Big Brother Season 16: Episode 37


Caleb Reynolds spills the beans to Frankie Grande about the plans for the week on Big Brother 16 episode 37This has got to be THE most anticipated episode of Big Brother we have had all summer. The rewind button was pushed and we are reliving the week except Caleb is HOH instead of Frankie. Victoria has resumed her rightful place on the block and Frankie sits beside her. Frankie doesn’t understand what just happened. He’s been loyal to the Caleb and just can’t figure out why he’s on the block when there are bigger fish (Derrick) to fry. Caleb gives him some song and dance about how he didn’t put up Derrick because it wasn’t fair he couldn’t compete in either HOH and I think Frankie’s mind exploded just a little. The delusional force is strong with that one for sure. Caleb tells him to win Veto, he’ll put up Derrick and Victoria will go home. It baffles me how everyone but Frankie is OK with Derrick going this whole game never having sat on the block. They are all just willing to hand the guy a cheque and call it a day. Derrick and Cody realize that Caleb’s loyalty is not only a strength but a weakness and plan to tell him as little as they can about their plans for the week. Little do they know as they are having this conversation Caleb is in the backyard telling Frankie all about their fears that if Frankie wasn’t put up and won Veto he’s use it on Victoria and one of them would go home. But Caleb, bless him, is so clueless as to why telling Frankie this is bad boasts like a proud toddler he told them when they enter the back yard. These two want Caleb to just STFU but alas the damage is done and all Frankie has left is to win Veto. Would you have been mad at Caleb for spilling to Frankie? I see why he did it, he thinks it makes him look more trustworthy. It backfired though because Frankie isn’t stupid and read the glaring “YOU’RE THE TARGET” that is written between the line. This could have worked for Victoria but not Frankie.

Frankie Grande practices for Veto while Victoria Rafaelli reads on Big Brother 16 episode 37The rewind button has given these guys a unique opportunity. They know exactly what the competition is going to be and can actually practise this one, and they do it in an ingenious way. They cut a rectangular hole in a piece of pita bread and isolate the features of the house guests on the memory wall so they can see what they eyes, nose and mouth look like without the rest of their face. Everyone practises for this Veto, well everyone but Victoria. While they all stare intently at the memory wall our warrior princess is studying the ingredient on the pita bread package like that is her Veto competition. Only Victoria! We also learn that Team America is over! Thank God! What a farce this was, but we do learn that as a Thank You for their service if they manage to win the game they will receive and extra $50 000. Are you kidding me? 50G’s is ridiculous. You paid them to carry out the missions! You even gave them one that was make your own mission. So that means on the 24th Derrick will take home about $570 000. I’m just glad this is an American TV Show and the tax man takes a huge part of it!

Cody Calafiore plays for Veto in Big Brother 16 episode 37So we enter the Veto competition and everyone know what to expect. Big Brother did step it up a notch this time. The final picture will have 6 faces to guess AND the time to beat is shown to them for added pressure. That also makes it so we don’t get 20 minute times again! Once they are done they get to go the second HOH room and watch everyone else compete. Cody is up first! He came in second last the first time around only beating Victoria. Not this time. He smokes this competition setting a time to beat of 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Caleb is up next. He did well the first time but made the fatal error of not turning his lights off from the first picture when guessing the second one, and it took him forever to realize it. Cody is screaming at the TV screen and Caleb runs out of time. I honestly don’t even think Victoria tried. Frankie walked out and say the time to beat and lost his concentration and ran out of time in the competition and in the game. Derrick was last up, assuming the time was Frankie’s the guy actually tried to win a competition for once. He was beat out by mere seconds but was pleasantly surprised it was Cody won POV. Derricks plan goes off without a hitch and nominations stay the same despite Frankie making a last-ditch effort to point out Derrick has never been on the block and he kept Caleb safe! Would you have like to have seen Derrick go on block a at the Veto ceremony?

Frankie Grande is evicted from the Big Brother 16 house on episode 38Frankie is angry with Caleb now and his only angle to work with Derrick and Cody is that if they keep him he will take out Caleb and leave them alone. It’s time for the live eviction and Frankie makes his Grande save me speech. It was egocentric and kissed Julie’s ass a lot but I found it entertaining. It does cross the line into over the top but at least it’s not the usual I love you mom and dad and I really want to stay in this game crap we hear week after week after week. I would have love for him to have just hit the Detonate button and blown up Derrick’s game but he didn’t, and Frankie was evicted. He of course left in Frankie style.  He told Victoria to win something, asked Derrick as the sole responsible adult to not kill his fish and told Cody he’s had better! Frankie then bounced out the door to Julie and I actually enjoyed his exit interview with her. Call me crazy, I know I’m in the minority of finding Frankie entertaining and fun to watch but I will miss his presence in the game. Did I want him to win? I wouldn’t have been sad. Derrick and Frankie have by far outplayed everyone in the house. They had different game strategies but they were both solid players working the house and the game to their advantage. I won’t ask if y’all will miss him because I know the answer is HELL NO but you have to admit, the feeds are going to be even more boring without Frankie’s multiple personalities on them.

Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore battle it out in a tie breaker on Big Brother 16 episode 37This is the most important HOH of the summer. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the final three and the Veto holder is the person with the real power.  It’s the before and after quiz that they were practising for weeks ago.  The Chenbot is not taking any shit from anyone tonight. She is pretty surly tonight, probably because she had to work on a Monday night! If you take more than a second to come up with an answer she is screaming ANSWERS PLEASE or I NEED AN ANSWER. Her head would have spun 360 at the BBCAN Finale when Jon asked Arisa about 5 times to repeat a question on finale night. It comes down to a tie between Derrick and Cody. This year they did away with the chalk board and they have these number boards they have to flip through. I don’t see these making an appearance next year, because Ms Chen was not pleased at how long it took Cody to get his answer and actually screamed at him to flip faster. I was a little scared for Cody’s life. Derrick wins in the tie breaker and the real question now is who is going to win Veto? I’d love to see Victoria finally win a Veto and just go competition beast and win everything from here on out. Who do you want as your final three?

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