Big Brother Season 16: Episode 24


Nominations are deteremined by the Skittle in Big Brother 16 episode 24This is sure to be an interesting week in the Big Brother house. With Frankie and Derrick Co-HOH’s 4 of the 6 people left to be nominated are Detonators so we have reached the point where at least 2 will have to sit on the block. Derrick and Frankie realize that these nominations are going to take a lot of thought, for their intended target of Donny to leave the house today they need an alliance member to throw yet another Battle of the Block. We all know how well that plan turned out last week, so hey let’s try it again right? They have decided that in order for a Detonator to stay safe, for now Victoria needs to stay off the block. Derrick tells her that she is safe from the block this week because she has spent so much time there so now she looks at him as even more of a deity then she did before. The Detonators have a meeting to determine the three that will sit on the block this week. No one wants to be nominated, but Caleb is really the only one with a valid reason not to. The guy has offered himself up three times before and threw competitions and put himself at risk for the sake of the team. I honestly think the guy has a point. Cody is sitting there terrified of  going on the block and he’s never even been there. Zach feels extremely ganged up on in this meeting and says “Fine put me up”. They tell him no that isn’t what they want and they argue over people volunteering some more. How do we solve this? We go to the skittle! Yes this game has deteriorated to the point where coloured candy is deciding people’s fates. Caleb, Cody, Zach and Christine all pick a skittle color and they determine the first color out of the hat sits next to Donny and throw the competition. The next to sit opposite Donny. Christine is the lucky one that gets to throw the competition and Cody and Caleb are the pawns. Correct me if I am wrong BB Fans but isn’t telling people they will be nominated before the ceremony is against the rules.  Derrick also prepares Donny for his nomination by telling him all about the skittle selection but also ensures him that he is not the target. Big Brother really needs to start enforcing rules. They are losing all sorts of credibility this year. Are you guys as irritated with this whole skittle-gate as I am? 

Team America has their mission this week and they have finally accepted one! Donny, Derrick and Frankie must hide 1 article of clothing from each house guest then organize a 24 hour watch that must patrol for a 24 hour period. This is going to be a lot of fun to do and might actually make the feeds worth watching for the  first time since the house flipped and Zach was saved. They have some discussion as to what they would steal and so far they are thinking  Caleb’s or should we say Amber’s bunny Cody Califiore and Christine Brecht cuddle in  the Big Brother 16 house on Episode 24slippers, Zach’s gator shirt and Cody’s Rutgers sweat shirt. Zach will lose his mind when that shirt goes missing! The internet has been a buzz for weeks now debating the appropriateness of Christine and Cody’s relationship. The whole house has now zeroed in on it as well.  They all agree that is a weird relationship, even Donny says he has never seen a married woman play with a man’s hair like that. We finally get to hear from Christine on the subject. It’s game people. She still loves Tim but she needs to find an in with Cody and this is it. Do I agree? I don’t know. I don’t want to judge her, I don’t know her relationship with Tim. Is it odd?  definitely, is she skating  a fine line? Yes but I don’t think she’s crossed it yet. What do you guys think of Cody and Christine’s relationship? 

It’s time for nominations and it’s probably the least dramatic nomination ceremony I have ever seen. That is saying a lot since this season’s 98% of the nominations have been a snorefest. So Derrick nominates Donny and Christine and Frankie nominates Cody and Caleb. No one is shocked, the only one mad is Donny because he’s been on the block 5 times. Say what you want about Frankie and his game I will agree with you on most of it BUT this nomination speech makes me laugh every time.  Can Donny pull out another Old Man Beat Down?

Cody Califiore and Caleb Reynolds search for bones on Big Brother 16 episode 24It’s time for our final Battle of the Block of the season. Thank you Big Brother Gods. I hate this twist so freaking much and I’m glad its coming to an end.  Everyone walks out to the backyard to the Big Black Box. The teams must go in, and search in the dark to find bones and return the bones one at a time to their board. Once they reach 5 bones they hit the buzzer. The bones are hidden in different nasty substances, they are booby traps all around the room and just to make things interesting there are bones that just don’t fit. Caleb and Cody  stay together Donny Thompson thanks Jesus after winning The Battle of the Block competition on Big Brother 16 episode 24and try to find their bones in pairs which works pretty well for a while. Now remember Christine is throwing this competition and one of the rules is that if you pick up a bone it has to go to your board, so she is dong everything she can not to find any. She finds one and Caleb “takes” it from her. Donny gets to his fourth bone and realizes “Hey I found all these bones myself”? He knows Christine is throwing this so he amps up his game. Donny finds his fifth bone and rings his buzzer. With a Thank you Jesus Donny and Christine emerge from the black box victorious and the Detonators have failed to throw yet another competition.  So Donny and Christine are now safe for the week which makes me happy and Caleb and Cody are on the block. The scary part here is that only Derrick, Victoria and Zach are eligible for veto nominations and we all know Derrick isn’t going anywhere and he will move heaven and earth to save Victoria so if someone wins the Veto, Zach is the only option. I really want Victoria or Donny to win the veto and keep the nominations the same. Who do you want to win the Veto, and what would you like to see happen?

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