Big Brother Season 16: Episode 27


Donny Thompson fills Nicole Franzel in on everything she missed the last week on Big Brother 16 episode 27Nicole is back in the Big Brother house! Did you miss her guys? She is back and ready to play but not before Jocasta plants a huge kiss smack on her lips and totally freaks her out. Hayden also whispers in her ear Derrick and Cody as hints as to who she needs to watch out for. The Detonators aren’t too happy about this. Besides Zach she is probably the worst case scenario of the 4 jurors. Donny is pretty excited because she likes Nicole and because the Detonators see her as a threat and maybe she will be a bigger threat to them than he is. Jocasta also advised before leaving the backyard to stick with Donny, advice she takes to heart. It’s not long before her and Donny are sitting at the kitchen table and he is filling her in on the events of the last week. He tells her that nominations were determined by skittles and that he had to win Battle of the Block because Christine threw the competition in the black box and was even helping the other side. All this information would have been well and good except for the fact that they, like all of us do, forgot about Victoria being in the room. She runs and tells Derrick the whole conversation. King Pin Derrick is now on high alert for Donny. He believes, and rightfully so, that Donny is trying to fracture the Detonators by telling everyone that he is the common denominator in all the evictions. He issues his orders: NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE ALONE WITH NICOLE. Violation of these orders will mean that you are working with her that is that.I don’t know about you but I am totally bored with Derrick running the show. I just don’t get these people. HOH hasn’t even been played yet and Derrick has nominations all sewn up and nobody even questions it! Derrick is playing a great game, he is positioned well and I am sure he’ll win, but it is making for a snoozer of a season. What do you guys think of Derrick and his game?

Donny Thompson and Cody Califiore battle it out for HOH on Big Brother 16 episode 27It’s HOH competition time and we are sticking with the Boxing theme. We are playing PUNCHING FOR DAYS. This game is played in 6 rounds. Frankie as the outgoing HOH will give them an event that happened in the first 50 days of the game. Everyone must then run to their “opponent”  and punch him til they get the number of the day they are looking for. They then buzz in, if they are right they are done, if not they try again. Last one left at the end of each round it eliminated. I know that I would totally suck at this challenge. I need to write things down and study and this would totally not be in my wheelhouse.  The comic book POV question gets Nicole out first round. She is devastated Cody Califiore is congratulated by Caleb Reynolds for winning HOH in Big Brother 16 episode 27because first  she’s out of the competition and knows she’ll go on the block and second Veronica……I mean Victoria beat her.  Don’t worry Nicole, the day Joey turned into Alex stumps Velma and she’s out the next round. The day Brittany kicked her 2400 goals knocks out Christine and Caleb can’t remember what day Paola fell off the swing. It was his HOH for God sake, you can’t remember the first week. Sheesh.  The day Devin was put on the block baffles Derrick and we are left with the epic battle of  The Beard and the Abs. What day did Amber win her third competition? Cody knows and Donny loses HOH. CODY WINS HIS SECOND HOH! I have no lost any will to keep watching but I will…..for you guys. Derrick is happy. Cody is in his final 2 and now Derrick doesn’t have to worry about sending someone to jury. For me Cody is a total disappointment as a player. He was one of my picks to win the game but his lack of decision-making skills is extremely frustrating. If Cody can make up his own mind and not run to Derrick to make every decision this game might get interesting. What do you think of Cody winning HOH?

Donny Thompson and Cody Calafiore battle it out for HOH on Big Brother 16 episode 27 Nicole goes up to the HOH room and against Derricks orders Cody actually sits in a room alone with her
. This gives me a smidgen of hope. I find Nicole’s voice to be extremely irritating BUT the girl does know what she’ talking about so I am really hoping that she can make Cody see some sense. Nicole asks him to think about HIS game. All the Detonators can’t have his back, if he keeps her around she will have his back, she has no one else and she can do all the dirty work or sending home his friends. Cody sees her point and thinks Nicole could be a sneaky asset to his game. What does this mean for Donny? I am thinking that Derrick and Frankie are totally over the whole Team America by now and aren’t going to try really hard to save him. Donny makes a rare appearance in the HOH room. I think he has spent the least aCody Calafiore nominates Donny Thompson and Nicole Franze for eviction on Big Brother 16 episode 27mount of time in that room than any one from any season. He sees no reason to kiss ass and pretend with people but his back is against a wall and he needs to make Cody see sense. He almost did it his last HOH, can Donny shake Cody into reality? He tells Cody that if he keeps him, he will be a target and so will Nicole. As long as the two of them are here Cody is safe, once they are gone Cody is next up. It may be in his best interest to pull the trigger now and maybe target Christine and Frankie. Keep in mind Donny woke Cody up from a deep sleep to have this conversation so I don’t know how much of it was actually taken in, but true to form, Cody ran to Derrick and Derrick put the squash on it. Derrick talks to Donny about Team America and tell him that it’s in his best interest to keep Donny around and that it’s hurtful when he hears that Donny wants him out and that Donny is thinking of his own game before Team America missions. Donny’s not buying what Derrick is selling and says talk is cheap, Derrick needs to prove himself to him.  I don’t have high hope of Cody making any kind of independent decision. Do you think Nicole or Donny got into his head enough to force a big move? It is time for Cody to make his big reveal. Who is he nominating? Of course he nominates Nicole and Donny. Go against King Derrick would mean certain eviction the next week. Right Zach?

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