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Hey  Big Brother 16 fans!   Its with a heavy heart we have to let you know we canceled or postponed the Mom show.  We go over why in the short video above.  So check it out.   And if you are just dying to watch a show now, check out the BB16 interviews we did already by clicking the imagines above.  Of course as many of you know  in order to keep providing you all with our usual content (and more) we aren’t going to be editing our shows for the rest of the year.   I bought a house and its hard to rebuilt it, do my real job, and this for all of you.  We will still be doing blogs, live shows, live tweeting, podcasts, power rankings, cast interviews and streaming live events so do you worry!  Actually were covering 6 new shows and working with 2 new networks… we have so much coming up for you all (more details below).  Then by the end of the year I should be all settled into the new house and things will be back on track (edited shows and all).  We love you all, and do this all for yous.

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  1. Jeni (Nicole’s mom): How has it been seeing Nicole’s relationship with Hayden outside of the house? Do you think they’re as cute as we do?

  2. Jill why do you feel like Zachtoria is going to get Zach more fame than Zankie, or do you have a problem with Zankie?

  3. Jill- It has been proven that you lied about Zach having grown up around gay people. He told Cody that he had never really been around gay people and told Frankie that meeting and befriending him changed his previous perspective on homosexuals. What was your motivation for lying?

  4. zach is going to fade into irrelevancy if you keep attaching him to zactoria.. .you said yourself zankie would bring zach opportunities WHAT HAPPENED?

  5. zachneedsanewmom on

    what do you plan to do after zach loses all his fans bc you’re pushing zactoria and no one wants this zachattack image

  6. if zach is so proud to be a gay/straight icon then why does he refuse to see or speak with frankie anymore? what happened to zankie for life?

  7. Why isn’t zach and frankie prompting and profiting off zankie when its the biggest ship in big brother history jill?

  8. Why were the moms of Big Brother houseguests so involved this year? Much more than in previous years? You all have to admit, it’s very odd.

    • I have a feeling that Zach and Victoria are dating now, or at least they are hanging out a lot. Picture of them at a restaurant tog. and jst tonite someone took at picture of them sitting as close as they could get next to ea other w zachs arm around her shoulder, could that be dating dating or jst as usual…Victoria getting zachs attention now? Jst wondering.

  9. I 100% do not share the views of anyone casting aspersions on Zach’s mom. However, I do want to know, when is the Grande-Rance family meetup happening? Why have there been no public Zankie meet-and-greets or videos so far?

  10. For Caleb’s mom, since Zankie seems to be dead, how do you feel about Fraleb for Amazing Race? I think they would own it as a team!

  11. Jill- Are you aware that you are one of the most controversial mothers of the Big Brother 16 houseguests because of your near-homophobic comments?

  12. why did you say zach would be terrible at amazing race cause he hates to travel when he said his dream job is to fly all over the country as his brothers caddy? so he can fly, just not with frankie?

  13. Jill why did you openly support twitter accounts devoted to spewing hate or homophobic things towards frankie, and then deny it? Jill are you a pathological liar?

  14. Jeni you were upset with Derrick throughout the season for the way he spoke about Nicole. Did you talk to him at the finale about it? How do you feel towards Derrick now?

  15. Jill, how do you REALLY feel about Zankie… tell us how you REALLY feel girl…Like we’ve seen two sides from you… Supportive and not so supportive…. There is a lot of stuff going around and frankly many Zankie fans are wary of you…. Please share 🙂

  16. It’s really a shame ZANKIE gets no love one of the biggest parts of BB16 so upsetting …Frankie can do better for a “BEST FRIEND” one that will not be ashamed of him though thanks for letting us know what it is early so we can all move on hopefully frankie will see that he can move on to people who actually embrace him as a human being the way he has done others

  17. Jeni why did you only want an apology from frankie and ariana when other houseguests have said and done worse things to Nicole?

      • the ones making Zankie look bad are not the fans.The fans have been loyal from day 1, supported and loved them no matter what etc…They did nothing wrong.So far only one half of Zankie has been aknowledging them on social medias.They are not allowed to ask why the other half has been ignoring them in the same time ?

  18. Jill claimed Zach wouldn’t want to do TAR and he’d be horrible at it – that was a lie. Jill claimed that Zach was surrounded by gay people in his real life – that was a lie. Jill claimed that she had nothing to do with arranging Zach’s interviews – that was a lie. Etc etc. etc. Does Jill see a pattern? Does she think we don’t see a pattern? Why does she lie so much?

    • Mary AriGrande on

      SHE IS HOMOPHOBIC what dont you understand that bitch hates Frankie cause he is gay and her son is in Love with him. Its ok Zach will move in with Frankie eventually to start their relationship together

  19. Why did Jill think meeting Joan Grande was going to be awkward? Was it because the Rance family was so nasty to their son and never cared to apologize, while Joan and Ariana treat Zach like he’s part of their family?

