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We are finally in the home stretch! Big Brother 17 is quickly winding down and soon the final three are about to be in place for finale night! Read on to find out which two houseguests join the jury of nine and who will be in the final three on finale night!

"Under the Rainbow" #HOH comp #BB17We begin Sunday’s episode with the houseguests competing in the “Under the Rainbow” HOH competition. The goal here is to be the first to get all 10 eggs moved from one side of the rainbow to their holders on the other side of the rainbow. Someone with really good “finger” skills was destined to win this comp and it could only be one of two people… I’ll leave it at that! Eventually, Vanessa secures her spot as the final 5 Head of Household, ensuring she will make it to the final four! Liz manages to score the luxury prize by getting her egg into the luxury slot on the rainbow.

Liz and Vanessa earn a trip outside the #BB17 house to meet Ariana Grande and attend a concert.It’s time for us and the houseguests to find out what Liz’s special luxury prize is! Frankie Grande, from Big Brother 16 and Ariana Grande’s older brother, enters the house in a poof of glitter to share the news! Liz will be going with Frankie to an Ariana Grande concert at the Staples Center, and will get to hang out with her backstage! Liz gets to bring another person along with her as a guest and she chooses Vanessa! Liz and Vanessa undergo dramatic makeovers in order to disguise themselves outside of the house since the game is still going on. Vanessa looked just like Vanessa… except with purple hair! Liz, on the other hand, actually looked really good with her makeover! Although I’m not a fan of either of the Grandes AT ALL, I can imagine a trip outside of the house after three months would be a very welcome gift!

It’s time for nominations. Vanessa decides to nominate Steve and John for eviction! Now it all comes down to one of them to win the Power of Veto! If Johnny Mac doesn’t win veto, chances are great he is the one being re-evicted and joining the jury… except this time it will be permanent. *sad face*

Johnny Mac wins the Life in Pieces #POV #BB17It’s time for a special eviction episode! Julie catches the houseguests off guard when she announces that someone is about to be evicted! Before the eviction, the power of veto competition takes place. This is another puzzle comp, based on the upcoming CBS sitcom, Life in Pieces. The houseguests must race across the beam and assemble it without the timer running out and the pieces falling down to the ground! Vanessa throws this comp immediately by letting the timer run out and she is eliminated. John eventually goes on to win this comp.

Austin is evicted in a barefoot blindside! #BB17

The barefooted Cro Magnon man, aka Judas, is finally evicted!

It’s time for the veto ceremony and eviction! Vanessa decides to name Austin as the replacement nominee after John saves himself. In one of the most amazing blindsides of all time, Liz votes to evict Steve and John votes to evict Austin. This results in a tie, leaving HOH Vanessa to cast the tie-breaking eviction vote. She evicts Austin and he is completely caught off guard and bitter about it! He tells her he will make SURE she doesn’t win the jury votes needed and he ends up leaving the house barefoot! LOL! Later, Judas!

It’s time for Wednesday’s LIVE eviction episode where someone else will be sent to jury after Austin! Steve is accidentally crowned the next Head of Household after trying to throw the comp. Unfortunately for him, he left a zero off his answer and he is now in the power position! It’s actually good for him, but bad for Johnny Mac! Steve goes on to nominate Johnny Mac and Vanessa for eviction. However, at final four, nominations mean absolutely nothing! It all comes down to the final Power of Veto winner! This person will be safe, automatically becoming the sole Caleb presents Vanessa with the final #POV #BB17vote to evict!

In a POV comp hosted by Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb from last season, it all comes down to Johnny Mac or Vanessa to save themselves and be the deciding vote to evict. This is the comp where they have to remember which day everything happened on. John does pretty well in the comp until the very end when Vanessa pulls ahead of him. Vanessa wins the final Power of Veto, saving Johnny Mac is re-evicted and becomes the 8th member of the #BBjury #BB17herself and ensuring her entry into the final three. Vanessa later casts the sole vote to evict Johnny Mac, making him the eighth member of the jury of nine! This totally SUCKS! 🙁

There you have it, your final three for BB17 are Vanessa, Steve and Liz! Who do you want to win this season? Who do you want to win America’s Favorite Player? Sound off in the comments below or on Twitter @vince1187 and join me at 9:30pm eastern on September 23rd as I live tweet the finale with yous guys! 

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