Big Brother Canada Season 2: The Finale


What a night! I have so much to talk about today so sit down and grab a coffee, it’s gonna be a long one today folks.  I know you all know that I had the opportunity of a life time to sit in the audience of the Finale. I will interject little behind the scenes info for ya within. Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t get any pictures. BOO I know! They were camera crazy there, they saw a phone and you were gone so I wasn’t going to blow my one chance. I pulled mine out to check the time and they came over and gave me hell. Then because of real life work, I had to leave immediately. It was a bummer I know but I do have some cool stories.

So I arrive and get my ticket and who is the first person I lay my eyes on? BB14 winner himself Ian Terry. He is meeting and greeting ticket.jpgwith a handler so I leave him be. I’m standing in line minding my own business and there is a roar in the crowd. Who walks in but Spencer Clawson. BB15’s second runner-up. He makes his way through the crowd and I finally get in talking distance. I introduce myself and drop Eric’s name because well I can. He recognized me from twitter and gives me a big hug. He’s very huggable people, and such a nice, friendly guy. Thank you Spencer for taking some time to chat with me. I’m talking with him and then another roar comes up and it’s McCrae. Well McCrae heads for Spencer so I get an introduction from Spencer and a hug from McCrae too. I am in heaven. Then Ian walks up to us and here I am in a Big Brother Final 4 “Who do you should win?” talk with three Big Brother Gods. What has happened to my life? Then a huge roar comes from the crowd I look over and it’s Amanda.  OMG I love that girl so much, she walks by and I shake her hand and say Hi. This girl is stunning. She is beautiful in pictures and on TV but in person absolutely gorgeous. I also met AJ from BBCAN season 1 and Andy was right beside me for a little big too. I was in heaven. This night was really an exercise in overcoming every social anxiety I have. Being alone, in a crowd, knowing no one and putting myself out there to say hi to strangers was terrifying. Finally we are ushered into the studio and where am I seated? The row in front of the BBUS cast. I am in front and to the right a few seats of Spencer. I have re-watched the episode and the closest I came to making the show was when they introduced Peter and Gary. I was sitting beside the guy sitting beside Murtz Jaffer. I just missed camera time. One seat over and I would have been. Oh well, maybe next time!

On tArisao the episode! Its starts off with a recap of what happened this season. The whole show the First Seven evictees were on stage so it was just fun to watch the reactions they had to everything they were watching. The audience and even Andrew himself laughed at the clip of Jon calling Andrew a “toolbox” and poor Ika looked mortified and put her head in her lap when they showed the “pimple lip” clip. Everyone let out an “awww” when the clip of Adel and Kyle praying together was played. The voice over of  Kyle’s impromptu post-eviction speech  brought a tear to my eye. I did manage to hold myself together, so be proud of me guys. We all had a laugh at Sabrina’s “You want good TV” freak out. Even her family was laughing.  Arisa immediately brings us in to the first part of the HOH Competition.

bail outThe Final 3 are competing in “Big Brother Bailout” They are each in boats taking on water. They have a small cup  to bail the water out, if the water reaches a certain point they sink and are done.  Last one bailing wins. Big Brother throws rain, and wind at them just to make it a bit more difficult. Neda is struggling through the challenge and is first eliminated. We in the audience are not happy. Jon and Sabrina are left dueling it out. Sabrina is a beast in this competition. We all were laughing in the studio as Sabrina threatens to strangle Jon in his sleep if he doesn’t stop throwing his water in her boat. I don’t blame you Sabrina! Not one bit. Everyone in the studio Jonburst out laughing at Sabrina giving a shout out to Leonardo DiCaprio. I must say Sabrina was the source of a lot of laughter last night. Did anyone else notice how yellow the water in the boats was compared to the other water. What was going on inside those boats?  After two hours of giving it her all Sabrina finally gives in to the pain and cold. Jon has one the first part of the HOH. After it’s over Jon tells Sabrina not to count herself out. That she isn’t gone yet, and there is still a chance she could be taken. I think at this point Sabrina has hit her emotional wall and asks Jon not to give her false hope. He tells her that he’s not promising anything, but no decision has been made. Yet again, Sabrina sees the sun come out from the clouds.

walktheplankBefore going into the second part of the HOH challenge Jon tries to secure a final 2 with Sabrina. He needs to cover his basis so he tells her that if she wins he’ll take her to the final 2.  He says neither of them can win over Neda so she is his best chance of winning. Sabrina agrees that HE can’t win over Neda. The whole audience started to laugh again. The second competition called “Walk the Plank” is the puzzle challenge. there is a huge grid and you need to make a path to the corners with planks, starting  in the center. The planks have names and those names need to correctly correspond to two events that happened. Luckily they do this in sections. Every time they finish a section they hit the buzzer to see if they are right. At least if something is wrong they know where to look. Neda  does well the first section. Her second section gives her some trouble and she feels like she lost it. She makes up time by speeding through the 3rd and 4th sections. SabrinaThen it’s Sabrina’s turn. She is speeding through this challenge, then she gets to the 4th section and its wrong. She can’t figure out where her mistake is and with every wrong guess you see her get more defeated. You really do see her give up a little bit,which was sad to watch for me. Then she gets her head back in the game and focus’ on day 47. The day Allison pulled the Veto from her ass and saved Sabrina.  She finds her mistake and corrects it, not failing to see the irony in how that Veto was used to save her and now she finale4.jpgmight have lost because of that Veto now. Jon reveals the winner and it is Neda by over 20 minutes! I know I would have sucked at that challenge. I have no memory when it come to that stuff so my hats off to these to ladies. The crowd went wild when Neda won. Her family was so happy. Sabrina now feels totally defeated, she can’t save herself, she can’t even strategize anymore. The game is out of her hands and she just has to hope for the best. She is in the have-not room hoping Jon keeps his word while he’s in the kitchen promising Neda Final 2.