  20. If this group of mom’s was part of the Mean Girl cast, Jill would be Regina, Jeni would be Karen, and either Cody or Caleb’s mom would be Gretchen.

  21. And I’m not blaming a souls .. I actually believe EVERYONE attacking Jill is out of line don’t ruin it for all of us

  22. Is it still “too little too late” for the Rances, or are they ready to publicly acknowledge how generous and loving the Grandes are to Zach?

  23. Jill, do you remember when you askedyou could adopt him after he called frankie a cum dumpster? 🙂 how do you think you would’ve reacted had that comment been directed to your son and another mother would have replied like you did? Thanks.

  24. Everyone please calm down. You are making Zankie shippers look bad as fffff. I personally don’t agree with a lot of what Jill said, as her and Zach contradicted with every statement, but please, stop.

  25. Jeni: After witnessing Derrick go after Nicole since week two and how he was alwasy threatened by her, did you get answers from him or understand what his motive was. Also did you address any of the things that he did to make you mad for example telling Victoria not to talk to Nicole as much

  26. Jill, I was just wondering why it seems you are pushing Zachtoria on the fans when Zankie was the biggest thing to ever come out of Big Brother history?

  27. Hi moms! What would you have chosen for that prize veto competition and would you have done anything differently than your kids? For Zach and Caleb’s moms, what did you think of them choosing the prizes? For Nicole’s mom, would you have chosen the veto like she did? Thanks 🙂

  28. Do you manage Zach’s twitter account? Also why haven’t zankie been as close of friends as they were in the bb house?

  29. are Zactoria business parters only? because there were pictures taken of them w/o permission at the game they went to earlier. anyways, thanks all. sorry these comments are weird as hell

  30. Zachneedstomoveout on

    how come zach can hang out with someone who you said would never be forgiven and you would text pics of all the pink hats he got but he can’t hang out with frankie?

  31. @ Jill, how come cody and zach are doing a tour together when the zankie friendship was way bigger and had lots of fans? Makes no sense

  32. Jill : you said you could’nt stand girls like Victoria who “spend their time looking in the mirror and talking about make-up and haircutetc…”.Does Zach share this opinion ?

  33. zactoriaisntreal on

    jill: how come zach gets to do a tour with someone who constantly said they wanted to beat him and said horrible things about him but he can’t even go to disney with his best friend

    • disqus_eRSnDemDOq on

      Whoever you are probably attacking someone isn’t going to get your questions answered so please stop spamming.

  34. Question for everyone– I’m guessing you all watched the live feeds. What was one of your favourite moments that we didn’t get to see on TV?

  35. Does Jill think it would be selfish of her not to encourage Zach as hard as humanly possible to move to NYC or LA to pursue bigger and better things than he can get in Florida?

  36. GoGrandeOrGoHome on

    Jill: Zach and frankie are the two most popular but brother hiuseguests ever on social media. Why do you think they aren’t spending time together?

  37. Jill, after the finale you went on twitter and thanks Nicole, cody and Caleb’s mom but didn’t even mention Joan after she supported zach the entire season. Why is that?

  38. Kristina Wooster on

    Question for all the moms- from a mom’s prepective, what has been the hardest transition from bb to post bb? Your all pretty awesome and have really great kids. !

  39. Why are the moms still giving interviews? They weren’t locked away all season and we heard way too much from some of them as it is.

  40. msheatherkeefe on

    I don’t have a question, I just have something to say to the zankie shippers: STOP. You are making ALL OF US look bad! You get mad at Jill for saying these mean, and awful things; but you’re also doing the same thing right back! The comments I’m reading aren’t funny. They are rude, and disrespectful. Can you imagine if Jill actually read some of these? You claim to love Zach, but then you disrespect his family. Not cool. Back off guys. I don’t agree with some of the things she’s said either but I’m not gonna BASH her for it. She’s still a human being and has the right to be treated as such. Chill. Out.

  41. GoGrandeOrGoHome on

    JILL: Zachs Zankie pic on Instagram is his most liked pic on Instagram by far. Don’t you think he should be spending time with him versus victoria who doesn’t even have the amount of followers compared to the likes the pic received?

  42. Mom’s, now that the season is over are your kids actually able to comprehend the depth that Derrick had his hands in their game? He was a mastermind at driving wedges between all their relationships and the ones he couldn’t drive a wedge between (Nicole/Hayden) he got them evicted. We watched him tear apart Zach & Cody’s friendship and Zach and Frankie’s to the point that Cody & Frankie were believing everything was Zach’s fault in the game & both wanted Zach out. He had feisty Victoria believing he was her ultimate protector against Zach when she proved she could handle her own. He had Frankie convinced that Zach was just using him and everything he said was a lie and that Team America wouldn’t want Zach in the house. He convince Cody that Zach was the biggest liar in the house & to never trust him. He did an awesome job manipulating them all but I’m curious if out of the house they are all realizing that’s what really drove them all apart and that it was all lies from a master game player? Are they able to mend the fences and rebuild the friendships? BTW I enjoyed hanging out with all of you on twitter this season!

