The Bachelor Canada 2: Episode 5


Tim Warmels and April Brockman go on a motorcylcle tour of Toronto on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5Tim has decided to bring the ladies to Toronto this week for a little home turf advantage. It’s not long before insecurities with the girls start to come out. The first date card has barely arrived and Dominique, who has had the slowest relationship with Tim so far, has gone a little off the deep end. If she doesn’t get a one on one then she isn’t sure why she’s here. I get it its week 5, it’s getting hard to keep the crazy in.  Also, finding out that right after he made out with you he made out with 2 other girls shakes your confidence. Kaylynn reads the date card and it reads Let’s Hit The Road So I Can Show You My World. It comes with a helmet and April is the lucky girl who gets to spend the afternoon with Tim. As the helmet suggests April is given a motorcycle tour of the city. Her first questions to him is “Can I drive?” and he says “No” He shows her the building where he spent a lot of his early career climbing the Tim Warmels offers April Brockman a rose and of course she accepts on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5corporate ladder a long with a few other sites. They end up at a soccer field on the water where Tim used to play soccer. It’s also the place where he decided that being a workaholic wasn’t making him happy and decided to change-up his life. He really wanted April on this date to open her up. We know from her bio she has had a somewhat rough past but she has yet to really tell Tim much. Here she reveals that she was in a seven-year relationship that ended because he betrayed her trust. She has much more to tell Tim but still doesn’t trust him enough. After the city tour they go to play pool. To make the game a little more interesting April places a little wager on the game. If she wins she gets to drive his bike and if he wins he gets a kiss. Seems like Tim has a double incentive to win this round. Who knew that April was a pool shark though. The game was neck and neck til she sank the white ball and Tim won the game. April made good on her bet and they had kissed. Of course April gets a rose on this date. Was there any question? Those two are drawn to each other like a magnet to metal. Do you think April will open up her past or will her lack of trust be her downfall?

Tim Warmels takes the ladies to Canada's Wonderland for a fun group date on The Bachelor Canada 2 Episode 5While Tim and April are out and about around town the next date card arrives. Kaylynn, Lisa, Sachelle and Trisha all need to Buckle Up, A Big Surprise Awaits. Dominique is the only one left and you’d think that she’d put two and two together that it means she is getting a one on one but no, she is still doubting everything. Even Kaylynn is reassuring her saying she knows she’s getting a one on one, and Dominique’s reply is “Or I’m just going home.” Now I think she is just being attention seeking. Come on, you know there are three dates a week. You aren’t on the first two, of course the last one is for you. Calm down and get your head together. Tim takes the girls to Canada’s Wonderland. For you Americans it’s kind of like the Canadian 6 Flags. Rollercoasters, junk food and carnival games are going to make for a fun date right? How can you do wrong when it’s just the 5 of you in a huge park, no lines and no one watching? Trisha is terrified! She has only ever been on one roller coaster her whole life and I assume it wasn’t a big one, and Tim brings her and all the girls on The Leviathan which is the BIGGEST coaster in the park. He pays her special attention because she is so scared and all she can think of is just don’t puke on Tim. They all make it through, Tim wasn’t puked on and all is well. Kaylynn is keeping her wits about her. We all know group settings aren’t her thing but she handled Tim and Trisha very well. Tim then brings them to a mini race track where he tells the girls that they are going to be racing each other and the winner gets some extra one on one Kaylynn Taylor and Lisa Racz comptete for time alone with Tim on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5time with him. I really think that Tim wants these girls to kill each other. He may as well just throw them in a cage and tell them to fight to the death. Lisa that adventure junkie takes off like a bat out of hell determined to get some time with Tim. Trisha is driving like a granny, and then there is Kaylynn. The girl doesn’t even have a driver’s license and she is pedal to the metal and creeping up on Lisa. Kaylynn is fighting for her man and bumps Lisa out-of-the-way and wins the race! That girl wants her time and she isn’t afraid to do what it takes. Lisa is pissed off. The girls all sit in a diner to Tim Warmels and Kaylynn Taylor kiss as the other girls watch on The Bachelor Canada Episode 2eat dinner while Tim and Kaylynn eat outside in perfect view of the ladies. Tim is using this time to reconnect with the Kaylynn that he had on his first one on one. These two can never keep their hands off each other and it isn’t long before they are making out right where the other 4 can see. I guess they are giving them a little dinner theatre! After their make out session the two return to the group and Tim is very shocked as to why the tension is so thick he can cut it with a knife. The girls are shooting death stares at Kaylynn. Tim decided to break it up a bit and brings Sachelle outside to talk. While she is outside trying to explain to him why it’s so hard for them to watch him make out with another girl the other 2 are in attack mode on Kaylynn. They say she isn’t respecting them and it’s just wrong to kiss in front of the other girls. While yes I agree the make out session was in poor taste, her lips weren’t the only ones in that lip lock. All the girls are focusing their anger on Kaylynn when Tim is the one that really puts them in the situation. He gets off totally in the clear while the girls lay into Kaylynn so hard she ends up crying in the bathroom. It’s not the first time that I think Tim was unaware of what his actions would do to the other girls. I know he wants to form relationships and he has a limited amount of time to do it, but maybe taking a walk so you aren’t making out with a girl while 3 other girlfriends watch would have been a smarter thing to do. Do you think it was right that Tim and Kaylynn flaunted themselves in front of the other girls? Is all really fair in love and war?

