Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 21


Here we were thinking that Jon’s HOH was the most crazy HOH week ever and then we had this week. Neda took back her key to the HOH room and they don’t know it yet but  things are about to get crazy. Big Brother opens their blinds to reveal that crazy treasure chest again. Inside wheres Nedathis time are their real heritage items. It was a nice way to get to know some of inside story of our house guests. No sooner do they get their stuff Neda is called to the Diary Room. Everyone is in shock, thinking she is getting her HOH room in record time.  A few minutes pass and she’s not out. No big deal right, maybe she’s having her session now. Then hours pass by and people start to wonder, especially Jon. He is very lost without his Neda. He’s like a dog missing his master walking around the house screaming NEDA! It’s so cute.  Allison and Sabrina immediately begin to regret their decision to evict Arlie.

Meanwhile in the Diary Room Neda has been informed that she will be sequestered for her HOH and she needs to put on a blindfold. Totally shocked she is brought into the War Room. I think my favorite part was when she discovered the bobble heads and wondered aloud why here and Sabrina looked like twins, then said “Nope” and separated them.  She sees Allison and Sabrina looking really worried on the spy screen and wonders why Allison is so worried since they had just made a final four deal nedadecideswith her. If she wasn’t planning on betraying them she shouldn’t be worried. Neda is given her HOH basket and letter in the War Room. The next day Arisa appears on the screens and informs Neda that it going to be in instant eviction, in moments she will be brought back into the main house and she will have to make her nominations. Neda has 5 minutes to decide what she is going to do. Arisa assures Neda that she can talk out her strategy without the house hearing or seeing  what she is doing. I guess one “Topaz” a season is enough. Using the bobble heads she immediately puts Adel, Heather, Jon and herself aside. She sits with Rachelle and Sabrina in front of her. She doesn’t trust Allison, Rachelle is a physical competition threat and well Sabrina is Sabrina.

Neda  enters the house and Arisa tells everyone about the instant eviction and that there will be NO talking until after the vote is read.  Neda stands and lets everyone know her nominations are Sabrina and Allison. She is nominating Allison because she has proof that she can’t be trusted and Sabrina simallisonarisa.jpgply because she would be a vote for Allison to stay. Neda in her speech made it clear for everyone who her target is. Everyone in the house got what Neda was saying and in a unanimous vote Allison was voted out of the Big Brother Canada house. Allison exits the house as she entered it, no audience just Arisa. You can tell she is pretty heartbroken. She loves this game and  is sad to have left it like this. She tells Arisa that she regrets evicting Arlie, and that she knew that she would be the next one out because she made a final four deal that wasn’t true. She apologized to Canada for not making to the end. It’s OK Allison. You gave it your best shot, you had an uphill battle to fight and you had a good run. While Allison is with Arisa, Neda runs to Jon and tells him that she had no proof about Allison she just wanted to make everyone not trust her.

We go right into the next HoH competition called “The Eyes Have it
. In this challenge they were given 7 riddles about house guests. They had to determine who they were talking about then pieces of a puzzle with their eyes on it and put them in chronological order of the events the riddles were talking about.  On the back of each piece is tubing for a ball to go thru and the piece only allow the ball to go through one way. Once they are done they have drop the badlehohchalall down the puzzle and it has to come out the bottom to be correct. The first one to get the ball out and ring their buzzer wins. Adel’s strategy was purely trial and error, and guess what? It worked for him. Adel has won his first HOH of the season. Wallah Bro!

Adel immediately tells The Gremlins he is putting them up. Sabrina is furious. Her and Adel struck a deal when he was on the block, and now she is regretting more than ever her decision to vote out Arlie.  She can’t believe people lied to her. Which is rich coming from Sabrina. They all point out to her that she lied for the First 5 which is no different from the lying that the Sloppy Seconds are doing for each other. The Sloppy Seconds discuss the pros and cons getting rid of Sabrina and Rachelle. Adel wants Sabrina out of there. He’s playing personally, these two have had a love/hate relationship since day once and he wants to be the one to kick her to the curb. The rest of the alliance wants Rachelle gone. They realize she is a competition threat. Sabrina hasn’t won anything and she is mentally breaking down as well.

gremlinsotb.jpgAdel begins his nomination ceremony. Boy did he pull no punches. He nominated both Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction and did not do it gently. He points to Sabrina and says she has been the thorn in his side since day three, she pinned him against religion and he can’t wait to break up The Gremlins. Then he unleashes on Rachelle. He tells her she was nominates because she is co-founder of the gremlins and the mere shadow of Sabrina. He goes on to say he doesn’t know why she is in this game and can not wait til she takes the walk of shame as points to the door.  Everyone is shocked. Rachelle bursts out crying and Sabrina is angry.  Sabrina is in the Diary Room having a mental breakdown because he said she pinned him against religion. Adel is laughing because he says in the DR he knows Sabrina has no problems with religion, he said it  to get him to the end. Paul did something similar with Andrew and it didn’t work out in Paul’s favor. Adel better tread lightly here. We end off with her freaking out about Adel in the DR she is mad as hell she trusted him. She is going so crazy we don’t even get to see Rachelle react to her nomination. I can’t wait until Wednesday to see if Sabrina manages to keep herself in another week or if Adel gets his way and Sabrina is sent to Jury house.

The season is winding down and we are in the final stretch. Comment below and let me know if you agree with Adel or the rest of his alliance. Should Sabrina stay or is it smarter to keep her around.  The rest of this game is all about jury management. We have all seen the results of BJS so is Adel sinking his own ship by angering Sabrina before sending her to spend time with the people who could be deciding if he wins $100 000?


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  1. Poor Allison 🙁 I really don’t like anyone else there. Thank goodness for your recaps unless they show allison in jury I think I stop watching until the finale , it is going to be boring now sadly. Allison was the only person didn’t bash people and loved her underdog story! Good recap! *fingers crossed that they bring allison and arlie back* ( I know that is highly unlikely)

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