  43. Jill, Why aren’t we getting Zankie events? No disrespect but no one cares about Zactoria or whatever they’re called.. Zankie was the BEST showmance in BB history & so loved!! We wanna see more 🙂

  44. linda – have you told cody yet that loyalty should be given to his actual family, not a dude he met 90 days ago? and that he needs to make better life choices

  45. For Cody’s mom- Are you glad Cody took Derrick to the final 2, even though it ended up costing him the game? For the rest of the moms– if your kid was in Cody’s position, who would you have wanted them to take?

  46. to Cody’s mom : How did you feel when your son almost had the 500K in his pocket but then decided he was rich enough and picked Derrick to F2 instead of Victoria ?

  47. Jill why is zach ALL of a sudden running so far away from anything thing frankie/zankie related? What does he have to hide with his so called best friend?

  48. Jill you and Cody mom are pushing this “suitlife” bs but not zankie the biggest thing to come out of big brother? Weird No hidden Valley?

  49. Think b4 you post on

    YIKES. I am not Jill’s biggest fan, but please remember that these are people and zachs mom, I understand that it may seem fine at the moment, you are really giving us a bad name, PLEASE take a minute to think before you post your rude questions, they aren’t necessary because they most likely are not going to be asked

  50. Frankie made his trip to Florida and was just as excited as zach was for their trip together…how come zach bailed and didn’t go?

  51. Jill zach seems to be running away anything frankie/zankie related, and will tour with cody? Cody the guy who told everyone all summer that “zach said he wants to fuck frankie” Oh ok…

      • Mary AriGrande on

        Yea Frankie never said anything like Cody all he said was he wanted to euthanize him, and that he was an Idiot, and Americas Favorite fuck up, and a couple other things but he can move past that

  52. Jeez, stop hating on Zach’s mom. You don’t know how she feels now weeks after game has ended. How about we ask the interviewers to just please not ask any leading questions about Frankie that might prompt anyone to take a dig at him. He’s had enough hate and homophobia thrown at him since BB. He’s paid for any bad karma at this point.

  53. Jill really likes twitter memes about being able to make a son’s suitor go away. Is that something she really thinks she can pull off?

    • Pretty sure that’s already happened without any interference from Jill. If you haven’t noticed Zach is glued to Victoria’s side and Frankie is nowhere to be found. He’s probably still trying to figure out how he didn’t place in the top 3 for AFP…

    • How are they riding off his fame? She’s done a handful of interviews. And? Other parents have given interviews and they’re not getting hate. You also have to keep in mind that Zach was the most popular houseguest from this season so she’s probably been hit up for more interviews than the other parents. I don’t see how giving a few interviews is riding someone’s fame. She is definitely no Kris Kardashian! That woman is truly vile.

  54. FrankieFanLogic on

    You Frankie Fans are so cringeworthy. Frankie Fans Logic “Let’s attack Zach’s mom; the woman who gave him life, who loves him to the moon & back because you feels she put a stop to your sick & twisted”Zankie” fantasies by doing this we should get tons of “Zankie” pics & Videos” LOL!!! Keep it up dummies!

    • FrankieFanBestLogic on

      fuck it when joan was supporting her SON to win america’s favorite she was judged.
      Omg, y’all are so hypocrite

    • Careful there with the Frankie fan/ Zankie fan crossover. You are aware that there is a legion of Frankie fans who really don’t care much about Zankie.

  55. what happened to using frankie for his connections? don’t you think one tweet from frankie (or cough his sister) could earn money for those little girls?

  56. Jill,

    Frankie was unpopular in the game, but Zach loved him a lot. Did you prepare your son for some of the things he would hear about Frankie by telling him what those things were first? What was his reaction?

  57. Yikes @ These comments. I want to know if Jill understood the ramifications of involving herself so deeply into the online BB16 community in a way that no parent ever has before. Also if the other Moms were warned not to do what Jill did by their children, the way that Derrick warned his mom and wife before the season started.

  58. jill how come zach is still not informed that derrick manipulated frankie into not trusting him in the first place?? what info was zach told that he shouldve trusted cody more ??

  59. To Caleb’s Mom: If there is an All-Star season and you could pick 2 other players from BB16 to return with Caleb, who would you pick and why? Same question for Jill as well!

  60. jill are you aware that the zankie fans his most passionate and vocal fan base are rapidly starting to lose interest in him

  61. To All the Moms: The biggest power players this season seemed to be Derrick and Frankie. If it came down to a finale 2 showdown between them, who would you moms have voted for?

  62. To all the Mamas: If you could pick one other houseguest from BB16 to go on the Amazing Race with your child, who would it be and why?

  63. to calebs mom how do you feel that frankies fan are shipping caleb and frankies friendship even more now.. the fans are waiting for the hunting video

  64. Jill : Zach’s dog Tiger has an account on twitter but sadly he doesn’t tweet often ?Could you ask him to be a bit more active please ? Fans are waiting.Thank you.

