The Bachelor 18 Episode 3 – Love is a Wild Ride


Well Bachelor fans, we have made it to week three. This week the drama happened more outside the show than inside of it. I am going to address the elephant in the room. On the weekend our Bachelor said some pretty uncool things. In an interview he was asked whether or not there should be a gay bachelor. His answer was no, it isn’t a good example for the kids. He then went on to say that gay men were too “pervert” for TV.  I have so many emotions about these statements, from outrage to sadness to disappointment for so many reasons. First being, this show regardless of the bachelor or bachelorette’s orientation isn’t a good example for children, I don’t want my kids thinking dating 25 people at one time is how you find love. Second as a mother, my kids would be lucky to know quite a few of the gay men I know, and I would love for those men to teach my kids a  thing or two about life. The only reason my kids don’t know these guys is quite simply geography. People are people regardless of who they love, and a gay man with a great heart is no different than a straight one! Third the word pervert just bothers me to no end. I am sure some of the women walking around naked would be more “pervert” then  25 gay men!  Juan Pablo then sent out an apology statement saying he is sorry to offend but English isn’t his first language. That being said yes, maybe the word pervert isn’t the one he wanted to say,  I will give him that. You should know your language limitations and think about what you are saying and get the words right or don’t say anything at all.  You have seen reality star after reality star get crucified for their words being wrong. Don’t fall into the trap. It doesn’t change that his first statement of gay men not being a good role model was still something he meant. The friend he is using to prove he isn’t homophobic should run!  I think that I am more sad that this kind of view is still being expressed in this day and age when we as people should be celebrated for who we are not discriminated against.  OK I will jump off my soapbox now and move on to the episode.
We start the week with a one on one between him and single mother Cassandra.  I do like how he is really trying to figure out his relationships with her and Renee quick so he doesn’t string them along. The two of them go for a ride on what has got to be the coolest things I have ever seen a “water car”.  They take their water car to a yacht and spend the afternoon swimming and kissing in the ocean. He then takes her to his place and the cook dinner and they dance to latin music. All is going very well and he gives her the rose.  They then go on to do some chocolate tasting. That is my kind of date, give me chocolate and I am yours  🙂  Food is a theme this week it seems.

    Back at the mansion Kelly, Renee, Sharleen, Danielle, Alli, Lauren, Christie, Lucy, NIkki, and Andi get their  “Lets Kick It” group date card.   It’s a soccer date, is anyone surprised?  I am not! The girls played against each other in teams of Red and Blue.  I was Team Blue since it had my girls Sharleen and Lauren  on it. Production actually let Lauren speak this week, but just for a second.  Red Team was killing the Blue Team and poor Sharleen was getting whacked with that ball hard and often, but she would just get up and keep going.  I’d be crying.  After soccer they hung out in a lounge in a stadium. Andi and Juan Pablo had their alone time at the snack bar.  He picked her up in her too short dress and slid her across the counter. You could literally hear her butt squeaking across it.I hope production had sanitizer. They did make out a bit behind the counter though. The girls were very well behaved until Sharleen and Juan Pablo went down to the field for their alone time and had one of the most awkward make out sessions EVER, for all to see. It has the Jamie and Ben scene beat!  I saw their tongues  soooooo GROSS!  You would think  one of those two girls would get the rose – NOPE – Nikki got it, both Andi and Sharleen had the WTF face.

   At the mansion Clare Elise, Chelsie and Cassandra were discussing who would get the last one on one.  Elise things Chelsie is too immature for Juan Pablo and is telling everybody. So she wasn’t too happy when Chelsie got the “Do You Trust Me” date.  Juan Pablo and Chelsie go for a walk and end up at a Venezuelan restaurant and he stuffs her full of food, then takes her to a bridge to bungee jump off of it.. She is scared out of her mind, I would be too.  You wouldn’t even get the harness on me. I was half hoping she’d puke on him, but that never happened. He finally talks her into jumping and they kiss while hanging upside down. He takes her for dinner and they have a good conversation and he gives her the rose.  Cue concert!  This time it is another singer i haven’t heard of Billy Currington, but then I’m not that into country.


       The next morning Juan Pablo decided he was going to make the ladies a Venezuelan breakfast. I think he just wanted to see them in no makeup or bras  🙂  The cocktail party turned into a pool party. Kat threw herself onto Juan Pablo’s shoulders in the pool and all the girls claws came out..  Sharleen has her alone time and she gets emotional, and Juan Pablo comforts her and they start kissing. Clare sees this and goes nuts.  She ends up in the bathroom with Renee comforting her.  Didn’t we just do this last week?  Why the bathroom?  Can’t we cry in the pantry?  Well Clare pulls herself together enough to talk to Juan Pablo without wanting him to die, and all is well in her world for now.  

    Chris Harrison drags him away so the ladies and get ready for the rose ceremony.  Cassandra, Nikki, Chelsie, Andi, Renee, Kelly, Sharleen, Elise, Kat, Alli, Lauren and Danielle get roses.  Our free spirit Lucy and Christie  get sent packing.  So how are my pics holding up.  I still have 2/4 of my pics to win in it, with Lauren (who better get some air time soon)  and Sharleen.  3/5 of my girls with an edge are still going strong with Elise, Nikki and Danielle. I am left with 1/3 i thought would be gone early with dog lover Kelly.  That has to get old soon. Who brings their dog to a rose ceremony!

   Next weeks previews show lots of crying. Some of it by my girl Lauren, so I am a little concerned. I can’t wait to see what’s up.  See ya next week


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