#BBCAN5 Week 4 Live Feeds Updates and Spoilers Blog: Backwards Week


Backwards Week has arrived aboard the Odyssey. Thursday night, Dre and Gary became the nominees after receiving the most votes by fellow houseguests. With the way that the rules are set up for Backwards Week, the houseguests are in a state of confusion. They don’t know what it all means, how the week will play out and how the eviction will work on Thursday.

The HOH competition will be extremely important as the winner will cast the sole eviction vote, BUT with it being Backwards Week, does that mean the person evicted will actually stay? All the houseguests except for Neda (outgoing HOH), Dre and Gary will participate in the HOH competition.  Big Brother has thrown some curve balls over the weekend leaving the houseguests completely confused.

After the nominees are revealed, Ika is pissed. You’ll see ‘Ika is pissed’ is a running theme throughout this blog, which makes for some fun feeds. Kevin lied to her about who he nominated. She realizes that all the entertaining houseguests, including Cassandra and Dallas, are being voted out. Bruno had promised Gary that he wasn’t after him and that they would work together because no one would see that coming. Bruno nominated him, and then lied to him again, blaming the nomination on Cassandra, but Gary called his bluff.

Friday night, Demetres and Ika moved beyond “friendship-mance” and made out. They slept in the same bed and became a showmance, which makes them a target. Now, Neda is smack-talking about them being with the other side of the house. (If that were true, they would have kept Cassandra, which it appears Ika wishes they had. Hindsight is 20/20. Ika, you should have listened to Dre and Gary because you’re losing one of them this week.) Neda and Bruno have Dillon and Emily targeting Ika and Demetres, and Neda wants Ika out first because she’s afraid that Ika can blow up the games of The Core 6. Meanwhile, Bruno is promising his loyalty to both The Core 6 and to Dillon and Emily over everyone else. And Cassandra had deals with everyone.

The veto players were announced: Gary, Dre, Neda, William, Kevin and Emily. The competition was a spelling one, and Neda won. Neda realizes that people hate when one group of people control the game and get cocky. Girl, that ship sailed last week with the way that you treated Cassandra during your HOH. You should see what people are saying about you on Twitter and on live feeds chat. Ika tells Dre that she knows Canada regrets giving Neda the Time Warp immunity. Ika, Dre and Karen don’t like that Neda is Geppetto, the puppet master over Kevin, Bruno, Sindy, Dillon and Emily. They want to take her out as soon as her immunity is over. During the POV ceremony, Neda chose not to use the veto. She wants to take Gary out as she instructed The Core 6 to do last week. Neda thinks everyone is there to play HER game.

Houseguests voted for Have-Nots by putting cookies in each other’s cookie jars. They had to name reasons why they were putting their cookies in each other’s jars. Big Brother then threw confusion and drama into the task. The houseguests were shown the footage of what they said about each other. On top of that, rather than the houseguests that ended up with the most cookies in their jars, those with fewest became Have-Nots: Bruno, William and Demetres for the second week in a row and Emily. Drama ensued with houseguests pissed at one another about being voted for and at Big Brother for putting a twist in the have-not task. That leads to houseguests wondering if the person they vote out on Thursday is the one leaving. Ika is pissed at Demetres because he joked that he liked seeing her pissed off but also enjoyed sharing her bed. She said he made her look stupid in front of Canada. Ika ignored Demetres for the remainder of Saturday until bedtime when he apologized. She is still talking about not allowing him back in her bed, but is encouraged to forgive him by Dre.

Ika is also pissed at Jackie for trying to make her a Have Not. Jackie is crying and trying to make Ika seem like a mean girl. Dre, Karen and other houseguests are annoyed by Jackie. She’s been disrespectful to Karen, says she wants Dre out so that she can have William to herself and displays attention-seeking behavior like crying to houseguests in the bathroom and pretending to vomit. Jackie says she is fiery, but Ika wants to extinguish her fire. She is playing a floater’s game and no one seems to respect her right now.

Ika has been working on keeping Dre around by telling Neda that Dre will target Dillon and Emily instead of Bruno and Kevin. Meanwhile, Bruno is talking to Emily about getting Ika and Demetres on the block together. Ika and Demetres got over their spat and were kissing again on Sunday. Ika realizes that this has placed a target on them, but they seem to have genuine chemistry and Demetres admitted to Ika that he has an enormous crush on her. Ika is no longer pissed, at least not at Demetres. For the moment.

Demetres won the HOH competition. He understands that he will cast the sole vote to evict as the houseguests were told right before the comp. Gary is the target this week, but with it being Backwards Week and the Have Not twist, if Demetres votes him out, will he leave? Demetres confirmed with members of The Core 6 that he is voting Gary out, but it’s hard to know who is leaving Thursday.

Gary believes that Demetres will vote Dre out, and it would seem that BBCAN production would possibly want to save Gary because he is entertaining, great for ratings and makes good feeds. As Ika already recognized, all the entertaining houseguests are being voted out. Losing either Dre or Gary will make BBCAN5 lose another fun houseguest. Demetres is hoping he gets to change nominations or make nominations for next week. The houseguests are confused, which was the point of backwards week. If Gary stays after Demetres votes him out, Gary will target Demetres.

And before you go… please comment below and let us know what you think!  Who do you think will win? Are you excited for this season?  Let me know!

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  1. Thanks so much for your great blog! I was behind this week and you have made it so easy to catch up on what I missed even with a crazy week. I hope they save them both!
    ❤ Jewell_36

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