We go to the Jury House where they are surprised by Dan Gheesling. I was shocked and not shocked at the same time. Dan hasn’t been following this season at all so I’d rather have seen an Andy or and Ian go in and talk to them but Dan has been on the receiving end of both a winning and losing jury vote so he does have the expertise. He talks to them about who they want to win and why. The jury seems to be turning toward the bitter side with Allison and Arlie. Dan having experience both a bitter and critical jury tells them to use their question to help them choose who wins, not to get the limelight and hash out grievances.

finale7.jpgAfter a quick check in with the final 3 and finding out what their highlights of the season are, we go into the quiz phase of the final HOH competition. Since the jury is deciding who wins this quiz is all about the members of the jury and how well Jon and Neda know them. The first 5 questions they are neck and neck getting them all right. Neda answers question 6 wrong everything come down to question 7. Jon needs to answer this one incorrectly to force a tie breaker.  Unfortunately for Neda Jon answers it right and she is incorrect. Jon wins the final HOH of the season! The audience goes CRAZY! Jon’s family is going crazy. They are so happy for them. A little bit awkward though because Neda’s family is right in front of them. Jon now has the toughest decision of the game to make and not long do it.

finale8.jpgIt’s time for Jon to choose who he sends to the jury.  Neda has been like a sister to him and Sabrina though they haven’t been close he has gotten to know and like her over the last few weeks. Ultimately he chooses to evict Neda to get himself closer to the prize.  I can’t tell you the shock everyone in the audience had. There was an audible gasp in the audience and both Neda and Jon’s family were stunned. Jon’s girlfriend looked really shocked. I never thought that Jon would cut her. I assumed he would play this move with his heart and not his head. There is break between eviction and when they walk through the doors because the house is not behind those doors. Neda and ArisaIt’s a 3 minute walk away. Arisa takes about a minute and a half of that to recover from what we just saw.  A true fan of the show she experiences the same roller coaster of emotions we do and it’s so fun to watch her go through it with us. Finally Neda makes it to the studio and talks with Arisa. She gives Jon his props for taking her out. She is surprised he did it, but she would have done it too him. She takes it in stride and is whisked off by her “showmom” for some debriefing.

The jury is finally brought out. They go crazy over the BB Alum in the audience and after Arisa has some quick banter with them she asks who they think will be the 6th member. Arlie wantJurys Jon but thinks it will be Neda and Adel thinks it will be Sabrina. Arisa calls out for Neda to come out and they all go crazy. We get to the question part of  the show. Some good and not so good questions were asked. Inside info here we had to reshoot Arlie asking his question because he goofed up and walked to the voting box to ask it LOL.  Adel asking Sabrina about the psychological impact of Canada putting her on the block was really good, and Sabrina did a great job answering it I thought. Then we got to Neda. I think Neda was putting on a show about Jon/Nedabeing mad at Jon ( I hope anyways)  So she asks Jonathon (you know you’re in trouble when the full name comes out) what move did he make in the game that was solely his decision and not hers.  He says all his decisions were his own and for his game. Neda didn’t really believe it I think, and as Arisa said, it got a bit frosty up in the studio. Then they go into their final pleas. Each give their resume as to why they should win. They both played hard from day 1, differently but hard so it’s a toss-up. The voting starts and honestly the comments that they made, clearly told us who was going to win, so that was a bit disappointing because I really like the suspense of it all.

We finally get to hear from the first 7 evicted houseguests. We learn that Andrew and Paul are all good now, no hard feelings, Ika is happy with how they showed all sides of her from the good, the bad and the fabulous. Andrew is going to explain flashing the first 5 symbol to Allison later and Kenny doesn’t regret hiding the fact that he’s gay but doesn’t think it would have mattered sabrinaif he had revealed it day 1. Probably because the majority of the people in the house were in a relationship so there we really no one to showmance with gay or straight.  The most priceless thing to watch was the reactions to all the secrets going on in the house, from the secret house guests to secret vetoes. The stunned looks on the Jury’s face was hilarious! We then had a soap opera montage of dramatic moments from the season. Watching everyone cry and scream and rant was hilarious, and watching the reactions to people watching themselves was even better.

JonWe finally come down the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Who has won Big Brother Canada Season 2? Is it Sabrina or Jon? By a vote of 6-1 Jon Pardy from Clarenville, Newfoundland is the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 2.  The confetti cannons go off and Jon and Sabrina are free at last. Congratulations Jon. You deserved the win!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me here. It’s been a pleasure to recap this season for everyone. I can’t wait to do it again next season because I am going to assume that there will be a next season. The show is to awesome not to right?  Just because Big Brother Canada is over don’t forget about us here at We are still covering Bravo, The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother 16. and so much more.


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