#BBCAN5 Week 3 Blog Recap


Episode 7:
The remainder of the “And Scene HOH competition” based on The Mostly Young and Reckless soap opera acted out by houseguests finishes out at the beginning of the episode. Houseguests dropped one by one during the true or false competition. Gary grabbed the spotlight by striking modeling poses in his black platform. Vogue. We get it; you like to be the center of attention. The final 3 houseguests in the competition were Gary, Kevin and Neda. During a tie-breaker question, Neda came out on top. Neda was excited to see pictures of her cat nd received a video message from her sister. The alliance of 6 finally came up with a name. The Core 6. Lame. The Core 6 are Neda, Ika, Sindy, Bruno, Kevin and Demetres.

Next, there’s a Have Not competition at BB High School with Neda selecting the “cool kids.” 8 houseguests pick up as many food items as possible on a balance beam wearing inflatable sumo-type costumes and having the cool kids threw balls at them. In the end, Bruno, Demetres, William and Cassandra became Have Nots. This was Cass’s 2nd week in a row on slop sleeping in the cave.

Dre and Ika are talking in the HOH room when Demetres walks in. Dre asks him if he has a crush on Ika. He admits that he does, and that he doesn’t have a crush on anyone else in the house. Ika calls her relationship with Demetres a “friendship-mance.”


Gary has some awkward moments with Dillon. First, he lays on the couch above Dillon doing pelvic thrusts while moaning, to which Dillon says in the DR that people in the house are weird, and he needs time to himself. Gary says in his DR that he wants everyone in the house to think of him as a best friend, He corners Dillon in the bathroom saying that they haven’t really gotten a chance to get to know each other. Dillon tells him they are very different people, but that he respects Gary. Dillon changes the subject to hockey. It’s clear that Dillon isn’t very receptive to being Gary’s best friend.

Gary tells Cassandra that she needs to kiss Neda’s ass to keep from being nominated. Too little, too late. Gary, you told Neda that Cassandra wanted to backdoor Neda in Week 1. How’s she supposed to come back from that? Neda is ignoring Cassandra and she is having a hard time getting 1-on-1 time with her prior to nominations. Neda meets with Jackie and tells her that Cassandra is a snake that doesn’t have her back and that Cass has made alliances with everyone. Jackie thought Cassandra was cool with everyone.

When Cassandra finally gets to meet with Neda, she tells her that she wants to be loyal to her and Ika. She assumes that she will be putting up 2 newbies, and Cassandra suggests Emily and Dillon. Neda says in her DR that Cass is a great manipulator which is scarier than mental and physical threats. She says she wants to get info out of her to use against her later. Cassandra says that William will make it to the end of the game. She tells Neda that she likes Jackie, and she thinks that she can control her. She suggests that Neda put up someone to get the least blood on her hands for when her immunity is over.

Neda then twists Cassandra’s words and says to Ika that Cass wanted her to put up Jackie and Karen. Ika says that Cassandra dug herself a hole and all that’s left for her to do is to kick dirt into it. She then goes to Jackie and tells her that she cannot trust Cassandra, and that Cassandra told Neda to put up Karen and Jackie. Ika says she wants to scoop Jackie up now that she’s up for grabs. Jackie will float to whoever is in power. Ika says, “I can’t believe she would do that to you. It’s so mean.” Meanwhile, Ika has pretended to be friends with Cassandra while repeatedly stabbing her in the back.

Neda considers Cassandra, Jackie, Gary and Dillon as nominees, but ultimately puts up Cass and Jackie. She tells Cassandra that she’s made deals and alliances with everyone and that it’s hard to decipher between the truth and lies when she speaks. That makes her a danger to everyone’s games. Jackie is strictly a pawn.


Episode 8:
It’s clear that Ika is irritated at how Neda is running her HOH. What’s the point of being in alliance when you don’t discuss what’s best for the alliance? She tells Neda, “It’s your HOH. Do what’s best for YOUR game.” Throw in some eye rolls and attitude. Ika leaves the room, and Neda says that she can’t play with emotional players like that. Sindy says it’s best that they stick together…for now.

For the veto competition, Neda, Cassandra, Jackie, Ika, Emily and William are the players and Kevin is the host. The competition is Runway to Veto, and involves the houseguests that aren’t competing as models. It’s a head to head competition with William beating Neda in round 1, and Neda saying that she can’t believe she lost a fashion competition since she owns a clothing company. Let’s be clear, Neda puts logos on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Next, Jackie beats Ika, though I don’t think Ika wanted to win because Cassandra wanted her to use the veto on her if she won. Emily beat Cassandra. In round 2, Emily beat Jackie. For round 3, William defeated Emily to win the POV.

Cassandra is on her 11th day of slop, sleeping on the floor, is on the block and is being treated poorly by many of the houseguests. #CassandraStruggles

Ika and Demetres continue to hang out constantly and are flirting with each other. Ika finally admits in DR that she likes Demetres.

