The Quest: Episode 3


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.07.12 PMLast week, the Queen was poisoned! In this week’s episode, the Paladins must find an antidote to save the Queen before it is too late. The Vizier is out of cures that could possibly save the Queen, so Sir Ansgar orders Crio to gather all the poisons in the castle and bring them to the Paladins’ quarters. He tells the Vizier to make a list of the Queen’s symptoms, and although the Vizier initially objects because he doesn’t answer to Ansgar, he eventually complies to help his Queen. Adria says it seems a little suspicious that the Vizier, who is the leading expert in magic and poScreen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.23.03 PMtions in the kingdom, has run out of ideas. Shondo says it was a lot of pressure to find the antidote, since time was of the essence. The Paladins are sitting at a table with a bag of scrolls containing information about antidotes. They need to find an antidote that specifically cures all of the Queen’s symptoms. The Queen’s symptoms are: seizing of the throat, unwakeable slumber, quickened breath, blue lips, a fluttering heart, pale skin, large pupils, stiffened body, skin like ice. As the Paladins are disorderly shouting different symptoms, Christian says that everyone wants to be the hero, but it’s like having 80 cooks in the kitchen. Leticia says they need to find a way to get organized, because it’s not working. Bonnie forms a pile of the scrolls that are definite no’s.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.43.06 PMThe Vizier enters the room and tells the Paladins that they should feel guilty, because bad things have been happening ever since they arrived. Andrew says that bad stuff happened before they arrived, and they’re Everealm’s last hope, so the Vizier should start showing them a little respect. The Vizier leaves, and Crio comes in with more scrolls for them to look through. Patrick finally finds the correct antidote, which consists of wolf hair, bat teeth, banshee blood and dragon tears. They aren’t sure if dragon tears even exist, buScreen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.46.59 PMt Crio says that he might know where to find them. The Paladins follow Crio into the forest, although Bonnie says they’re a bit scared about going back into the forest because of the ogres and evil horsemen. Crio says they are looking for the Collector, who has everything that falls in the land, scatters in the wind or drifts in the sea. Legend says that the Hag’s cauldron hasn’t stopped boiling for a thousand years. Shondo says the Hag is the worst looking human being on the planet. The Hag says that Verlox’s magic has infiltrated castle’s sanctum, and the ingredients they seek are found outside. She says the Paladins will have to earn what they get from her- three will find none, some will find some, and one will find the dragon’s tears.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.03.08 PMAt each level, there is a door the Paladins must somehow open, then they will find one ingredient for the antidote, and continue to the next stage. For the first challenge, the Paladins must peel back the tar surrounding a lock and open a door with the key. Then, they need to use an ogre tooth to saw through a rope and open another door. Andrew and Patrick make it through the two doors first, then they need to tunnel under the third door. Patrick says he has a bubble butt, and was kind of worried about getting stuck. Christian loses hiScreen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.07.28 PMs key, and is still on the first task. Bonnie says she will help Christian look for his key if he opens her lock. Christian says the thought was in his mind to pretend to work on Bonnie’s lock while she searches for his key. Andrew bursts through the final door seconds before Patrick, and grabs the dragon tears. Bonnie, Christian and Jim still haven’t passed the first challenge, so they will face the Fates. The Paladins return to the hag, and she instructs Andrew as he mixes the ingredients to form the antidote. She gives Andrew a vial of it, and tells him to run. Bonnie says run is like the devil’s word to her. The Paladins race back to the castle, where Andrew gives the Queen a drop of the potion.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.10.44 PMThe Queen wakes up and thanks the Vizier for saving her life. Crio says that the Vizier didn’t save her, Andrew did. The Queen thanks Andrew, then the Vizier thanks Andrew, and tells the Paladins to leave so the Queen can rest. The Paladins return to their part of the castle. Patrick says Bonnie is like his kid sister, and she has his vote because you stick with family. Christian says no one will vote for him, he has to win the challenge. The girls are contemplating what will happen if Christian wins, and then they have to choose between Bonnie and Jim. Lina says that if they stand behind Bonnie, it will start a war. The Paladins are outside sitting around the dining table while Bonnie sings a song she wrote, called the Ballad of Everealm. Shondo says Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.29.07 PMBonnie has the biggest heart here, and Lina says she’s pulling for Bonnie. Crio joins the Paladins and gives Andrew a Mark of Wisdom, then tells them it’s time to meet with the Fates. Crio says that since Jim, Bonnie and Christian failed to see a solution quickly enough earlier, they must use precise measurements to assemble the ingredients of a potion. Whichever Paladin makes the arms of the scale float so that they don’t touch the sides of the golden ring first will be safe from judgement. They need to take each ingredient and ground it into powder using the stone, then put it on the scale with the corresponding color.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.34.16 PMMuch to the delight of her fellow Paladins, Bonnie finishes the task first and is safe for the week! The Paladins leave the room to discuss who should be banished. They say that Christian has been in judgement three times now, did this challenge incorrectly, and lost his key in the other challenge. Bonnie says she can’t forget that Christian helped her with her lock. Shockingly, only Shondo and Jasmine vote to save Jim, so he is banished. I guess it didn’t matter to the other Paladins that Christian keeps messing up on competition after competition. Leticia says Bonnie, Patrick and Adria voted for Christian because they think he helped Bonnie, but she doesn’t think Christian was trying his hardest to open Bonnie’s lock. Lina and Leticia say they voted for Christian to keep themselves safe, not because they think he deserved to stay. Crio asks the Paladins to help out around the courtyard, and they say it makes them feel more like a part of Everealm than ever. All of a sudden, Ansgar runs through the streets yelling that they are under attack, and they need to go protect the Queen.

What are your thoughts on all that transpired this week? I’m honestly surprised Jim went home instead of Christian. Do you trust the Vizier, or do you think he might have been the one to poison the Queen? Next week we’ll find out who is attacking Everealm (probably Verlox’s army), and what the Paladins can do to protect their Queen!


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