#BBCAN5 Week 4 Recap Blog: Backwards Week


Episode 9:
Backwards Week arrived at the end of Episode 8 after Cassandra’s eviction. The houseguests were called one by one to The Bridge to nominate 2 houseguests for eviction. Houseguest nominations:
• Neda: Dre and Gary
• Dre: Dillon and Emily
• Emily: Dre and Gary
• Kevin: Dre and Gary
• William: Bruno and Dillon
• Dillon: Gary and Dre
• Bruno: Gary and Dre
• Sindy: Dre and William
• Karen: Jackie and Kevin
• Gary: Emily and Dillon
• Ika: Emily and Dillon
With 7 for Dre and 6 for Gary, they are the nominees. Gary is blindsided by the twist and that he was nominated as he thought he was on good terms with everyone.

Neda is pissed off that Ika and Demetres didn’t nominate Dre and Gary as she dictated to The 6 when she was HOH. Neda tells Sindy that she can’t work with someone like that, and she thinks that Ika would choose Demetres, Gary and Dre over them. Neda says she’s going to keep pretending but she can’t trust Ika and is afraid she’ll blow up the games of The 6. Neda thinks Ika is unpredictable, which she is, but in the best possible way. For fans, Ika is #TeamFunFeeds. If Neda keeps having her way, there will be no entertaining houseguests left.

Meanwhile, Neda is rubbing Ika the wrong way because she thinks she’s the only one that knows how to play the game. She says she’s not there to bring Neda to the end. She’s there to win herself. Ika says Canada is regretting giving that little cat-lover Neda immunity because she’s so cocky, it’s disgusting. She says that power wears off soon, and she’s coming for that bitch.

William is very upset that Dre is on the block, and thinks the house is a bunch of bullies (Neda). He calls out Jackie for being a liar. Jackie then goes to most of houseguests, and does what she’s best at: crying on command and playing the victim. She embellishes what William said, saying he called her stupid. She says Dre campaigned against her all week. Dillon, Emily, Sindy, Neda, Kevin and Bruno pretend to have her back with Dillon proclaiming that there’s a line drawn in the sand, and their team is stronger. Then Gary pushes open the door as they are all conspiring to make him a Have Not.

Ika and Demetres have become a proper showmance. They are talking in bed about The 6. They say they hate their alliance and they suck. Nobody likes cocky alliances that think they run the house. Ika wants to break away from The 6 and play with people she likes. Kevin lied about who he voted for saying he nominated Karen, but since Karen received 0 votes, BUSTED.

Kevin says his alliance wants Gary out but he feels badly because he loves and cares for Gary. Gary is upset that 6 people want him out. Gary tells Kevin that he got rid of Cassandra for him. He is crying to someone that nominated him. Poor Gary. When Bruno speaks with Gary, Gary says that he can’t believe that Bruno nominated him after they had said they would work together. Gary says it’s obvious there’s an alliance of 6. Bruno denies, denies, denies, but Gary says, “Why do you think I’m dumb?” Bruno says he will help Gary stay. (LIES!)

For the POV comp, the players are Gary, Dre, William, Kevin, Emily and Neda. The competition is Highway to Spell, and Bruno is the host. It’s a 1930’s gangster theme. Each round, players need to spell words of a specific length in the allotted time. In the final round, they must spell the longest word possible with their remaining letters. In the first round, they must spell a 3-letter word in 45 seconds. Two players spell pot. (Stoners?) All players move to round 2, which requires a 5-letter word in 1 minute while it’s snowing. Emily spells ‘casty’ (not a word; stoner?) and Dre was trying to spell ‘fresh’ but didn’t get all the letters in time. Both are eliminated. In round 4, they must spell a 6-letter word. Gary loses one of his letters and is eliminated. In the final round, Neda spells underlit (which supposedly is a correctly spelled word, but spellcheck and Google lookup disagree). She wins the POV.

Ika has a heart to heart with Gary, telling him that he is the target and that he needs to listen to his gut and not what people are saying to him. Ika tells him that unless there is a twist, they’ll keep Dre and he will go.

Episode 10:

For the veto ceremony, Dre makes a shady speech towards Gary, saying that she doesn’t do fake very well and that all the ‘makeups’ don’t make for pretty faces. “Low blows,” Gary replies. Gary then tells Neda that he respects her game and wouldn’t come after her if she uses the POV to take him off the block. He says he plays the game alone. That speech snaps Ika back to reality, making her wonder if she really is Gary’s #2.

It’s Slop Vote 2017. They each take a turn campaigning not to be put on slop, with Gary saying his life is gourmet and he is a foodie. Karen tells the houseguests to think of their mom being on slop. Jackie says she has a fiery personality that will come out if she’s on slop. Each houseguest receives 10 slop cookies to put in each other’s ballot boxes and are told to state reasons why they are voting for their fellow houseguests. Then, Big Brother pulls a fast one and plays each person’s voting footage, which leads to drama.

The best scene of the week by far was Ika’s slop cookie voting for Jackie. She said, “I like don’t like your like shady like ass. And please bring your fiery side, cause she’s waiting for you.” Add in a perfectly timed hair flip. Mic drop! Jackie says ‘like’ more than a Valley Girl in the 80s, to the ire of live feeders, so this was perfect. Jackie gave a couple of cookies to Ika calling her kind of a bitch. Ika responded with “Fuck off.” Jackie cried and talked about being bullied in high school. For the record, I am anti-bullying, and I hate to hear that anyone was bullied. However, Jackie cries on command and plays the victim quite often. Jackie said she wanted the full Big Brother experience and cries to Sindy, who says in the DR: “Getting shade thrown at you by Miss Ika Wong is part of the BB experience.”

