Celebrity Big Brother: Face to Face Nominations


I think it goes without saying, this series of Celebrity Big Brother has been THE most dramatic and explosive series in the CBB’s 15 year history.  We’ve had everything; showmance romance, rows, threats of violence and a few walk outs, along with a sprinkling of humour once in a while.

One thing that is always guaranteed to cause an issue are the infamous Face to Face Nominations.  I just love to watch those housemates squirm while delivering their nominations, although some of them actually revel in the task.  Gemma anyone?

Gemma Collins seems to be of the opinion it’s the “GC” Show.  Taking into her microphone, alerting Big Brother to her being tired and needing a break, but don’t worry she’ll be back to her entertaining self soon.  As the days go on she gets worse, it seems the more of a reaction she gets from her fellow housemates the more she tries to push their buttons.

You may remember I mentioned how I was beginning to warm to Gemma, sadly this weeks antics have put paid to that.  It was sweet and it was brief but now Gemma, I’m back to disliking you once again!

I could scarcely believe what I was watching when Gemma spilt some water on the kitchen floor and asked where the cleaners are.  She then proceeded to leave her mess as she walked into another room.  Surely you have to be a seriously rude person to do something like that?  I actually think she doesn’t give one, she couldn’t care less who she’s offending, as long as she’s creating air time for herself then she’s happy!  Bollocks to everyone else! I think it’s about time Gemma taught herself the definition of the phrase “team player”.

Another thing you can always guarantee to be the catalyst of a good old CBB ding dong, is a task of asking housemates how well they know each other. We had Chris and Danniella in the diary room, being asked who they think answered yes or no to a series of questions.  Cue plenty of digs and cries of “I’m not fucking like that”.

Of course it would be Gemma who sticks herself in the “yes” camp when asked if she thinks the rest of the housemates are jealous of her.  Danniella doesn’t think Gemma’s a diva?  Pull the other one love, where’ve you been the last 2 and a half weeks? In a different house?  Jesus wept, the woman’s the biggest diva since Mariah Carey and her request for a room full of kittens to play with backstage at her concerts.

We were only about 10 minutes into this task when it descended into a row.  Shock horror Gemma was at the centre of it.  Declaring that John was obsessed with her and she “loved it”.

Gemma, who was wearing some sort of evil eye draped round her neck (hideous thing it was), nominated John which didn’t come as a huge shock to anyone.  Her second nomination was Steph, again I don’t think anyone was too shocked by that. Steph did look like she wanted to rip that evil eye necklace off from round her neck mind you.

Danniella nominated both Tiff and Steph, leaving Steph looking like she was about to burst into tears.  I genuinely think Steph needs some lessons in self-awareness, she seems to be of the opinion she’s the victim in the house.  Not a nice attitude to have, especially as she is anything but.

Megan decided to hand a nomination to John, based on the issues they’ve had previously which John seemed to understand.  At least she got his name right this time “MY NAME’S JOHN, JOHN”.  Tiff was on the receiving end of Megan’s second nomination, if looks could kill Megan would be 6 foot under by now.  Tiff told Megan she “didn’t give a fuck” only for Megan to ask her to let her finish giving her reasons as to why she was nominating her.  Tiff’s retort is one of my favourite lines of the series thus far “I’m not stopping you from talking, I’m talking about how I’m feeling because that’s my face I’m staring back at and I have the right to chime in”.  She certainly has a way with words, does our Tiff!

John dished a nomination out to Gemma which came as no surprise of course.  Did anyone else think he resembled a politician when he was speaking about his nomination?  Complete with the hand actions, John resembled Tony Blair giving some sort of bullshit speech to the nation back in the 2000’s.   Megan was the recipient of his second nomination and took it well.  I really do quite like Megan, you know.

When Steph turned her card round to display Tiff’s picture showing she was nominating her, I could help but laugh when Tiff exclaimed “FUCK THIS SHIT” and leaped out of her chair.  Cue yet another monologue, but I’ll be honest, I’d much rather listen to Tiff talk than John any day of the week.   I was quite surprised Steph nominated John, I truly believe she didn’t nominate Gemma (as I’d expected) because she didn’t want a row.

Tiff refusing to “address this crowd” with her nominations again made me laugh, I can’t help but love her no nonsense attitude.   Nominating Danniella didn’t really surprise me, there isn’t really any love lost there but Danniella took it well.  Her nominating Jeremy again didn’t shock, he nominated her last week and I think she held that against him.

I genuinely felt for Scotty T delivering his nominations, as I said previously some revel in it but Scott most definitely doesn’t.  For Tiff hearing her name, it went down like a bag of cold sick (obvs) but Steph looked shell shocked when she heard Scott say her name.  Again, she just doesn’t seem to have an ounce of self awareness! She showed herself up a bit by taking it so badly and refusing to speak to Scotty T after, his reasons were totally valid and I’m glad he stuck up for himself.

Tiff really needs to take receiving a nomination better but I just couldn’t help but laugh, she is SO entertaining.  “Don’t even look at me” she said to poor old Darren Day when he dared to put her up for nomination.  I’m glad he put John up for nomination, his reasons valid and his explanation felt real.  What John did was nasty and he needed to be told.

Christopher was shaking like a shitting dog when it was his turn to announce his nominations.  Judging by how badly it had gone thus far, he probably had reason to, to be honest.  I felt his anxiety when he delivered Tiff with yet another nomination. Surprisingly she took it well, she barely uttered a word.  Gemma had a smug look on her face when Christopher nominated her.  I can’t help but think that’s bravado.

Poor Tiff received yet ANOTHER nomination from Jeremy, the atmosphere took a strange turn when Christopher made a quick exit to be sick.  Was it for real?  You guess is as good as mine.  Jeremy nominated Gemma as his second housemate and she looked like she couldn’t give a flying monkeys.

I’m glad Christopher told Gemma to “leave it out” in his broad Scouse accent (love it) when she began to pull him apart for his nomination.   Suck it up Gemma.

‘Kaftangate’ was an interesting one, if John raided Gemma’s clothes of his own volition without receiving permission from Gemma herself then I have to say that really is quite wrong.  Slagging someone off and making it well known you don’t like that person, then sticking their clothes on for a laugh is a step over the line I think.

Finally, correct me if I’m wrong, but is not a long standing Big Brother rule to not discuss nominations with each other.  If that’s still the case then can we expect both Jeremy and Stephanie to receive a warning soon because they clearly flouted that rule.

My Eviction Prediction

Steph.  I really think Steph will be evicted on Friday night.  I can’t imagine she has got the fan base that Gemma has (TOWIE fans may want to keep her in).  One things for sure, it’ll be an eviction that is worth watching, if only to see whether Steph still has that elusive boyfriend she refers to every now and again!


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