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Tim Wormels is the Next Bachelor Canada

It’s been a long time coming but The Bachelor Canada is finally back for its second season. Meet our new Bachelor Tim Warmels.  Tim is a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Campbellville, Ontario. He grew up on a ranch with his close-knit family he has 1 older brother and his parents have been married for over 30 years. He is a natural athlete who likes hockey, sailing and scuba diving. After graduating from University he spent some time on Bay Street working  and decided he needed a lifestyle change. He now runs multiple tech ventures and a boutique contracting business. He also dabbles in modelling and builds his own custom furniture. Tim enjoys writing, travelling, riding horses and completing renovations on his home. After spending his time setting up his career Tim is finally ready to settle down and is looking for love with a woman who is happy with who they are and the path they are on in life. He says he doesn’t have a specific type and he is excited to start the process of finding wife. You can follow Tim on twitter @BachCanTim and Instagram Timbo0505. You can also tweet with him during the show using #BachCan

Let’s meet Tim’s lucky ladies!

Bachelor Canada Season 2Alison is a 27-year-old nurse from Montreal, PQ. She says she is outgoing, goofy and bubbly. This low maintenance girl loves to watch hockey and will try any sport once. She prefers a low-key night out from a wild hot spot. She is looking for confident, humble, passionate yet sensitive  family man to marry in the Philippines. Andrea is a dental hygienist from Kelowna, BC. This 30-year-old loves gymnastics and snowboarding and describes herself as fun, flirty and loud. This intelligent, confident adventurous girl wants to travel and go skydiving and is looking for a man who is funny smart and embraces life to the fullest do that with.  Don’t you think she looks a little like Carleton from RHOBH? April Borgnatta is from Victoria BC and is a waxologist and “vagician”  by day. This 30-year-old loves to Burlesque dance by night. She describes herself as electric, bubbly, outspoken, and hilarious and know exactly what she wants in a man.  It will be interesting to find out what exactly is a vagician is?



Bachelor Canada 2April Brockman is a 27-year-old realtor from Wasaga Beach, ON. She loves UFC and is loyal passionate and genuine. This down to earth girl is looking for a guy who is light-hearted, wise and funny throw a frisbee around with at the park and to help her fill her passport. One of her dreams is to volunteer abroad and to learn the tango. Christine is a music teacher from Vancouver, BC. This 29-year-old  loves to sing and play the piano. She is drawn to someone who exudes a quiet confidence and is respectful of all people and animals. This happy self motivated girl says she would like to study Naturopathy and travel in the future. Are we starting to get the idea that maybe Tim is into brunettes just a little!  Dominique is from Montreal, PQ and is a receptionist/Model. The 28-year-old loves sport and spends her time snowboarding and playing soccer and tennis. Her favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day.Dominique describes herself as being adventurous, intrinsically motivated, and an extrovert with  great sense of humor. She is looking for a gentleman who is funny and kind above all else.


Bachelor Canada 2Jacqueline hails from Toronto and is a 23-year-old administrative assistant. She is one of the few blondes of the bunch. This fun and friendly laid back girl loves Christmas. She is looking for a guy who is loyal and caring with a great sense of humor. She loves the show Modern Family and dreams about going on an African Safari and swimming with sharks.Jennifer is a 26-year-old “joyologist”. She is a positive go getter who likes to do motivational speaking in her down time. Jennifer is looking for someone with a zest for life, positive outlook and can make her laugh. She would one day like to get her PhD in happiness? Does that even exist? what is a joyologist? Someone help me out here! Jenny is a personal trainer from Vancouver. This 26-year-old was born in Hong Kong. and loves to travel. She has an adventurous spirit, spontaneous and cultured. She is looking for a guy with a personality similar to her that she can go fly planes, go heli skiing and travel India with. Her major talent is multi- tasking.



Bachelor Canada 2Jewel is a payroll accountant from Toronto, ON.  This 32-year-old athlete loves basketball and volleyball. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. This funny, shy and sarcastic girl o loves to hit up Toronto’s hot spots for a fun night out with friends. She is looking for a guy that is easy-going and playful with a great sense of humor. Kayla is from Vancouver and is a 26-year-old ballerina. She loves her cat Toby but is looking for  an outgoing, independent guy that isn’t afraid of commitment to be the next love of her life. This outgoing dancer loves to perform in front of an audience but on her nights off prefers to stay home watching TV or creating new make up looks. Kelsey is a 28-year-old Sommelier from Calgary, AB. This thoughtful, positive creative girl loves the beach. Starting a family is very important to her and she is looking for a man who will treat her like a lady to do that with. This low maintenance girl prefers to hang out in low-key hangouts with a guy that is caring, thoughtful, loyal and funny.