Demetres made a comment about liking to see Ika pissed off, but also liking to share her bed, and this made Ika feel disrespected. She didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day on Saturday. Gary made a comment about Neda being skinny as he gave her a couple of votes. Neda then says she doesn’t feel bad about how she voted, and she is shown giving all her votes to Gary. Emily, Dre and Sindy also gave all their votes to Gary. When the results are revealed, Gary starts to cry when he sees he received 48 slop cookies. Karen, Kevin and Dillon also received the most slop cookies out of the houseguests. Then, Karen announces that since it’s Backwards Week, the houseguests with the least votes will be Have Nots. This means that William, Bruno, Demetres (each for the second week in a row) and Emily are on Slop for the week. Bruno then goes to the bedroom and flies into a blind rage kicking the ever-loving shit out of his suitcase. William is in tears. People are melting down, which makes great TV and #TeamFunFeeds.

Neda is a total bitch to Gary after the Slop Vote. Her edit is beginning to show that she is this season’s villain. Her attitude during her free-ride until jury is out of control. She has HOHitis when she’s not in power and has turned into a mean girl narcissist that believes everyone is there to serve her needs and play her game.

Prior to the HOH Competition, Arisa informs the houseguests that the HOH will cast the sole vote to evict. Demetres promises Gary 100% that he will not evict him before the comp.

The HOH competition is called Heavy Rotation with Gary dressed as an alien hosting. The houseguests must hold onto the spinning platform using their upper body strength. Smoke, water, oil and asteroids are flying at the houseguests as they rotate around and around. One by one, each houseguest falls until Demetres and Emily are left. Emily asks for safety from Demetres and he wins HOH.

Ika and Demetres want to make the best choice for their game, not The 6.

Episode 11:
Gary is the target of The 6, but not necessarily of Demetres and Ika. Cindy and Ika talk about how the alliance throws the competitions, and Demetres had to win for the alliance. The alliance is stroking Neda’s ego because she’s untouchable, and that the 6 aren’t targeting 3 people that are coming after Ika and Demetres. It doesn’t seem fair.

Ika explains to Demetres that they are becoming the next big target. Ika doesn’t want either of the nominees to leave and is hoping for a twist that allows to them to pick another nominee. Ika levels with Gary. She tells him he is a BBCAN legend, but that he must listen to his gut and not what people are telling him, including Kevin. Gary tells us that the houseguests are trying him, but he’s not giving up yet.

In a task, the houseguests are informed that someone has space-jacked the Odyssey. They must find clues with bar codes to uncover who has taken control. This is just a promotion for the Global TV show Private Eyes starring Jason Priestly of 90210 fame. The houseguests begin to realize that some of the signs to the doors have been changed. They then scan bar codes on the backs of these signs to uncover a 4-digit code: CS20 (Cassandra left on day 20) and is the one that took over the ship. The houseguests thought momentarily that Cassandra was coming back into the house, which again showcased Neda’s mean-girl cattiness. She said that Cassandra is the villain of the season, and Gary threw shade at Neda letting her know in so many words that she is likely the villain. (VERY TRUE!)

After completing the task, the houseguests get to watch the premiere of Private Eyes and then get alcohol. They get drunk and are dancing. They then insult each other’s dancing in the DR. Kevin dances like he’s constipated. Bruno dances like a Dad. The feeds were off for 12 hours while this task took place, and really, was it worth it? Nope.

Neda starts telling everyone to insult Sindy as they walk by. She tells Sindy to stay in her corner. Ika sees that this has hurt Sindy, and she comforts her. Karen observes this and says that it’s like Neda has mind control over houseguests. Sindy cries in the DR. Neda IS the villain after that edit. Who does that to someone who is supposed to be their friend and ally?
Neda tells Demetres that Gary should go and that there is no benefit to saving him. Demetres says he now sees through Neda. He is stuck having to pick. He and Ika realize that they are at the bottom of the 6.

Time for the Eviction:
Dre’s speech was fantastic. She shades Jackie by saying that maybe she will start lying and flip-flopping. Maybe she will grow her hair out, dye it red, wear more makeup and be phonier.

Gary speaks directly to Demetres, saying that he promised him 100% that he wouldn’t evict him before the HOH comp. He says to show Canada that he is a man of his word.

Demetres says that losing either Dre or Gary is going to make a significant impact on the house and that he loves them both. He says it’s a very difficult decision, but votes to evict Gary. When Gary is interviewed by Arisa, she says that she is in complete shock.

Sadly, Neda gets her way. Again.

As Week 4 ends with us losing ANOTHER #TeamFunFeeds houseguest, Week 5 begins with the “Oh, Snap” HOH competition, the houseguests were kept up all night with video messages from Cassandra, Dallas and Mark. They were asked A or B questions about the videos. Ika was eliminated first. When Neda was eliminated second, the live audience cheered loudly. Yep, she’s the BBCAN5 Villain.

Questions continue until it’s time for a tie-breaker, and William wins the HOH for Week 5.

Arisa then lets us know that next week will be a double eviction.


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