Karen and Gary are close friends and Gary enjoys Karen’s wisdom because he believes himself to be an old soul. He has the houseguests gather in the living room for “Wisdom from Karen.” Karen is trying to teach life-lessons to millennials. Karen tells a sweet story about being a successful realtor running TV ads. Her son made a comment about her being famous, but that he never gets to see her. It made her realize the importance of work-life balance.

Everyone is in William’s ear about what to do with the POV. He’s mad that Neda told him not to use it because he’s not here to play Neda’s game. Neda says she would backdoor Gary if Cassandra comes down. However, William is afraid that Neda would put up the other half of the French Connection, Dre, his number one ally in the house. Gary tells him not to use the veto, while Cassandra and Dre both want him to use the veto on Cassandra. Cassandra gives an impassioned pitch, and William seriously considers using the veto on her because she is his all-time favorite BBCAN houseguest. We see William become extremely frustrated with all the voices swirling in his have-not slop brain.

We learn that next week will be played in reverse thanks to a wrinkle in time. The Twitter-verse was hoping that this will be a way to keep Cassandra.

William apologizes to Canada for not using the POV on Cassandra, but says it is not best for his game if Dre goes on the block and goes home.

Episode 9:

Big Brother punished the houseguests for not following the rules of Big Brother. They’ve been cursing a lot, talking smack about past houseguests, disrespecting production and have broken items. The entire house was put on slop. Karen and Gary were crying within two hours. The refrigerator was padlocked. Meanwhile, Cassandra who was on Day 11 of being a Have Not did a dance on the bridge to make Dre laugh.

Cassandra campaigned hard to stay in the house. She made the case that she would be loyal to William, Dre, Gary, Karen, Ika and Demetres. Gary and Dre recognized that losing Cassandra would move them up the list of targets, that she would not come after them and would always vote to keep them in the house. Ika told Cassandra that she didn’t have her vote to stay after Jackie told Ika that Cassandra said that Ika couldn’t be trusted. That’s not something that I ever saw Cass say on feeds. Jackie annoys Ika immensely because she like says ‘like’ every other like word. (This also draws the ire of live feeders.) I’m not sure how Jackie was cast on the show because she does this in every conversation, so I can’t imagine her not doing it during the interview process.

Ika was very angry at Cass after Jackie told her that Cass said not to trust her. Ika sat down with Cassandra and told her that she didn’t have the votes to stay. Cassandra thought she was joking, winking at her. They then went into the pantry, and Ika told her that she seriously didn’t have the votes to stay. She wouldn’t tell her who she needed to work on for votes or who told her anything. Cassandra was taken aback by the conversation, as she has been under the impression that she and Ika were working together.

The next day, Dre and Gary worked to get Ika back on their side. If for no other reason than that Cassandra would always be a target in front of the rest of them and a vote if any of them were on the block. Jackie and Karen have butted heads since week 1, and Jackie has said some disrespectful things to Karen. Karen agreed that if she had 100% confidence that they were 6 votes strong, she would vote to keep Cassandra. William was on board. Gary had both Demetres and Ika convinced to keep Cassandra if she agreed to calm down and keep her mouth shut. Demetres was very iffy on his vote, though. He realized it would piss Neda off and would draw a line in the sand. Ika and Demetres are enjoying being saddled between 2 sides of the house and were unsure if Cassandra was someone for whom they should stick their necks out.

As Big Brother often does, they made it seem like Cassandra had pulled off successful campaigning to secure 6 votes. She made a great speech that started with “I love you all. Just kidding.” She pointed out that she would be loyal and would be a target in front of those who were loyal to her. Jackie and Neda rolled their eyes and Neda made a catty sarcastic comment: “Great speech, Cass.” Neda has let her immunity go to her head, and many comments on live feeds and on Twitter say as much. She used her HOH personally instead of strategically. There are more newbies than vets in the house. If a newbie makes it to the end with a jury made up of more newbies than vets, they will choose the newbie for the win.

Cassandra was evicted unanimously. I’m hoping that we somehow get a chance to vote Cassandra back into the game. This fan favorite is great for feeds and ratings.

Next, we learn more about Backwards Week. It starts with each houseguest being called down individually to nominate 2 houseguests for eviction. Neda is first and she nominates Gary and Dre. Dre is second and the episode ends as she is making up her mind for nominations. Monday, we will learn who the rest of the houseguests nominated and who the two nominees are. The Veto Comp will air on Monday. Wednesday will be the HOH competition. The nominees essentially have 2 chances to get off the block, but it also sounds like the HOH may get to choose who is evicted from Arisa’s description. Please refer to this graphic to understand how Backwards Week works.

And before you go… please comment below and let us know what you think!  Who do you think will win? Are you excited for this season?  Let me know!

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