The Bachelor 18 Episode 4 – Let’s Get Krazy!!

      It’s week 4 and I am happy to say that we have had no outside drama to report, so I can stay off my soap box and just have some fun with last nights episode!  What a relief.  This weeks episode started in L.A with Chris Harrison telling all the girls that they were going to know start their international journey to find love with Juan Pablo.  Their first stop, beautiful Seoul, South Korea! I believe this is the episode where their girls are starting to lose their minds just a bit. Normally calm and happy Nikki was sullen and bitter. I am not sure if this is jet lag, fatigue or what but in her little diary room session she went on a rant about how she NEEDS a one on one with Juan Pablo and she is an only child and she isn’t used to sharing anything never mind her boyfriend. Well after their arrival in Seoul their first group date card arrives. Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki (who is NOT happy) are going on a date simply called “POP”  K-Pop or Korean Pop is all the rage now thanks to Psy 🙂 and the girls are getting to meet and dance with K-Pop sensations 2ne1. Kat and Cassandra are loving this date, they are both dancers and are having a ton of fun with it, along with all the girls but one.  Nikki is annoyed as all get out! She can’t dance, she is mad she is there in the first place, but she tries to put on a smile until she is told they will be dancing in a concert at a mall in front of thousands of people. I don’t blame the girl. I have no rhythm either and the thought of this just freaks me out.  All the girls are sensing Nikki’s negativitiy and they aren’t really liking her this date.  The girls got all done up and they all looked really amazing. They enter the mall, which is huge and packed full of people.  They do their thing, the girls can’t help but notice that Kat is dancing like it’s her job 🙂  They all think she is just trying to get attention by acting over the top, like at the pool party last week. I personally think she was just having fun, Juan Pablo noticed and appreciated that she was into it.   After the concert they move on to a really beautiful outside garden for their after party.  The girls claws are out tonight, they are either hating on Nikki or hating on Kat. They all get their one on one time. Kat uses hers to tell Juan Pablo about her dead beat, drunken father and Nikki uses hers wisely to tell him how uncomfortable she really was about the dancing part of the date.  Juan Pablo seemed to like her sincerity and gives her the rose.   The other girls let out a collective YUCK


    At the mansion, Sharleen was given her one on one date card.  Are you my Seoul mate? it read.  Pre season I loved Sharleen, she is my Canadian girl,  then she was sooo weird that first night I was put off, but week after week I am really liking her. I think she is reserved and not as girly girl as the others. She has an air of sophistication which I think the younger girls just don’t understand.  So Juan Pablo  takes her to a Korean market. They wander around testing different foods, buying Kimonos and just having a normal fun time. I enjoy these simple dates more then the extravagant ones because I think the conversation that comes from them is more organic and real.  After the market they go to a  Korean tea house and have some conversation, and kissing.  He loves to kiss her, unfortunately it just looks so awkward.   Sharleen and Juan Pablo are walking around outside and  he starts asking her about her singing career and she reveals that she doesn’t really like to sing early in the  relationship because it’s so personal and she doesn’t want the relationship to be based on her singing.  He begs her to sing and she does. WOW!!!! She has the voice of an angel, simply amazing. They kiss and go to dinner.  Juan Pablo asks her about kids and if she wants some and how many.  Sharleen is so honest with him, saying she has never really thought about it, she was in a relationship with a man with a child and she wasn’t ready. It was a ballsy move, but she got the rose. Juan Pablo is taken with her.

   The second group date Let’s get Krazy  Alli, Andi, Kelly, Lauren, Clare and Renee.  They went to a Karaoke studio where they all sang and dance and loosen up a bit. Then they went and did a little market shopping.  Here is where we start to see Clare become a tad unhinged.  She will do anything for attention.  They were all trying octopus and Clare makes such a spectacle of herself it was sad.  After shopping they went to this “Spa” for lack of a better word where they put their feet in pools and fish eat the dead skin off them.  Juan Pablo is talking to Renee and Clare is freaking out, the girl is about to shank someone I swear.  She gets up and moves over to where they were sitting and Renee just gets up and walks away. I think she is done crazy sitting for the season. This is the date that Juan Pablo has declared to be the no kissing date. He needs to set a good example for his daughter so during his one on one times he isn’t kissing anyone. He doesn’t inform the girls of this decision though.  My girl Lauren gets her time  with him and decides to take the bull by the horns and leans in for a kiss. Juan Dumbass denies her. He does explain why, which I am sure Lauren completely understands and respects, but that kind of rejection is hard on the heart, so when she started crying my heart broke for her. She is completely embarrassed and feels totally rejected, I just wanted to hug her through my TV screen.  BUT then he talks to Clare and he kisses her, then I just wanted to choke him through my screen.   My poor TV is gonna be dead by the end of this season.  You would think Clare was the one that got the rose, or maybe Lauren because she was so upset but no.  It was Andi!!!

   We then get to the cocktail party. The girls look amazing, Juan Pablo looks amazing and they are in a beautiful Korean Palace.  The girls come to an understanding that the three with roses will  let the other girls have their time and not intrude.  That lasts all of 10 minutes when Nikki sees Juan Pablo talking to Clare.   I will warn you now this cocktail party becomes the Nikki/Clare battle of the blondes show.  Nikki busts up Clare’s conversation with Juan Pablo.  He hints to Nikki that he knows there is tension in the house. This has Nikki thinking Clare is bad mouthing her.   Nikki is talking to Kelly about the weird conversation with Juan Pablo  and Clare sneaks up on them and breaks it up.  Nikki and Clare has it out and Clare tells Nikki she doesn’t think that she is deserving of a rose. Nikki then tells Clare that she isn’t the one giving out the roses and that shuts her up pretty quick.  We then go into the rose ceremony.  Andi, Sharleen, Nikki,Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli, Clare and Kat all get roses.  Elise and my girl Lauren are sent home.  

  How are my pics holding up.  Sharleen is the only one left of my 4 to win.  Kelly is still hanging on and I thought she’d be gone quickly, although half of Kelly is gone, since her dog Molly wasn’t allowed to make the trip.With Elise eliminate I have two left that I think could go far with Danielle and Nikki.


    I am so sad that Lauren is gone. I loved her Piano bike entrance, I loved her spirit. Lauren here are my words to you. Stand up tall, wipe away your tears. You are an amazing, talented and beautiful woman.  You don’t need to act a fool to get a man to notice you.  Juan Pablo is a fool for not recognizing what he had in you.  You will find the man of your dreams and you won’t need a three ring circus situation to do it. Hold your head high  you are an amazing person.

   See everyone next week in Vietnam!!!!


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