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We have made it to The Women Tell All Episode everyone! Be proud of yourselves. We managed to hang in there despite the awkward kisses, the controversy and our Bachelor just being a plain ole douchebag.  We were promised fireworks and the girls seemed to start off guns blazing. The lost their fizzle toward the end. Our latino heart throb can charm the pants off of everyone with just a smile.

   The evening began on a high note. Sean and Catherine made their first appearance as a married couple.  I love them together. They are fun and quirky and quite frankly a breath of fresh air after what we’ve witnessed over the last 8 weeks.  I really hope this marriage lasts!!!  Sean

reports to Chris that there were fireworks on the wedding and night. Catherine was quick to interject that they were quick fireworks 🙂 I adore her, she is AMAZING!!!!!  They went on honeymoon to Bora Bora where they swam with sharks and Sean got his manhood attacked by a sting ray!!! OUCH  Poor Sean. I could see men collectively crossing their legs across North America as Sean was retelling the story. Such a great couple and look at the wedding shot….stunning.  Best of luck Sean and Catherine.  We are waiting on the baby announcement this time next year.  They will be gorgeous babies….get on that  ASAP!!!  For some reason they decided to waste my time with Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. But for anyone that cares The Muppets Most Wanted is in theatres March 21.  I just want the dish from the ladies!!!!!

   Chris then brings the attention to our ladies. It was a nice change to hear some honesty for a change. Normally 95% of them praise The Bachelor.  You get a few bitter early cast offs and sometimes a very hurt late cute, but these ladies were quick to point out his faults.  Chris asked them first about coming out of the Limo. Renee admitted to not really remembering anything, Kat said he is hotter in person and Kelly said her dog hated him. Word to the wise……your dog is a better judge of character then we as humans could ever be.  Trust your dog.   The consensus from the girls were that he never asked any questions about them, he didn’t seem genuine and conversation was always surface level.  Andi said it best when she said “He was looking for a girlfriend, we were looking for husband”.  Only Sharleen and Renee believed he was interested in them.  Chris did bring up the  Ocean incident in Vietnam.  None of the girls at the time knew that it even happened.  Shockingly they were more pissed  with Juan Pablo then Clare.   They felt he should have sent her on her way especially since she had one on one time with him in the hot tub earlier that night on the group date.  He had the choice to indulge her request or decline it, but good for her for being bold enough to even show up on his door step.  Well we all know he indulged her then the next day made her feel like a piece of dirt. and instead of manning up and  taking responsibility for his actions he put all the blame on her. The ladies felt that was totally wrong (which it was)  Sharleen called it buyers remorse, and she hit the nail on the head with that one!!!

   Sharleen was first in the hot seat. Let me get the superficial stuff out of the way!  How stunning is this women???  She always looks impeccable and her fashion sense is out of this world!!! And she has brains.  She is a total package….Canadian package  🙂   When asked why she left she said she just knew he wasn’t the one. She knew she could date him, but knowing what the end of this show was going to lead to she just couldn’t stay. They had an amazing physical connection and they had a lot of fun together.  There just wasn’t enough of a cerebral connection there.  Sharleen really didn’t have anything bad to say about him.  She is one of the few girls that believes he was interested in getting to know her. She was shocked to hear that she was one of the favorites from the start and even more stunned to hear that all the girls knew about it.  She had no idea.  Sharleen did regret some of the things she said but did not regret her decision to leave.  

   America’s sweetheart Renee was next up.  She admitted that her connection with Juan Pablo stemmed from their kids.  Danielle piped up saying that she would complain that their conversations never really moved from Camila and Ben….BUSTED Renee.  Renee says she has no regrets about not saying I love you during hometowns. She says it wasn’t the right time, it would have just appeared awkward, and  believes that it wouldn’t have mattered anyways. His feeling weren’t there for her and she would have gone home anyway.  Renee was happy to be on the show because it showed her a single mom could find love.  Renee is now happy in a “situation”  Rumor has it she is actually engaged.  I hope that it works out. She deserves to be happy.  So congratulations Renee!!!

