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Paul says that everyone knew that Matt was being voted out last week, so Paul started working on a rouse to separate Jason and Alex. He starts off by talking with his team, Christmas and Josh. The best-case scenario is that either Josh or Christmas win the HOH if they are comfortable taking that shot. Since Alex has such a hard on for getting Kevin out of the house. They devise a plan to sell Jason and Alex on Kevin being the target and that they’ll both be able to compete in the next HOH competition if they throw it to Josh or Christmas.

Jason can’t compete since he’s the outgoing HOH, so with Josh present, Paul starts to sell that Alex, Josh and he might need to drop out of the HOH competition and throw it to Christmas so they all compete the following week. Paul tells them that he’s going to ask Kevin to throw the competition. Alex says that if Kevin throws it, she will, too.

Paul goes to Kevin to ask him to throw HOH. He is concerned about throwing it if it’s something he can win. He is also concerned about Alex targeting him. Paul tells Kevin that he already talked to Alex and she is on board to throw it. Jason and Alex are convinced that Kevin is the target. Paul lets Alex know that Kevin will throw it. Alex says, “If Kevin is going to throw it, I’m okay with dropping in this competition.” While Alex can’t stand Kevin, she is completely focused on getting jury votes, so it is best for both her and Jason to not get his blood on either of their hands. Once Alex agrees, it’s easy to convince Raven to throw it to Josh or Christmas. She wants revenge on Jason for not using the veto when he promised and giving her man the boot. They come up with a code phrase, “This is for Trejo” which is the name of Paul’s pool floatie this year. (Trejo is Pablo’s cousin.)

Every houseguest trusts Paul so much that they are tossing the HOH to Josh or Christmas with only 7 people left. Christmas says to Raven that she is targeting Jason and Alex, not Kevin as Jason and Alex were led to believe. Christmas asks Raven how she feels with Paul; she says she trusts him 110% and needs to align with him now that Matt is out of the game. Codependent much?

The HOH competition is Ready Set Whoa. Normally, the competition can go on for hours as the houseguests wait for the word ‘go’ to appear on the screens. Instead, Paul got the houseguests to play #ReadySetThrow. There are supposed to be 5 rounds, with the winner generally crowned hours later. Paul is positioned between Kevin and Alex. He talks to Kevin and tells him to throw the competition. Kevin says that he doesn’t want to throw the competition to a girl with 1 good leg. He says he’ll look like an asshole. Paul tells him to trust him. Kevin throws with a false start.

Next, Alex false starts. Raven asks Paul if he’s doing it for Trejo? He replies yes, so Raven false starts. Paul wants to compete in the next HOH, so it’s his turn to throw it. He false starts on a paragraph, so only Josh and Christmas are left. Christmas tells Josh to trip or something so it doesn’t look suspicious. He does a weird somersault so Christmas wins HOH. Paul says he can’t believe that he got a 1-legged girl to win a foot race. Kevin tells Christmas he kept his word by throwing the comp.

Alex says in DR that Christmas winning HOH is the best day ever. She loves her, trusts her and knows she’s going to take Kevin out this week. Christmas says in DR that thrown to her or not, she’s excited to have HOH #2. She going to have fun with it. Jason is her #1 target and Alex is her backup target. They have to split up this power duo, and she’s the one that gets to take the shot. Paul says that he got a whole house to throw a competition without competing even 1 round. He says this may be his best game move yet. Raven is excited talking to a camera saying bye, Alex and Jason. In DR, she says that this is going to be an awesome blindside, like the one they pulled last week on her and Matt last week. She says karma comes around and bites. She’s annoying as hell, but Jason does deserve this after lying to her about pulling her off the block last week.

In the bathroom, Josh and Paul are doing a celebratory dance with Alex because he doesn’t want her to get suspicious. Kevin sees it and asks Paul why Alex is celebrating. Paul says that now he has to worry about Kevin walking around all paranoid. Paul does damage control. He tells Kevin that he needs to act sad. Kevin doesn’t know what the plan is, and Paul is being very vague with him. Kevin asks if he’s getting fucked by everybody. Paul tells him, “No. We have a plan.” Kevin says he trusts Paul and he’s hoping he’s got his back. Paul wants Kevin to keep his mouth shut, which he has a hard time doing so Paul can’t tell him the plan.

Paul hugs Raven and tells her that he told her he’s got her. Raven wants her and Paul to be in final 2 since Matt is gone. He tells her that we compete next week and then we go to the end. Raven calls them “Paven,” which you can tell made Paul’s skin crawl by the look on his face.


