Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 22


sabs rachelleWell I don’t know about you but going into this episode I was still speechless from Adel’s nomination speech. I wasn’t the only one. The Sloppy Seconds were just as shocked. Neda thought it was hilarious, Jon was shocked even Heather didn’t know what to think. The most shocked though had to be the Gremlins. Sabrina was furious and rightfully so. Adel did say some things that weren’t true. Rachelle was upset as well. She had been nothing but nice to him and decided to confront Adel in the HOH. She told him his comments were mean and unnecessary. She asked him why he’d say such mean  things, was he trying to make good TV? Adel took that theory and ran with it.  Really his strategy is to make every jury member angry with him as they leave the sabs reacthouse so that the other house guests think there is no way he’ll win and take him to the final 2 with them.  Rachelle tells Sabrina that his speech was all for TV and she loses it. We witness the first of many breakdowns from Sabrina this week. I am actually on her side for once this week. I think Adel is crossing a line in some of his comments. Sabrina, in the diary room, says what I have been saying this whole time. Doesn’t he realize the people he is being so rude to are the ones that will decide his fate in this game. Jury management is what this game is and Adel is not doing a great job.

stampede challengeNow that we are down to our final 6 we have no more POV selection. Instead we are treating to a plug of a new show on Slice called Unusually Thick. It really had nothing to do with anything but I guess they need to fill time. The POV is called BB Stamp-ede and it was hosted by the one, the only Peter Brown. Peter was my favorite male house  guest last year, and I eat anything up that involves him and so do the house guests. Peter has a HUGE crush on Rachelle so I bet he was happy when she attacked him at first sight. There are 5 rounds to this game and each round Peter will read a post card from an evicted house guest. The players then have to search through hundreds of  post card pieces to find the four that make up that post card and hit their buzzer. The last one to buzz in his eliminated from that round. Round 1 is  post card from Ika, Jon struggles and is the first one out. Now Neda feels the pressure to play for both of them. The second rounds card is from Andrew. Adel decided that he doesn’t need to win this and blatantly ned povthrows it and is eliminated. Round three is from Kenny and our first Gremlin is eliminated.  Rachelle gets to spend some time with Peter on the bench. Round 4 is INSANE DUDE, our card is from Paul and Sabrina is eliminated. Heather has done really well and shocked everyone in this competition by winning three of the rounds. Round 5’s card is from Sarah and Heather decides that she doesn’t want to appear to be a threat so she throws this round to Heather. Unlike Adel, Heather does it in a not to obvious way and Neda wins POV.

neda reward.jpgThe fan meter hit 20 000 000 this week and unlocked a strategy session with Jillian and Emmett. Neda being the winner of the this weeks POV  is called into the Diary Room and is told that she will be going into the war room. Once she leaves the Diary Room the War Room door opens and she is face to face with Jemmett!  Of course she is excited, being a super fan of the game. Emmett asks her to explain what is going on so far so she tells them about the gremlins and how this week their plan is to evict Rachelle.  Emmett asks her what is going on with Jon, and she explains that he is her closest ally but people think he is playing a flashy game up til now. She is afraid he’s win if it was the two of them but also knows that he is basically her meat shield. She tells them that she also has a final 2 deal with Heather and at this point says she would bring Heather with her to the end. Jillian asks her how she feels about lying and Neda says that she will lie to whoever she has to, that her word is nothing in this game. Emmett points out Adel and asks why she hasn’t jemmett nedathought to lie to him and use him to take out Jon. Neda says that Adel’s mouth is too big and she is too afraid that he’d tell Jon or Heather and then she’d lose the trust of her alliance.  Their final bits of advice were that she needs to know when to cut her ties, and foster her relationships with people in the house now. In a game of lying and cheating honesty is appreciated. Be kind in your good-bye messages and leave them with good memories as their last memories. It’s pretty much what I have been saying. Manage your jury well and you will walk away the winner. Bitter Jury Syndrome is real and it will cost you the game. Right Dan Gheesling?

The house guests were treated to an Easter Egg Hunt this week. Sunday they were given Passover dinner to celebrate Rachelle’s heritage and this week Nedaeaster.jpgthey get to search the house for little chocolate eggs. While they were sleeping an overgrown Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the house. Whoever found the most eggs won a reward and whoever found the least got themselves a punishment. It was hilarious because three of the 6 had never done it before. Adel was so confused. Neda couldn’t believe little kids believed a bunny would hide eggs and didn’t understand why we parents would lie to our kids. I love Neda! She is hilarious. Sabrina had a blast searching for eggs. It was nice to see her smiling for a change. As much flack as I give her, watching her breakdown isn’t fun at all. Jon ends up finding the most eggs and gets to make a wish list of 5 consumable items he wants for himself or to share with the house. Neda finds the least and is treated to slop and chocolate eggs for the rest of the week. Womp womp, she’s not happy!

What makes Neda happy, being able to decided what to do with her Veto!  To  use it or not to use it that is the question of the week. Rachelle is a competition threat, but Sabrina can talk her way out of almost everything. She’s been on the block 4 times and is still here. Each girl is scary in their own right. In the end Neda decides to respect Adel’s nominations and puts the Veto safely back in its box.  Both Sabrina and Rachelle will stay on the block this week and one of them will go home.

Which of the gremlins do think will be sent to jury house this week? What are thinking of Adel’s HOH?  I wish he had handled it with a little more maturity. Making people cry for fun is not OK and I think Adel is better than that. Yes I realize they are playing a game, but at some point humanity has to win out. If you have been watching the feeds this week you’ll see what I mean. I hate spoiling in my blogs so if it isn’t shown on tonight’s episode I will fill you in tomorrow. Are you team Gremlin or team Sloppy Seconds? Comment below and let me know what you think of all the drama  in Adel’s HOH reign.


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