The Bachelor 18 Episode 5 – Sex in the Ocean



  Hey everyone! And welcome to Week 5 of The Bachelor.  This week we were promised drama from the previews and ABC delivered!!!!  Now I don’t know about you but the shine is starting to tarnish from Juan Pablo for me.  I am finding him hypocritical and harder and harder to watch, but for you I stomach it  🙂  That being said my new name for our bachelor is Juan Douchebag because that is what he is turning out to be!

    This week we are traveling to Vietnam. I am happy to see that Nikki is in a MUCH better mood  then last week. She is back to being somewhat close to the Nikki from the beginning that we all liked so much.  Unfortunately that mood has now been transferred to Andi,  who has decided enough is enough of the group dates and she wants a one one one.  There is always one every week. Always.  The girls arrive in there suite and the first date card is delivered and it’s for Renee. “Are we the right fit” it says.  Now I like Renee, I think her and Juan Pablo are very well suited on paper. I know he likes her but because he refuses to kiss her, you don’t see much chemistry. Lets hope this changes.  So their date is my favorites of dates on the bachelor, the lets walk around town and experience the local culture types. He drives her around on a pedi-cab which was super cute and fun.  He brings her into this dress shop, where she gets fitted for a custom dress to pick up later. Now Vietnam looks hotter then the blazes of hell and she is sweating like mad. He runs across the street to buy a fan for her and he is fanning her while she is being fitted.  It was a sweet thing to do.  The man does have some charm! They go shopping and pick out gifts for their kids.  Their chemistry is good, you can tell the dig each other, it’s not forced and they just have an easy time.   Then it’s time for dinner.  Renee shows up wearing the dress that was custom made for her and it was stunning, and she was stunning in it!!! The talk about their kids and Juan Pablo keeps saying how he wants to kiss her but he doesn’t want to upset Ben.  Now here is my thing, her son is 8 and his daughter is 4, he keeps proclaiming I don’t want the kids to see this.  Here is my easy solution…….don’t let them watch.  8 and 4 year olds have no business watching this show anyways.  After dinner they go for a walk and he takes her to this place where they make a wish and send out these really beautiful floating lanterns.  It is so pretty and of course Renee’s wish is to kiss Juan Pablo.  The sit under a tree and the topic of kissing comes up again.  Renee is trying to explain that her son knows what she is doing, and wouldn’t be pissed at him.  Finally he takes the hint and just lays one on her.  Sparks flew.  I think I might call this one here and say  Renee may be the one!


Back at the hotel the group date card arrives. Andi is wishing and praying that she is not on it!  So we get Sharleen, Chelsie, Cassandra, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle, Kat and Andi.  Andi is not happy, and this is our portion of the show where Juan Pablo now become Juan Douchebag!  Their date is called “Go with the flow”.  The first part of it is they are floating down the river in these circular bamboo rafts that only fit two, so the girls have to pick partners and of course there is an odd number of girls.  So  guess who gets to sit with Juan Pablo, attention seeking Clare!  The girls are mad. She monopolizes his time every date they go onI get their frustration on one hand but to give Clare a little bit of props, she works for it and he responds to her, so it’s not ALL her fault. Well on their foray down the river Juan Pablo and Clare get caught up in some bushes.  Juan Pablo just starts to kiss her in the bushes.  Now editing has it playing out that the girls see the “sneaky kiss” but Juan Pablo was tweeting out that the girls didn’t actually see the kiss. What is a girl to believe???  Either way it’s a douchy move to kiss a girl when you got a bunch of others 10 feet away! So then they get to where ever he was taking them and the group is walking around soaking up the scenery and the just happen to stumble upon a man and Juan Pablo asks if they can have lunch and the guy says yes!   It turns out that Vietnam kind of operates as a co-op where everyone pitches in in the gardens and stuff so the girls had to go pick vegetables for their meal.  After the rage they are all feeling toward Clare, I am thinking weapons should not be given out.  That is just me thoughJuan Pablo sees Andi is a bit upset and he talks her down of her ledge saying he wants her here that is why she got the rose last week and blah blah and hook line and sinker she falls for it.  They finally get to eat, and the food looks delicious. The girls are all enjoying it, except it looked like picky eater Clare didn’t eat much of course.  Attention seeking….i say so.   After their afternoon they go for their evening after party. He takes Clare for one on one time first, which enrages all the woman.  He takes her to HIS suite that is in the hotel they were having their party at, and they end up in the pool making out, and from what I saw maybe a bit more. After ;his make out session he takes Sharleen to the beach and makes out with her.  I think I like Sharleen mostly because she isn’t throwing herself at him like a love sick teenager.  It’s  refreshing!  Then he takes Andi to the beach and makes out with her!!!! I guess his no kissing policy of last week has gone out the window!!!  Shocker shocker Clare gets the rose.



