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After nominations, Jason is paranoid and goes to Have Not room. Paul comes in and says that he thinks he may be getting backdoored. Paul asks Jason if he knew that was happening. Jason says, “No, did you?” In DR, Jason says that not much goes on in the house that Paul doesn’t know about. He’s afraid he’s getting duped. Kevin tells Jason to open his eyes; either he or Alex are going home. Jason corners Josh in the storage room and asks him, “Who’s working together? Who’s in on this?” Josh tells him that he is tripping. Paul comes in the storage room and again says that he thinks that he is getting backdoored. Josh says, “Why would he think that?”

Alex calls Jason into the APSR where Christmas is. Alex is saying that she trusts Christmas 100%. Jason tells Christmas what Kevin said to him, and she deflects by saying, “How would he know?” Jason stops tripping. Christmas talks to Josh and Paul and says that Alex and Jason have convinced themselves that Kevin is the target. The three of them do a happy dance. They say that if they win veto, they should pull Alex off the block and put Kevin up to further their delusions. Josh says that they are bamboozled. Christmas says that they’ve bamboozled themselves.

Paul talks to Jason and Alex about veto. They say that best case scenario is that Paul wins the POV and pulls one of them down. Alex says if she won POV, she’d pull Jason down because he gets squirrelly. In DR, Paul says that he got the whole house to throw HOH to Christmas and now he’s trying to get the nominees to throw the POV to him. Josh walks in, and Jason makes an offhanded comment that Josh is in an alliance with Christmas. Then he says he’s joking. In DR, Josh doesn’t think Jason was joking. He thinks someone planted that seed for Jason to voiced that opinion. He says, “Paul, what is it you’ve been up to, buddy?”

Josh talks to Christmas. He says he knows that Paul has their backs, but he’s working his angles for jury, too. Josh tells her about walking in the APSR and what Jason said about Josh and Christmas being in an alliance, and Paul is telling them that he’s going to get backdoored. Josh says in DR that Paul is playing an amazing game comparable to Vanessa, Derrick and Dan Gheesling; he says that Paul has worked the whole house. Christmas tells Josh that she’s getting pissed off and that he needs to quit saying that because it’ll get back to Paul. In DR, Christmas says that she needs both Josh and Paul to get to the end of the game. Josh tells Christmas that he only wants final 2 with Christmas. She says she doesn’t know if she’ll make it that far. He tells her if he does, then she will. In DR, Josh says that if he has an opportunity to take a shot at Paul, he’s going to because Paul has played the best game.

The veto players are Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Raven and Paul (selected by Jason when he drew houseguest’s choice.) Josh reads a card that lets the houseguests know about a new show, “Me, Myself and I” and they watch a promo for the upcoming show. The winner of the veto competition will get a once in a lifetime experience for themselves and a guest. They’ll get to meet the cast and go behind the scenes of the show.

The doorbell rings and Bobby Moynihan, star of “Me, Myself and I” comes in banging pans and singing the circus song. Josh is excited that Bobby is a fan of his because Josh grew up watching him on SNL and is a huge fan of his. Bobby tells them that he is a huge fan of Big Brother, and he’s there to host the Veto competition. He asks for a tour of the house. Bobby says in the DR that he’s in the Big Brother house, and (deadpan) this is insane. He says he’s been watching from home all summer and now meeting all the houseguests is fantasy camp. Bobby says that the most surprising houseguest to meet is Kevin as he does an impression of him brushing his hair with a toothbrush and making his Zoolander Blue Steel face. He makes fun of Raven’s put on southern accent. He does a great Josh: “What’s up, you meatballs? What’s up everybody?” He says the first time he meets Raven, she shows him Thor (of course) and he says that maybe you lead with a handshake. THE SHADE! Paul gives Bobby a friendship bracelet; he says it’s the greatest gift ever that’s going to remind him dreams like coming to the BB house do come true and that these people are idiots that should have easily gotten Paul out week 1. LOL!