Lisa, Marth, NatalieLisa is from Calgary and is a  hairstylist. This 25-year-old loves to sing and one of her favorite singers is Whitney Huston. She loves life to the fullest and wants to skydive one day. She is known for her red hair and no-nonsense attitude. After building houses in Africa she can’t wait to start a family with a guy who is funny, charming, honest and compassionate. Martha a 26-year-old fashion buyer lives in Monteal, PQ but was born in Mexico.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas and  is looking for a real gentleman to start her family with. She would one day love to go to Greece and Egypt to see the pyramids.Martha says her perfect match is a guy that is caring and just as outgoing as she is. Natalie is from Cambridge, ON and is an elementary school French teacher.  The 27-year-old is outgoing,  kind-hearted and a good listener even though her family and friends call her Chatalie!  He likes her guy to be get a gentleman and a chivalrous gesture will go a long way but table   texting is a definite no-no. She would love to one day take her man for a mid night skate at Rockefeller Center in NYC and float in the Dead Sea.


Bachelor Canada 2Raelee is a gymnast and an art director from Calgary AB. The 26-year-old beat out thousands of applicants to become Canada’s choice as the first Bachelorette. She likes competition and her favorites activities are snowboarding and yoga. She describes herself as driven, easygoing, and fun, and is  drawn to someone who is passionate, exciting, and knows what he wants in life. Rebecca is a 24-year-old waitress from Calgary as well. She loves to joke around and make people laugh but she has her serious side when it’s needed as well. She is looking for an attentive guy that can keep up with her sense of humor to take to her local pub or have a quiet night in. Rebecca like to bake and play gold and her dream is to one day go to the Superbowl. Renee-Anne is from Sherbonne, PQ. She is a humble 28-year-old ER resident whose ideal guy is confident, funny, motivated, and down to earth. She is looking for a gentleman who pays attention to the small things. When not saving lives she enjoys taking in a hockey game, playing a round of golf, or hanging out at the local bar with friends.



Bachelor Canada 2Rileigh is a 23-year-old student/waitress from Kingston, ON. She loves basketball and cheerleading. This type A personalities favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and her number one trait in a guy is that he must be able to hold a conversation. Her favorite memories of her family and she one day wants to travel, give back to her parents in a big way and start a family. Ritiuska or “Riti” is a  an engineer from Calgary. The 33-year-old was originally born in Venezuela and her major turn offs are bad manner and dull conversation.  Riti is looking for someone optimistic, caring, smart, and honest that she can travel to Spain and Greece with. She loves to express herself through dance and would one day like to be on stage. Sachelle is from Sudbury, ON and is a university recruitment co-ordinator. This 24-year-old social butter fly likes music that has a sharp sense of humor, is outgoing and adventurous.  A major turn off for Sachelle is someone that only talks about themselves. She is an outdoorsy girl who wouldn’t hesitate to take a date bungee jumping or rock climbing.



Bachelor Canada 2Sarah is a personal support worker from St.Catharines, ON. This 31-year-old enjoys football, but prefers yoga and pole dancing and dreams of teaching both in her own studio in the future. This loyal, honest and easy-going girl loves Christmas. She is looking for a cool, calm and collected guy that loves to eat just as much as she loves to cook. Sharon is a 23 year an  in IT Sales from Vancouver, She is fun, outgoing, and spontaneous, Sharan wants to Skydiving, backpack through Europe, and travel Central America. This extrovert loves to kick back with her favorite TV show, The Bachelor, or hang out at the local hot spot with friends. Sharan is looking for a bachelor who is confident, takes initiatives, and can carry a good conversation. Sonia is the oldest of the bunch at 42 years old. This lingerie model is one of the many bachelorettes from Calgary. She describes herself as fun, serious and a hard-core rocker chick. When not rocking out to Metallica she play the violin and the piano. A self-professed adventure seeker she loves latin music and is learning the Samba. She would one day love to dance at the Rio Carnival. Trisha is a 28-year-old beauty  queen with an inquisitive and spunky personality. She is looking for a guy that can make her laugh is easy-going and caring that she can impress with a home cooked meal. Trisha is from Edmonton, AB Trishalish would love to travel the world with her man. Don’t you think she looks like Bachelorette Ashley Hebert?


So there you have it! The 25 lucky girls that get to fight for Tim’s heart over the next 10 weeks. From first glance and bios I’d say Raelee will be favorite. I also really like Alison, April Brockman and Jenny.  I’m not too sure about the “Vagician” April Borgnatta or the “Joyogist” Jennifer. People who don’t list real professions put me on the defensive. I think Riti and  Sonia might not last too long either. Who are your favorites? Check out The Bachelor website for more a more indepth look at all our ladies.Comment below and let me know. The Bachelor Canada will premier on September 18 at 8pm EST on City TV. It’s time to get our Canadian crazy on! It’s been far too long.


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