The Bachelor Canada 2: The Women Tell All


It’s that time of the season THE WOMEN TELL ALL! I live for this episode every season. I want to see these girls finally say to each other what they say behind their backs and I want to watch the bitter ones rip the Bachelor a new one! We have plenty to drama to touch on so my hope are high, between Natalie and Kaylynn and Lisa there should be no shortage of anger issues to deal with. I wish this episode was two hours as well. Somethings just can’t be done in a 1 hour format. Tyler Harcott is back for the first time since they left Vancouver on episode 2. Could you imagine the US Bachelor without Chris Sonia talks about being the oldest contestant on The Bachelor Canada 2 Women Tell AllHarrison telling us it’s the final rose? Who did Tim talk to about his decisions? Isn’t the host not just  a host but a sounding board for the Bachelor and a middle man for The Bachelor and the ladies? So they bring back all the ladies well not ALL the ladies. If you left the first night then you weren’t invited back. Tyler has an interaction with Sonia who at 42 was the oldest.  She apparently was getting hate on social media for being 42. I know it’s “old” in Bachelor years but damn  I am three years younger than her and she looks damn good! 40 is the new 20 people get a grip, and it’s not like Tim is a 20-year-old man. I thought it was nice to see a more mature presence . Then we go from oldest to youngest who at 23 was Rileigh. She admitted to being jealous of the girls and her actions throughout the season were that of a jealous teenager. She didn’t mature much between the show and this taping either. Rileigh was one I never really liked past her limo entrance. I guess I am just too old for her childish ways. So far WTA is pretty tame. Hopefully once we get girls in the hot seat things liven up a bit!

Kaylynn is the first to take the hot seat. She admits her emotions took her by surprise and that in her normal life she isn’t that hot mess of a girl we watched this season. Tyler than goes and shows us and poor Kaylynn a great montage of her most volatile and bat shit cray moments. The poor girl is just Kaylynn manages to smile and laugh after being shown all her meltdowns on The Bachelor Canada 2 Women Tell Allmortified at watching herself freak out over nothing over and over again. Kaylynn does wish she had taken a step back, gained control of her emotions before reacting to things. The girls sounded off about how they felt she was over dramatic. Rileigh provided some immature feed back and then Martha was brought into the conversation. Martha thinks the word bully being used was a little over the top and Kaylynn does agree it wasn’t the right word. The two ladies patched their difference up and hugged it out a while back and the girls are good now. Kaylynn not really remembering the night of that dramatic rose ceremony says it was all Martha being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Kaylynn was another to experience some backlash on social media. Saying the #CRAYCRAYKAYLYNN was close to trending and her final words were to not judge a person before you know them because words can cause damage. On one hand she’s right, but you put yourself on a TV show and now one is going to be like by everyone so you take the good and you take the bad. I was a Kaylynn fan, I still don’t get why she was sent home instead of Lisa and I am really hoping to get answers to that question later on! Tyler then switches gears from dramatic Kaylynn to just out there April Borgnetta.  Betty Boop personified is the same way she was on the show and they show some of her crazy moments. It’s nice to see some behind the scenes footage. Sachelle admits she thought April was hired entertainment when she first bet her but then realized she’s just a beautiful soul.The girl is certifiable. She actually told him “sometimes I put my brain in my hand, and tell it to take a trip and throw it to left field” And she wonders why she was sent home. Actually she doesn’t. She’s not fazed her life is superb and she has toned it down since leaving. REALLY? Can April tone it down?

Finally we get one of the girls I’ve been dying to see grilled is on the hot seat! NATALIE! I think Natalie was lucky to make it off the stage alive to be honest. First things out of her mouth is that she LOVED seeing the reactions of the girls as came back. She also reveals that she came back mostly just to stir Natalie faces the firing squad on The Bachelor Canada 2 Women Tell Allthe pot! OH LAWD! Wrong thing to say in front of the lynch mob Natalie. Even the girls that weren’t part of the show at that point were angry with her and they should be. Natalie knew Tim wasn’t into her, even Martha pointed out you could tell by the look on Tim’s face when he saw her there he wasn’t into it. I saw terror in his eyes myself. I am totally on the other girls side and Lisa said it perfectly. Natalie came to put a wrench in the girls plans but these weren’t plans these were people’s emotions and relationships. Dominique is extremely mad at her as well. Telling her that her grab for air time it what caused her to go home. This is stretching it. What caused Dominique to go home was her own insecurity. She freaked out when she saw Natalie after already being upset she was the last to get a one on one date and took herself off the show. Had she sat tight, went on her one on one Natalie would have gone home at the rose ceremony and who knows maybe that one on one could have been the date needed to move their relationship to the next level. Do you guys agree? Natalie was told she was fake (which I totally agreed with) by Renee-Anne and for once I think Sachelle nailed in on right on the head. She thinks Natalie’s “I just wanted to stir the pot” attitude is  a cover for her ego being crushed by being sent home for a second time! They all agree that if he had really wanted her to stay in the Bahamas he wouldn’t have let her walk away. Again, I agree (So weird for me to agree with these girls isn’t it?)  Once Natalie had said she was going to go home, if Tim thought for a second there was something there to fight for he would have tried to convince her to stay. Had this been April Brockman or Kaylynn taking themselves out of the running he would have fought for them. Do you think Natalie’s reasoning for coming back was real or do you agree with Sachelle?