For the Punch, Slap, Kick Veto competition, Bobby says that they can catch him on “Me, Myself and I” premiering on September 25. On the show, they’ll meet Alex Riley. He plays him at age 40. He’s a single dad and an inventor. The backyard is filled with crates, and Bobby is introducing a new BB invention, the Punch, Slap, Kick machine. In a series of 6 rounds, they are punch, slapped and kicked in various sequences and must answer questions corresponding to what the machine does to them. If there’s a tie, they’ll have tie breaker rounds. Results of each round:

  1. Everyone but Jason gets a point.
  2. Paul, Raven and Alex get points.
  3. Raven takes the lead.
  4. Everyone but Raven gets a point.
  5. Everyone but Raven and Kevin gets a point.
  6. Everyone but Raven gets a point.

This results in Paul and Alex having the highest scores, so they go head to head in what was described on feeds as about 10 tie breaker rounds. Paul wins the POV and studio tour. Bobby says, “Yay, Friendship” as Paul gives Bobby a big hug, shakes his hand and says, “such a pleasure.”

Josh wants Paul not to use the veto because he thinks it exposes he and Christmas to getting more blood on their hands than him. Jason walks in and interrupts their talk, which Paul says was about tattoos. Josh is acting mopey around Christmas, and she asks him why he is so down. He asks what Christmas sees as Paul’s pecking order. She says Alex, Raven and Kevin. He asks, “But do we see how this is all to his benefit?” She tells him that the 3 of them working together is all to their benefit. Josh gets up and says that he is going to take a nap. She says his name a few times as he walks away.

Christmas goes back to him in the rose bedroom and lights into him, saying that she’s a grown ass woman that you can’t treat like some club whore. She says we can have discussions, conversations and arguments, but walking away from her like that is not okay. Raven walks in and ask Josh what he did. Christmas replies that he knows what he did and she doesn’t need to know. In DR, Josh says that he’s really frustrated because Paul has his agenda for this week, and he doesn’t see how he and Christmas benefit from it. He says that he’s not tripping and this whole plan needs to take a seat in the corner, not him.

Paul, Christmas and Josh meet in HOH. Josh tries again to convince them not to use the veto. He argues that he’s been blowing up people’s spots for the benefit of all of them and using veto keeps Paul from sharing in bloodshed. In DR, Paul says he’s carried Josh. Arrogant, but he would’ve gone home during Jessica’s HOH were it not for Paul’s efforts. Paul asks Josh if he cares about getting blood on his hands or getting to the end of the game. Christmas and Paul are firm that they need to go with plan that gets them to the end of the game.

At the POV meeting, Paul uses the veto on Alex. Christmas says that everyone except for Kevin has been on the block in one way or another except for him. Either Kevin or Jason will be the first evicted during the double eviction. Kevin is confused and says in DR that he won’t listen to anybody next time because he threw the competition to Christmas like he was supposed to and feels like he’s been tricked. Josh is pissed that Paul used the veto and says that he may change some things moving forward.

Okay—this edit is BS compared to the feeds. It’s a TV show and they need drama, so sinffwJosh, Christmas and Paul had 1 day of disagreement, and Christmas and Paul convinced Josh that they’re making the correct moves to keep Jason from feeling like he’s going home. Paul is pulling Alex in. Josh must vote out Jason while Alex and Paul vote out Kevin, forcing a tie, which Christmas will break, sending Jason to jury. After the vote, Paul is going to argue with Josh, and it will seem to Alex like it’s her and Paul against the house. That’s not the case. Eventually, Josh saw that this was a better plan than making an enemy of Alex. That way, 2 of them don’t end up on the block together if Alex wins HOH. Kevin is the wild card out of all of this, but Josh, Paul and Christmas are locked into a final 3 “Misfits” alliance. I know, OTT PTSD, but that’s what Christmas calls them.


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