  65. DerricksavedZachweek2 on

    Was Zach aware how he became the renom on week 2 & that a certain person single handedly got him nominated only to have another person single handedly save him & when this certain person who worked so hard to get him nominated reliaze he was staying he was less than trilled?

  66. Cody’s mom: Did u smack him upside the head when he got home for picking Derrick over Victoria, making a $500k mistake? xoxo

  67. Iam going to guess at the announcement, I just viewed a picture taken from behind ZACH&VICTORIA sitting as close as u can get w zachs arm around her shoulder, @ a hockey game. I think Zachary & Victoria are dating now.

  68. Why isn’t Haydens’ mother joining in with the other Mothers? Seems very rude, unless she declined, then I will take back my statement, but will say to her, wish you were a part of the get tog.

  69. Moms: you all should be extremely proud of your kids. How has been being on BB and ther new found fame changed them…if at all? Thanks.

  70. To Zach and Nicole moms : Do you think you were disrespectful to Hayden when you tried to present Zach and Nicole has a possible couple in real life despite the fact that Nicole and hayden were already..a couple ?

    • When did they try to say Zach and Nicole were a couple? IIRC Zach and Nicole posed for a couple of pictures after the show. If you want to talk about disrespecting Haycole you should be addressing the Nicody shippers on Twitter, not attaching Z and N’s moms here.

  71. In an EW Interview, Julie Chen said “Frankie is extremely likable. He’s funny, smart and adorable. Zach is a
    character. He’s outspoken, bold, funny, good looking and enjoys being a
    bit obnoxious. Together they are very watchable.” Jill: Millions of people loved Zankie this summer, do you think Zankie would you be down for a Zankie reality show or collaboration in the future?

  72. jill are you aware that zankie brought in a total of 3.37 million fans on social media being the most talked about houseguest on social media why are they not promoting zankie on social media

    • according to an article “Together, ‘Zankie’ hold a social media audience reach of over 3.37 Million Followers. They’re currently the most followed Big Brother HGs on Instagram and both in the Top 4 of the most followed HGs on Twitter”

      • no im saying why isnt there any meet and greets, why isnt zach interacting, why did he ditch the plans to meet fans at disney !! why did she agree with a tour with cody and zach but not zach and frankie. why has she been lying ?? why does zach avoid anything zankie relate ?? the hit men done alot post bb but not zankie

  73. Please leave Jill only POSITIVE comments… Jill, there is a SMALL group writing hate, IGNORE THEM> Zankie, Frankie, Zach fans do NOT hate you.. We are just confused with Victoria and the complete stop of Zankie stuff. That’s ALL.. No worries. We know Zach is RESTING and recovering after the show.. We know Zankie will be back and better than ever… Ignore the hate, Jill. After EVERY rumor, someone gets attacked.. Rise above..

  74. STOP THE HATE, people.. Just ask a question nicely. Jill knows BB was a game, she forgave Frankie and Victoria. Please don’t attack someones mom people.. Neither Zach or Frankie would want ANY mother being attacked… They wouldn’t want a small group of fans to ruin anything.. Jill supports her son and we will SEE she will let him do what he wants.

    • Did she forgive Frankie though. DID she. I mean you certainly wouldn’t know by any actions she’s taken. Supporting your son means not throwing him to the wolves you know are planning to devour him and the man he loves.

      • Loves? Are you living in your own reality now? Frankie and Zach are FRIENDS. Not lovers. Get a clue and get professional help!

        • rationality goes both ways on

          Do you even realize the literally HUNDREDS of times Zach has said he loves Frankie (not to mention being “in love” with him?). What does putting friends in all caps mean? Do valued friends not love one another?

  75. Take a moment and think on

    I seriously think you all need to take a step back and think about what you’re posting. If Zach or Frankie were to see these comments how do you think they would feel? I’m going to go with ashamed and disgusted, most of these things do not need to be said. Yes, it’s true Jill has said/responded to some controversial things but please it is really giving our fanbase a bad name. I for one am not a huge fan of how she has handled things, but in no way is what you’re saying going to make this better. Please, I urge you to think about what you’re posting on here and if you TRULY believe that it’s going to make a difference.

  76. Nicole’s mom: where you excited when Nicole won the buy back and did you expect for her to get evicted real quick

  77. disqus_eRSnDemDOq on

    What were Nicole’s, Zach’s, Cody’s, and Caleb’s reactions to their moms being so informed with their lives on bb i.e. watching live feeds or gaining twitter fans?*Side note: I think y’all are SO wonderful for being so supportive because it can be tough at times. Peace and Blessings <3

  78. The overwhelming majority of zankie fans love and respect all the HGs and their families! These negative comments are by a few and do not represent the fan base.

