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The Bachelor is Back!!!!!!!

January 5th ABC’s The Bachelor makes its return with Juan Pablo,the South American, soccer player, dad heart throb that all women fell in love with last year.  He was labelled the most loved bachelor with the least amount of screen time ever. Which is true, he was level-headed, stayed out of the crazy drama and just went about his business pursuing Des, until she ultimately let him go, and chose her fiance (for now anyways) Chris.

  Now it is his turn to do the choosing. What kind of crazies has ABC picked for him to choose from we shall see. Hopefully none are  like Tiana from Sean’s season. ABC has finally released the names and bios off the newest bachelorettes  that are going to compete for Juan Pablo’s love and affection.  Who are these ladies? Let me introduce you to them :)

  • Alexis           24    communications director
  • Alli               26     nanny
  • Amy J           31     massage therapist
  • Amy L          27     reporter
  • Andi            26     federal prosecutor
  • Ashley         25     teacher
  • Cassandra  21     former NBA dancer
  • Chantel       27     account manager
  • Chelsie        24     science educator
  • Christine     23     police support specialist
  • Christy        24     marketing manager
  • Clare           32     hairstylist
  • Danielle      25     psychiatric nurse
  • Elise            27     1st grade teacher
  • Kat              29     medical sales rep
  • Kelly           27      dog lover
  • Kylie           23      interior designer
  • Lacy            25      nursing home owner
  • Lauren H    25      mineral co-ordinator
  • Lauren S     26     music composer
  • Lucy            24      free spirit
  • Maggie       24      personal banker
  • Nikki           26      pediatric nurse
  • Renee         32      real estate agent
  • Sharleen     29      opera singer
  • Valerie         26      personal trainer
  • Victoria        24     legal assistant

Poor Juan Pablo has to weed thru these gals and reduce it down to 18
the very first night.  My prediction is that many of these really young
girls may get the axe pretty quick, he is an older  bachelor with a
daughter,  so I would assume he is looking for a more mature girl.  My
bets are the “free spirit” and “dog lover” won’t make it too far…who
puts loves dogs as your occupation…..did you misunderstand the question
honey.   Alexis and Victoria are Spanish speaking so I say that gives
them an edge with our bilingual bachelor.  I also believe the nanny and
teachers may have an edge as our bachelor is a father who adores his

My personal favorites are:

  • Alexis,  she speaks Spanish and is very rooted her in faith
  • Lauren S,   she is a friend of James Wallington, a friend of Your Reality Recaps, so I can be assured she’s not crazy
  • Sharleen,  she is a Canadian girl and I have to root for my my fellow Canadians, it’s just law
  • Victoria, she is Brazilian and speaks Spanish with a good head on her shoulds

These are just hunches on short bios and pictures but it will be
interesting to see how this season pans out.  Thank heavens there is a
psychiatric nurse to deal with the nutcases that should emerge
throughout the season  :)

Feel free to let me know who you think will come out with Juan Pablo’s
heart. Can’t wait to discuss it with all of you! See you in January  :)


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