     The most shocking part of this episode is Clare after they get home sneaking out and going back to Juan Pablo’s suite!!! She says she’s been in a jacuzzi and a pool, now she wants to swim in the ocean with him.  From here on out I will use the word swim  instead of another word 😉  He is more then happy to oblige her and they go to the ocean.  From my eye and the girls watching with me….they were not swimming in the traditional sense of the word.  I’m sure her barely there bikini bottom was not there  for most of that ocean adventure if you read behind the lines of her diary room session.  Now here is my problem with this guy this week.  You won’t kiss Renee because she has a kid. You claim to want to make your daughter proud. You say gay men are too “perverted” for television.  You had sex in the ocean on national TV.  You, Juan Pablo are a hypocrite, and I am sure you left something swimming in the ocean that night.


   So, back in the suite Nikki is receiving the date card she has so desperately wanted. It is called ” lets have a hell of a good time”  I think Juan Pablo has a thing for heights because this date is all about repelling into a cave called Hell Cave.  Ummmm No thanks….see ya on the other side honey, I am staying here.  Nikki gets hooked up and starts freaking out, and I am right there with her!  They go down a bit and make out in the middle, then continue to the bottom where they make out a lot more.  They then go to dinner in a beautiful garden  type cavey thing. I will say Vietnam is prettier then I thought it would be! Juan Pablo asks her about her work and how she came to be a nurse and butchers the word pediatric.  Nikki is so passionate about her work and it was really nice to see that side of her again.  I missed that Nikki, welcome back!  She told him she was ready to take on step parenthood and that was enough to get the rose.


      Time for the cocktail party. The girls are brought in by boat and they all looked amazing. He reveals that 3 girls are going home.  All the girls are now on high alert for the bachelor’s time. He kissed Renee, he kissed Andi, and then he took Clare. This is where all the other girls ceased to exist and it became the Clare show once again.  He took her aside and told her that things had gone too far with their “swimming” and that it shouldn’t happen again. Mainly because of Camilla and that it isn’t fair to the other girls.  Well this sends Crazy Clare into an emotional tailspin that just halts the party.  He talks to her a few times to get her to understand where he is coming from but she is just insane.  At one point he sitting with all of them and it’s so tense and awkward, production most likely sent Chris in just to end the misery. So a rundown on roses are Clare, Renee, Nikki, Kat, Sharleen, Cassandra and Andi.  Danielle, Kelly and Alli are sent home.

   How are my pics holding up…..I’ll be honest….not so great.  Sharleen is my only horse left in the race, and if last nights previews are telling it’s not looking good.  Dog lover Kelly is gone so all my early cast offs are now gone. and Nikki is left of my girls with and edge with Danielle being sent home.  To me the editing is biased.  Half these girls you never hear talk and that isn’t fair, and with Crazy Clare still sitting pretty, the psych nurse was a stupid cast off if you ask me… may need her at a later date!!!!!  So we are off to New Zealand next week.  Can’t wait to chat with you all then!!!




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