   It was no coincidence that they began the night with the two ladies that didn’t want to tear Juan Pablo apart.  Andi took the seat next to Chris Harrison to dish all things Fantasy Suite.  I was hoping for a blood bath, but although she did put him on blast  for some of his douchebag moments, she balanced it with praise.   Andi began with how she was attracted to him and enjoyed spending time with him.  She felt she could fall in love with him. Chris asked her about what happened in the fantasy suite.  She revealed to Chris that at first it was fine, they talked and laughed and were having a good time.  Then it went bad.  All he could talk about was  his soccer, this travelling and who he knew.   Juan Pablo was very negative  about the whole Bachelor process.  His insensitive comments about she barely beat out Renee and his comments about his  overnight date with Clare shocked and appalled her.  Andi regrets not  telling him that but honestly would he have even cared if she had, I don’t think so.  He seems to have a block on anything that doesn’t spin him in a positive light.  Andi then said that he was never mean to her, he didn’t intend to disrespect or hurt her, he just has no filter. Girl, you had to fake sleep to get this guy to leave you alone, how can you defend him.  She ended it classy. but then this is all an editors spin to make him look good so I am sure she was coached to end it on a positive vibe.

   The moment we were all waiting for,  Juan Pablo takes the stage.  To me he looked on edge, like he knew that things were gonna be tense, but then he is walking into a room with 20+ exes.  I’d be nervous too.  He told Chris that we would not do or say anything different. Who doesn’t regret at least one thing they did or said in any given situation, never mind a 2 month process of finding a wife?  Even Sean Lowe was shocked saying he wished he had done something and he got his happily ever after.  It just cements what an egomaniac this guy is.   Lauren wished that instead of hiding behind his daughter as the reason he didn’t do things he would have just said the honest answer. It was a sentiment felt by many of the girls throughout the night.  His response, “I didn’t come here to kiss 27 girls”   When Andi  spoke up she brought up the lack of conversation.  He needed to understand they were looking for a husband and their conversations with him didn’t seem to be on the same page as they were.  Sharleen felt differently. I wish Clare and Nikki were here to speak up. We know he was totally intrigued by Sharleen and Juan Pablo could possibly be proposing to Nikki or Clare. I wonder if they are on Sharleen’s  side of this debate or not. Maybe the conversations never progressed because he just wasn’t in to them. We will never know.  A few of the girls brought up Juan Pablo’s “I want to be fair” line. They didn’t get how he could say he wanted to be fair then claim that the moms were his “Special” ones.   I think Andi cleared it up by saying they weren’t special as in he felt stronger, but special as in he wasn’t going to keep them longer then he had to if he wasn’t feeling it. I totally get that, they have kids at home and if you aren’t feeling them, you would send them home and not keep them an extra week or two in hope that you might change your mind.   Andi is rumoured to be the next Bachelorette so you can see her lawyer mind arguing both sides to secure her spot 🙂  The moment of my night came from Kelly. She was the only one who had the nerve to address the Anti-gay comments of week three.  She was extremely hurt by his comments being raised by gay parents.  She put him on blast and I love her for it.  I hate his reaction.  He said again it was taken out of context. I want to strangle him every time I hear that!!! He also said he wasn’t going to address it in a 4 minute segment that he’d talk for hours with her after the show.  He was so angry that she would bring up these comments. Did he expect that these girls would be so smitten with his smile they wouldn’t care.  Get over yourself Juan Pablo, everyone else has.  Every other women tell all  there are girls crying over the guy that got away.  Not this one, I think they all feel the dodged a bullet of epic proportions!!!  The best part of any Women/Men Tell all is the bloopers.  And some where pretty funny, it lightened the mood, then they showed previews from next episode.  We have hit the finale  Bachelor Nation.  I will lock  my vote of he ends up alone.  What do you think???



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