  79. To all the moms, how hard was it to separate being a fan of the show while watching from being a mom of a contestant? (meaning how hard was it to see someone make a great game move, but it be a bad move for your son/daughter? Seeing your child hurt vs understanding it was just a game)

  80. Just Wondering. on

    A lot of parents this season seemed to think that Ariana – Frankie’s sister – was fair game when it came to publicly criticizing people due to her fame. Some parents, like some of the ones on this panel, thought it’d be fair to try and make Ariana publicly apologize for comments (arguably crude comments, yes) Frankie made regarding other contestants.

    Why do some of you believe Ariana owes anyone an apology on behalf of her brother? A lot of family members held a large sense of resentment towards Joan and Ariana Grande the entire season, often making inappropriate comments about a 21-year-old woman they had never met or knew, and who wasn’t competing for $500k with their children. Do any of you regret some of the things you’ve said on social media about Frankie’s family members?

    Also, now that you may have met Ariana, have any of your preconceived thoughts changed, especially to the mothers whose children Ariana was nothing but kind to, like Nicole and Zach’s mothers?

    • Which parent on this panel asked Ariana to apologize? I thought that was Vic’s parents and I don’t see them listed on this panel. Ariana’s a public figure with millions of fans so it would have been nice of her to make a statement as a sister defending her brother for his extremely hurtful comments and as a woman who won’t stand for men joking about taking someone’s virginities in a drunken double penetration on national tv. When you’re a public figure more’s expected of you. She didn’t make the comments and she shouldn’t be forced to make a statement but it would have been an act of goodwill if she’d done so.

      • Just Wondering. on

        I believe both Jill & Kevin Rance were “offended” at an old blog post that was made public of Frankie’s that saw him joking about a time at the airport where he saw Jewish people waiting to fly back to Israel. The hyper-realized way he was recounting his airport story was a bit crude and, if taken at face value, could be seen as anti-semitic.

        They took to Twitter, claiming they wanted Joan & Ariana to reach out to them before “making a comment”. It just seemed off for them to make a comment on something outside of the game, to begin with. While social media has never been as key in a season, and it was great getting to know the cast in such a unique way thru their loved ones (most of Jill Rance and her family’s time on twitter *IS* positive and I imagine that’s why people took so positively to Zach), it seemed to have also brought out people’s opportunistic sides.

        By all means, take Frankie to account for his words. A lot of his jokes are a bit extreme and can end up on the road side of the good taste line, but why should his 21-year-old half-sister be accountable for his actions? Even arguing that Joan Grande should be held accountable for what her grown 31-year-old son says seems a stretch to me, so holding his famous half-sister seems more focused on the fact that she is famous and less about the poor taste of the words. Would you demand Peyton Rance, Zach’s very young brother, release a press release apologizing for Zach saying he’d want to bash Frankie’s skull against the pavement? No? So it seems just as silly to expect the same from other siblings with just as much of an age distance.

        • Zach’s dad is the one who posted the comment on Twitter about Frankie’s blog post. Jill and Kevin don’t share a Twitter account. They have two separate accounts, so unless they both tweeted from both accounts about this then you can’t lump Jill into it. I, like many others, did find it strange that he did that. I’m assuming it was an “in the moment” type of thing. Someone sent him a link to the blog post, he read it, got heated about Frankie’s insensitive remarks, and posted a comment on Twitter that he shouldn’t have. It was strange and uncalled for, but nothing near the insensitivity Frankie portrayed in his blog post and in the house. I’m not calling you personally a hypocrite, but I can’t stand people who try to defend all of Frankie’s vile remarks, but then turn around and attack others for their insensitivity. I hold everyone accountable, regardless of whether I’m a fan of theirs or not. I like the Rance family but I definitely don’t agree with how they’ve handled things at times or some of the things they’ve said, including Zach. When you’re a fan of someone’s that doesn’t mean you blindly agree with everything they say or turn a blind eye every time they are problematic.

          As for people expecting Ariana or Joan to be accountable for Frankie’s actions. First of all, isn’t it sad that a 31-year-old man has said/done the things Frankie has and people are looking to his family to rectify his actions in the first place? Hasn’t he grown up yet or will he be an eternal Peter Pan, saying whatever comes to mind just to get a laugh or be seen as an entertainer? It’s pathetic. I’m the same age as Frankie and would be HORRIFIED if I acted the way he had in any circumstance but especially on national television and I would be so EMBARRASSED if people were looking to my family for an explanation/apology for my behavior.

          However, as I said before the Grande family is in the public eye. They are public figures and are their own brand. I agree that they shouldn’t HAVE to make any comments, but I think it would have been in good taste to do so, especially given the absolutely vile nature of his remarks about Victoria. If I was Victoria’s mother I’d be demanding apologies left and right for seeing my daughter talked about as an object for men to use and take advantage of while she’s drunk, whether it was a joke or not. I would be LIVID if anyone spoke about my daughter like that. If Frankie was in the house and someone had said that about Ariana you can bet he would have gone apeshit and it would have been totally justified. As for comparing Ariana to Peyton, you’re using a false analogy so I won’t even touch that.