Next up is the girl everyone (BUT ME) has loved to hate on the whole season. LISA! She takes the her seat with Tyler and they roll her reel of comments about the girls. I found this a little unfair. They could have gotten a “Bitch” reel for 90% of these girls. They were all catty and mean at some points. I don’t know if this is the first time Sachelle saw the comment Lisa said about her not having much up there but Tyler immediately went Sachelle and she said Lisa Racz defends herself in the hot seat on The Bachelor Canada 2 Women Tell Allshe probably doesn’t have much to say because she has nothing going on up there. She then calls Lisa out on her statement of hating fake people. She says she contradicted herself by bashing Natalie in one breath than hugging her and telling her she loved her in another.  Lisa does defend herself. First she says the comment about Sachelle was made first night after barely speaking to her then said it was such an awkward situation watching Natalie crying that she wanted to break the ice.  Lisa admitted she can be a bitch and mean and say nasty hurtful things and that it’s a not so nice part of being human BUT seeing it is the best way to fix it. Maybe some of the worst parts of Lisa have been changed by the show. She also says that in Cabo her feeling for Tim became real and that was when she started falling for him so she kind of took a kill or be killed attitude with the girls. Then Italy is brought up.  First she says she regrets what happened (Which I whole heartedly believe) and states she had a lot to drink that night and doesn’t really know what happened. Tyler asks Sachelle (kill me) to fill in the blanks. She repeats her story of noticing her kiss the guy, pull her away to see her go right back then brag outside the bar she made out with the guy so hard, so hard. Honestly I don’t believe her. Do I believe Lisa made out with a guy in a drunken stupor YES, but if you notice the girls reactions they are all on board with Sachelle, smiling and nodding until she starts with the outside the bar part. Then you get a blank look from Trisha and Kaylynn. That night will remain a mystery but I don’t think it’s as innocent as Lisa claimed in Italy or as sordid as Sachelle is claiming either. What do you think of Kissgate?

Sachelle is in the hot seat now and I just want to turn off the TV BUT they make her watch her get her heart broken so I keep watching. She Sachelle comes face to face with Tim Warmels after being sent home after home town dates on The Bachelor Canada 2 Woemn Tell Alltells Tyler it is hard to watch but after seeing his connections with April and Trish it all makes sense. They had stronger connections than she did and then the bring out Tim. Finally. I am sure he is loving being face to face with a girl he just broke up with (who also has a psychotic brother BTW) Shane are you in the audience? Her question to Tim is what was missing? His response – Nothing in particular, it was a hard decision. She follows it up when did you know.  He explained that he went in every week with an open mind and never made his mind up until the rose ceremony. interrogation over. Dana disappointed! He then feeds her the cheesy line of you’ll make someone so happy one day and she cheeses back with I have nothing but good things to say about you. Bring on Shane. I bet he’d have better  questions for Tim than Sachelle did. Sachelle is sent back to the seat and Tim is alone in front of the firing squad. Kissgate is brought back up and Lisa first apologizes for disrespecting him and he respects her for coming clean and admitting what she did but ultimately he didn’t send her home because she kissed someone, but because the events led him to not be able to trust her. Now if I was Lisa my question would be why not send me home in Italy then? Why let me plan a date, get my family gathered together so you can dump me before meeting them? Dominique is still bitter in the back row and asks him why she didn’t get the same chance as the other girls. He explains that someone has to get the last one on one date BUT it was his mistake for not giving her special time during group dates and parties and for that he was sorry.  Kaylynn then asks what happened in Tuscany? My ears perked up I’m listening, this is what I’ve been wondering for weeks myself. Kaylynn’s departure was the most shocking for me. I’m at the edge of my seat. Not for long though. He tells her she is a wonderful person, they had a great connection and maybe if they had met outside the show things would have worked out. I don’t know about Kaylynn but he didn’t answer her question. They went from making out in front of everyone at Wonderland to being sent home in Italy. My dots are connected  people. Do you think Tim answered the ladies questions?

We end the show with the blooper reel.  My favorite part of any show. We learn that Tim’s favorite word was Enormous (Andi’s was Stop), while Kaylynn was having her bathroom breakdown in Wonderland the toilet kept autoflushing and breaking the mood. I really did LOL at that part. Sachelle is terrified of Bees, all the girls like to rearrange their boobs and the girls are some really terrible dancers. It ended with production hiding in his closet and scaring the crap out if him which I did find hilarious. So next up is the two-part finale. Who do you think Tim will choose? Comment below and tell me who you want to “win” and what you thought of Women Tell All and the rest of the season!



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