian red realness. She even bends over “naked” and gives the judges more than they bargained for. Tempest DuJour comes out and has… crabs? Oh, and her body suit was loose and sagging. Not good. Max comes out with crutches looking like a polio victim. Jasmine Masters comes out in a “cocoon” and drops it to reveal her “naked” self…except she has a bunch of blue fringe in the way.

The winner this week is Violet Chachki for taking a huge fashion risk and it paid off! Condragulations, Violet!

The bottom two are Tempest DuJour and Kandy Ho. It is now time for them to lip sync for their life! The two lip sync to RuPaul’s “Geronimo.” In the end, Tempest is the first to sashay away.

What did you think of the premiere? Who are your favorite queens? Did you agree with who was told to sashay away? Let me know in the comments below and on Twitter! Be sure to follow our Drag Race page for all the latest recaps by yours truly and also Jon’s hilarious video recaps! Follow me on Twitter @vince1187 for my snark and bitchiness as well as my live #DragRace tweets each Monday! Be sure to follow Your Reality Recaps (Twitter: @RealityRecaps) for all the latest on your favorite reality shows including The Bachelor, Hell’s Kitchen, King of the Nerds, and all of the Bravo shows!


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