Kaylynn Taylor reacts to Natalie returning to The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5Well I hope you don’t think that is enough drama for 1 hour because we have more! All the girls are sitting around and there is knock on the hotel door. Is it Tim? Another date card? Nope! NATALIE IS BACK. She has decided that she left to quickly last week and she wants her rose ceremony. No one is happy. Lisa proclaims she wants to vomit in her mouth again. Someone needs to get that girl some antacids because she is always wanting to vomit in her mouth. Kaylynn’s face upon Natalie’s arrival says everything the girls are thinking. Natalie then leaves to go find Tim. She knocks on the door and Tim looked terrified Tim Warmels looks terrified at the return of Natalie on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5but he invites her in. She tells him she wants another chance and Tim notices that she is different this time. Not so nervous. I guess that bottle of black Clairol dye she used on her hair gave her some courage. The one thing I hate about the Bachelor is when they allow girls or guys to return. I hated it when they let Alli come back for a second chance, wasn’t thrilled when they let  Ed come back for Jillian. At least Jake told Alli to hit the road. Tim tells Natalie he needs to think about it. Do you think that Natalie should have been allowed to return? After the drama from last night, I am sure he needs to decide if a yes decision will get him killed or not. No sooner is Natalie gone Tim gets another knock on the door. I am sure he is thinking “OMG What NOW!” It’s Dominique.  Shocking right? No. All episode we’ve been getting Dominique drama teasers in the edit. We know she’s conflicted. I really thought she’d tell him how she felt and he’s convince her to stay but no. She tells him she sees he’s closer to the other girls and it’s best  if she goes home. All he says is I can’t force you to stay which she kind of knew would be the answer. Obviously he wasn’t that into her if he isn’t even going to try to fight for her. Had this been April or Kaylynn I think the conversation would have gone a little different. Dominique leaves him with the warning to be careful and ask the girls what they think of the other girls in the house. This was Dominique’s way of slyly warning him about Lisa. I really think it was stupid of Dominique to leave before a date card was even brought in, Natalie’s reappearance obviously shook her. She would have obviously gotten the last date. She should have taken the time to see where that could have got her. At the end if she thought nope not happening then take yourself out. I think she is going to have some huge regrets about leaving, but I guess she can always come back right? Would you have left if you were Dominique?

Tim Warmels tells the girls that Natalie will be at the rose ceremony on The Bachelor Canada episode 5Before the cocktail party Tim visits the girls. He lets them know that Natalie WILL be at the rose ceremony this evening. Of course they let her stay. He cut so many people two weeks ago, that he needed to do something to make the show play out for the 12 weeks. That was why no one but Natalie went home last week. With Dominique leaving they needed the extra body. I have a sneaking suspicion that production had a bit of  a hand in her coming back in the first  place but that is the conspiracy theorisit in me coming out. No one wants Natalie there but Kaylynn.  She realizes quickly that Natalie’s return Natalie is sent home for the final time by Tim Warmels on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 5has totally taken the heat of her for her public make out session at the amusement park so she is very happy for Natalie to stay.  She jokes that Dominique pulled a Natalie which doesn’t impress the girls at all. Natalie has some more time to talk to Tim and tells him that she felt rejected when he told her there was no rose and regretted leaving. She followed her heart then and she followed it by coming back again. Do you think Tim will let her stay?  It’s time to give out some roses. April is already safe from her one on one. Trish, April, Sachelle, Kaylynn and Lisa all get roses and not shockingly Natalie is sent home for a second time. She isn’t sad this time, she had her chance at the rose ceremony she never got to attend and is now at peace with decision……….or is she really? I am so intrigued for next week! We go to Tuscany, where Lisa stirs up some major drama. What do you think Lisa did?



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