  81. Jill, how do you cope with delusional (most typically Zankie) fans that:

    — Trash talk your family even though they’ve never met any of you and cannot know what your true thoughts/feelings are

    — Believe liking a picture on Instagram is equivalent to declaring one’s true love when it really just means you liked a picture on Instagram

    — Accuse Zach of queer baiting even though he often said he thought of Frankie as a best friend and nothing more and stated after the show he would have taken Frankie to the final two because he was the one person he trusted in the house

    — Allow other houseguests the courtesy of playing the game of Big Brother by making excuses for or accepting their lies, manipulations, and game play but not allowing Zach the same courtesy

    — Harass/blame Zach for ditching Frankie at Disney even though they have no idea why the plans changed and fail to recognize that sometimes life happens and plans fall through for no malicious reason

    — Stalk your family and neighbors searching for information about Zach/Zankie without the realization they’ve crossed boundaries for information that is most likely not accurate (you seriously need to have a talk with your neighbor, Brett)

    — Online publicly reject/mock Zach’s self-identification as a straight male which merely reinforces homophobia by advocating the notion that a straight man can’t possibly have a *sensual*, loving relationship with his gay male best friend so he must be gay as well

    — Degrade/disrespect the coming out process and one’s path to self-discovery if there is a chance that Zach is, in fact, gay/bisexual or queer in any way

    — Enact their own form of bigotry/ignorance by forcing Zach into a sexual orientation that *they* deem to be correct for him based on *their* interpretations, yet are most likely horrified when heterosexual conventions/ideologies are forced upon homosexuals (and as someone who does *not* identify as straight, I’m horrified by anyone forcing *any* sexual orientation)

    — Don’t realize how damaging/hurtful online comments and rumors can be to the very people they profess to love

    — Feel they know Zach better than his family and friends although they’ve only known/watched him for less than 5 months, most of that time being on a reality TV show that typically has nothing to do with reality whatsoever

    — Blame Zach for the opinions his friends/family have without accepting the fact that one has no control over what their friends/family say and that you can still be related to or friends with someone who has different beliefs than you do or who says problematic things (as we’re all humans and all say/do problematic things from time to time)

    — Fail to realize Zach has only ever publicly said positive things about Frankie both in and out of the house (even though Frankie can’t make the same claim) and, although he has said some problematic things in the house I personally found rude/offensive and don’t claim to ignore or defend, he has made some serious positive steps to show support for Frankie, the gay community, and other houseguests he “wronged” while in the house, all the while never deviating from his belief that Frankie is the funniest, smartest person he knows and that they’re the best of friends

    — Criticize Zach for donating a portion of *his* merchandise (in other words, he’s not selling breast cancer awareness bracelets and then pocketing most of the money — he’s selling ZachAttack bracelets and donating a portion which he probably decided to do after he chose his signature color pink for his bracelets and then realized it corresponded with breast cancer awareness month) to charity even though other houseguests are also selling merchandise and *not* giving to charity

    — Complain about Zach’s social media acumen without taking into account his unfamiliarity with Twitter, his inexperience with having hundreds of thousands of followers all waiting for him to say something, and the fact that while Frankie has had *years* of time to acclimate to the demands/idiosyncrasies of social media, Zach has had literally no time and no margin for error since he left the house

    — Judge/criticize Zach’s relationships with other houseguests, such as Victoria and Cody, although they don’t realize Zach’s relationships are none of their business and that if he can forgive Frankie for all of the horrible things he said about Zach he can most likely forgive Victoria and Cody as well and it would be hypocritical to expect anything different

    — Are opposed to Zach finding a significant other who will make him happy while, at the same time, support Frankie in finding a significant other and even hoping it will make Zach jealous

    — Say they are fans of your son when, in reality, they may be simply fetishizing the close (typically seen as gay) relationship between two real men (not characters) for their own personal enjoyment; or they may be fans of Frankie’s who like the idea of Zankie and the power it gives a gay man over a straight man as they usually deny Zach any agency in the relationship and treat him as the whipping boy who makes all the mistakes; or they may not care too much about Zach as an individual as their focus is on the potential sexual/romantic relationship of Zankie which is refreshing and exciting to witness on mainstream television since it represents their (our) own realities as queer individuals living in a heteronormative society that is quick to represent/glamorize straightness and quick to diminish everything else.

    I, for one, loved seeing their friendship because it’s something that needs to be seen, not only by the LGBTQ community, but by straight people as well. It’s something that needs to be more normalized in the mainstream so that *everyone* can be represented and so that, when it is shown, it’s not such a novelty that people become obsessed with to the point of delusion. With Zach and Frankie on BB, along with Will and Matthew from ANTM, this trend will hopefully continue and positively impact people’s lives and how they interact with other people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, age, etc. I just sincerely hope that those fans who have taken things too far don’t negatively impact this trend, but I would love to hear your opinion about these fans and how/if they’ve affected you, your family, and Zach. Much love to all of the moms, including the twelve moms not on the Reality Recaps Special. The BB16 cast was quite the cast and I wish nothing but the best to *all* the houseguests and their families!