Christmas asks Jason why is it that as soon as you become HOH, you suddenly become paranoid. Out of nowhere, Alex offers to go up as a pawn. Christmas says, “Okay, okay.” In DR, this cracks Christmas up because she was already putting Alex up. She says, “Done. You’re welcome, Alex.” Jason tells Kevin that he thinks that Raven and Kevin are going on the block, but he’s not sure because he hasn’t talked to Christmas. He wants Kevin to be prepared for nominations. LOL.

More #RavenExposedParty…Raven is at the hot tub with Jason and Paul saying that she needs surgery on her knee because she has “rough kneecap syndrome,” which is a made-up diagnosis. Jason and Paul look at her like WTF? Paul looks MISERABLE listening to her. In DR, Paul says, “Mensa, Olympic athlete, lightening proof, inverted spine. Now she has rough knee syndrome. How do you compete with that?” Jason says he never heard of rough knee syndrome. Raven is driving everybody nuts. On feeds this week, she mimics everyone, takes people’s stories and retells them like they happened to her, says that she came up with the plan to throw Christmas the HOH and continuously brings up her litany of health problems. Add that to all the compulsive lying throughout the season. It seems like she was raised by someone with Munchausen syndrome and/or that she herself has it which is why Raven needs constant attention and sympathy. #RavenExposedParty is going to destroy Raven when she gets out of the house, and I hope that she gets the psychological help that she needs. Twitter is vicious. In the meantime, I hope BB has some type of counselor on hand to help Raven come to terms with what has been said about her while she’s been in the house by the outside world. Christmas and Paul talked at length about the blow back that she will face. It’s pathetic if she is a product of her environment, which appears to be the case.

Christmas and Josh are talking, and she asks him if Jason knew that Alex was throwing the comp to her. He doesn’t think so; in fact, Jason doesn’t seem to know that anybody threw it. Josh tells Christmas to do what is best for her game with noms. Paul comes into HOH, and says that he’d put up Jason and Alex right away and that if Alex comes off the block, he’d put up Kevin to make him squirm.

Alex hides inside the bathroom cabinet and scares the shit out of Jason. It’s hysterical; tears in my eyes from laughing. BB does 3 slow replays of it. He flies through the air and lands on the bathroom couch. I rewound it and watched it a few times. It was the best scare of the season. Jason says he nearly shit his pants. Later in the episode, Alex jumps out of a sheet when Josh comes out of the rose bedroom and scares him, too. The Jason reaction was much better.

For the Tree of Temptation, Christmas goes to Raven and tells her that the Tree is the only thing that could screw up their plans if someone were to get 2 vetoes. Raven offers to sit in the kitchen to make sure that nobody goes for it, and if they do, she’ll go, too. Christmas tells Raven that Alex offered to go up as a pawn. Raven doesn’t think that Jason will take an apple for fear of getting the “Can’t compete in next HOH” punishment. Jason pretends he’s going for an apple as Alex yells at him not to take one. He says he’s a risk taker. In the DR, he says he’s just kidding and “Does it look like I need a target on my back?” It’s already there, you just don’t know it yet, Dumbass. Christmas laughs in DR that Jason didn’t take an apple because he’s going to wish he had after nominations. The Tree of Temptation was the biggest flop of the season, and way too much time was spent on it during this episode. BB—we enjoy the Care Packages, even when you change the rules or may even decide who gets them. Bring those back!

Christmas is back to working out despite her broken foot. Josh says that she is a badass. She is shown doing all sorts of exercises, lifting weights and welcoming her abs back. She says she’s a crossfit champion, and she’s had to get creative with her workouts but she is persevering.


Alex wonders to Jason if they should backdoor Kevin to keep him calm. Jason doesn’t think that’s necessary. She thinks Christmas should put up her and Josh. Christmas tells Alex that she wouldn’t mind fucking with Kevin a bit. Christmas talks to Paul about whether she should draw a line with Alex and Jason or keep it ambiguous, like she might backdoor Kevin. Paul seems to lean towards ambiguity. (That protects his AMF alliance with Alex.)

For nominations, Alex appears on the memory wall first. Then Jason’s picture appears. The look on his face shows true shock, but he plays it off by “fainting.” Christmas tells Alex that she is just a pawn, and she says to Jason that he’s a great competitor, a triple threat and she needs to take out a strong male figure this week. In DR, Alex says that she trusts Christmas, but when she said 2 pawns, she didn’t mean both her and Jason. She must have a plan to backdoor Kevin. In DR, Jason says he doesn’t understand why they both have to be up. Why not him and Josh? Oh, Alex and Jason—it’s okay for you to go after showmances, but it’s not okay for Christmas to go after the strongest duo left in the house? Christmas says in DR that she has to make sure that Jason doesn’t win veto so she can put him out to pasture. Paul says in DR that he can’t believe it worked, and his hands are squeaky clean.

This is going to be an exciting week of BB with the double on Thursday. Stay tuned for more recaps and spoiler blogs.


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