    • We’re not all like that….? those are the 12 year old crazy fans lol but we’re definitely not all like that??!! Most of us love both Zach & Frankie’s families so sorry you’ve seen too many of the crazies?! It’s mostly the Twitter fans that are crazy TRUST me :/

      • I never said *all* Zankie fans were like that. In fact, my comment wasn’t solely about Zankie fans, my comment was solely about *delusional* fans that take things too far. I just said that these delusional fans are *typically* Zankie fans, but not always. Zach has some crazy fans that aren’t Zankie-related and he also has some serious haters. I’ve also seen quite a few of the delusional Zankie fans are adults, so while I do think the majority of them are quite young and inexperienced there are still quite a few who are adults and should know better.

        I do acknowledge that there are many sane Zankie fans who are simply shipping their two favorites and support both Zach and Frankie, but from what I’ve personally seen on multiple social media platforms (Twitter, IG, even Tumblr) the majority of Zankie fans have come across as delusional, aggressive, and obsessive. For every sane post/comment, I see many more posts/comments that are spewing hatred towards Zach, espousing ridiculous conspiracy theories, and blaming Zach and his family/friends for whatever is wrong with the Zankie fandom. I mean, just look at the majority of the comments on this page alone. While there are definitely some Zankie fans showing Jill support and acting sane, there are many more that are harassing/bullying Jill. I think bullying of any kind is sad, including bullying *any* houseguests/family members (including Frankie and his family even though I’m not a huge fan of his) and it really speaks more about the bully than the person being bullied.

  82. It has been stated that Jill Rance knew BB was a game and that she forgave Frankie and Victoria but has Zach Rance asked Joan Grande or frankie forgiveness for stating Frankie should get his head smashed in and sent to the hospital?

    • Yep. I’m a friend of theirs and Zach spoke to both Joan and Frankie personally and apologized for that comment. He said he was just caught up in the moment and he regrets saying it, but he said he never actually meant it, just like Frankie didn’t really mean he was gonna literally euthanize Zach. Pretty sure that’s the only negative comment Zach made about Frankie. Kudos to Jill for forgiving Frankie although he never asked her for her forgiveness and he never apologized to her personally.

      • I appreciate your time to reply and being an adult about it and if Frankie has not yet apologized to Mrs. Rance I hope he will be given the chance to someday but he might not unless told that his metaphors were taken seriously and seen hurtful. Again thanks for the reply when you did not have to

      • What the heck does he have to say sorry to her for? I remember frankie mom being so classy and loved and supported zach even after zach comments, but JILL just keep hating, a week in till the show was over, frankie doesn’t OWN HER SHIT! HE was playing the game just like her son! She bashed frankie NOT the other way around! She and that sad face cousin should say sorry to frankie!

  83. OMG I’m so embarassed reading these questions right now. I hope Jill knows only a loud minority of Zankie fans are this crazy. Most of us are here for their friendship and to support them both.

  84. To all: how has your experience been as moms dealing with everything going on post bb and how are they themselves adjusting to it

  85. I’m a mother and I can’t imagine having to watch your child in the Big Brother house… what were your highest and lowest moments to experience through the feeds/episodes this season.

  86. Were you all fans of Big Brother before your children were on the show? If you were did it change the way you view the show?

  87. On behalf of all rational Zankie fans I would like to apologize for all the delusional Zankie shippers comments and questions. Sorry Jill!

  88. I wish people stopped blaming Zankie shippers in this thread… we aren’t all nuts you know. Some of us love Frankie, Zach and their families.

  89. My question is for Jill (Zach’s mom)

    Zach after Donny was clearly America’s favorite players, so I wonder how Zach is reacting to all of this love from his fans.. he’s surprised? 🙂

  90. SaneZankiefanLOL on

    There’s no such thing as a “Sane Zankie Fan” You’re either delusional to think they’re gonna get married & raise a gaggle of kids or you’re just Frankie fans who look to Zach as nothing more than a F**kToy for Frankie.

    • Mary AriGrande on

      Ha jealousy is a sad thing! Continue to be HOMOPHOBIC and hate on the love that Frankie and Zach have. Talk to me when Zach comes out to Frankie and you sound stupid as ever

  91. cody’s mom – was it difficult to watch your son choose loyalty over winning the show?
    nicole’s mom – do you believe hayden and nicole would have stayed loyal to each other until the very end?
    caleb’s mom – caleb always had stories to share on big brother, would you care to share with us your favorite caleb moment post bb?
    zach’s mom – your son was surprisingly quite an emotional player instead of the cold-hearted player he wanted to be, do you think being that character would have gotten him further?

    thank you! 🙂

  92. To the moms, you raised some great kids who entertained us all summer long and were wonderful examples of HGs who came to play without sacrificing who they are as people.
    A couple questions for you all:
    –Which aspect of your son or daughter’s gameplay would you emulate if you had a chance to go on BB? And conversely, what would you do differently?
    –Was there a moment watching the show when your son or daughter did something, and you thought that’s so (Nicole, Caleb, Cody, or Zach)!

  93. To all the moms, how would you feel about an All Stars 2 with your kids being invited back? Do you think you’d be more prepared for how to handle the every day stress of it all? As a viewer it’s nerve wrecking enough, I can’t imagine how it must be for y’all.

  94. Can you each pick your personal favorite moment of the season? Also your favorite competition? There were some really amazing ones this season.

  95. thegreatamster on

    The houseguests did plenty of crazy, potentially embarrassing things in the house, but most Moms love to embarrass their kids. So spill! What’s your best embarrassing story of your child?

  96. Was there any moment in particular that made you cringe? Something you wish your child hadn’t done while in the house? Or were you proud of pretty much everything they did?

  97. To all – What was your initial reaction to your child’s decision to apply for BB? At what point in the application process did you realize “OMG, I’m not going to be able to communicate with my son/daughter for almost 4 months”? Did you have any separation anxiety? How did their siblings react to your child being gone?

  98. Erika (@cksprincess) on

    I just wanna know if Zach & Nicole got the hats I sent them. (I’ve already talked to Caleb & Cody’s mailed out this morning). Zach’s is a Gator’s colored sock monkey hat & Nicole’s is an Elephant wearing a frog bow. =)

  99. To Jill: Big Brother 16 can be coined as the “Summer of Zankie.” If given a second opportunity in All-Stars, do you think Zankie would be a huge target or would people want to align with them? Also, what strategy should they implement to get them to the end? #Zankie

  100. To all the moms: Many predicted Derrick would inevitably win the season in the early weeks of Big Brother. That being said, each one of your kids wanted to work with him and remain loyal to him. If you played in their shoes, would you have seen past his charisma and mist and have the guts to go against him?

  101. Doesn’t Jill think it’s only fair that since she’s spent months being nasty and hateful to the person her son loves more than anyone he’s ever met, that she get a dose of her own medicine?

  102. To all moms: What was the one moment that was most awkward or cringe-worthy to watch your child? For instance, Jeni was it awkward to watch Nicole and Hayden kiss?

  103. Gosh I hope none of the crazy zankie conspiracy theory questions are actually asked, yikes. My question is for everyone/anyone: is there anything you found out about your kid on the show/live feeds that you would not have believed if they hadn’t said/done it on video?

  104. does zach really have a publicist that told him to unfollow fans, stop talking about frankie and to hang with victoria as much as possible? if so i hope you kept the receipts

  105. Lilly Carson Bailey on

    Jeni-After watching the live feeds all summer, was it hard to tell Nicole how AWFUL Derrick was behind her back? That was the worst part of BB! He said such mean stuff about our fave girl & she was so nice to him! It seems like they’re friends now though 🙂

  106. Mary AriGrande on

    So Jill why are you holding back your son from being his true self? It is pretty clear that you are homophobic because you are stopping your son from being with his true love. You are making a big mistake Zach is irrelevant without Frankie missing out on a big opportunity associating with THE Grandes #Zankie

  107. Eric and The Moms, thank you all for your time and sharing with us.

    I notice that lots of younger people comment about their wanting a relationship between 2 people they do not know.

    For example: “I want Mary to date John, not Jim. I want Sue to only have a relationship with Mike and not George, hate George.I want Kevin and Mark together and will send hundreds of tweet to them and their family so maybe I can force them together”
    Please comment on this Mom(s). We live in a free country where there are no arranged marriages. Love cannot be forced, even with harrasement. Imagine if your parents picked your dates for you. Accept that each of us has a personal life, even reality show people.

    • Mary AriGrande on

      Keep hating on Zankie because your jealous. They love each other and there is nothing Jill or any of you homophobes can do about it

      • They love each other? You don’t even KNOW them. Unless you have information that the rest of us don’t you are freaking delusional. GET A GRIP. GET HELP.

          • Mary AriGrande on

            Exactly when Zach leaves his lame family to leave with Frankie to start their relationship they still will say they dont love each other. Get over it, its only a matter of time till Zach comes out

  108. First thank you for trying to have an interview with the moms. It was an appreciated effort. Too bad others had to ruin it with their stupidity.

    Now for the rest of you who have no manners……Oh good grief, stop trying to bully Zach’s mom. No wonder Zach wants to distance himself from Frankie, it’s because of all of YOU. Yes look at you pathetic haters, it’s your fault not his mom’s. I wouldn’t want any part of Frankie’s hater fans (you) either. And now Frankie needs to step up and put a stop to your ridiculous actions, that he started. Zankie wasn’t real, it was for face time, and that hasn’t changed now that they’re out. Grow up, get a life, mind your own business and let Zach and Frankie both mind theirs.

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