Survivor 31: Cambodia: Second Chance Blog Recap Episode 11: My Wheels are Turning


1_yeahhehasanotheridolContinuing our double episode of Survivor… Upon returning to camp, everyone is playfully calling Jeremy sneaky; Kimmi says his move of playing an idol for Stephen was very classy. The boys walk away from camp and Jeremy lets Stephen know that “those guys” don’t trust him, Stephen is very appreciative of Jeremy saving his life – he owes him big time. Jeremy feels great about his move, even though it kind of puts a target on his back; he had to do it and now he thinks Stephen will take him to the end and he likes that. Soon after, Jeremy chats with Spencer to assure him that he’s fine, he would do the same thing for Spencer that he did for Stephen, but Spencer doesn’t believe him. Spencer thinks it might be time to jump ship and start something new. The next day, Stephen is lamenting on the fact that he says he’s a “know-it-all” when it comes to Survivor, but he didn’t know it all last night. He feels out of the loop and on top of that, his feet are crazy swollen, he can barely walk, and he hasn’t really eaten or slept in days. He’s completely overwhelmed. The Survivor struggle is real for sure…

2_ermahgerdCome on in, guys! It’s time for Reward and it’s a night-time challenge, which means it’s story-telling time. Ya’ll know the drill on this one – Jeff tells a story, the Survivors run around answering questions, collecting medallions to be unwrapped at their stations. Correct answers will yield a gold medallion, incorrect answers will reveal wooden medallions. Up for grabs? The winner will be whisked away by helicopter to a resort on another island where they will enjoy steak, wings, and cocktails – the works. After Jeff tells the story, very cool editing reveals that one medallion contains a clue to a hidden immunity idol then it’s time to get started. Everyone except Keith gets their first questions right, and he misses again on his second shot. Things are moving quickly, Stephen, Abi, and Spencer are in the lead and then the idol clue is discovered – by Kelley. She can’t believe her good luck. A wrong answer by Stephen puts Spencer in the lead with three medallions, Abi and Stephen are quick to catch up, but Spencer immediately hangs his fourth. Stephen lands his fourth as Spencer unwraps his fifth, but he’s wrong and it’s an unwrapping race now between Stephen and Spencer, but Stephen is a few seconds faster over Spencer again! So of course, Stephen gets to choose another player to go with him, he chooses Tasha, which makes Jeremy shake his head, but Jeff, of course, says he can choose one more and he chooses Jeremy. Spencer doesn’t like this at all and feels he needs to do something about how tight Stephen, Jeremy, and Tasha seem to be.

And then the liquor store where I work in the evenings received and influx of customers and it did not stop until 9:00pm so while I could hear what a lot of what was happening in the last 45 minutes of the show… I missed a lot too. So!

3_goodcallindeedAfter the tribe returns to camp, everyone has congrats for Stephen; he can’t believe how well he did running around on his monster feet. Keith tells him to quit milking that foot – he was running like a deer out there and it’s all ha ha ha around the shelter. Kelley doesn’t even care that she didn’t win reward; she found that idol clue, which is a much better reward. This one is going to be tricky to obtain too – it’s underneath the shelter tied to the floorboards. Kelley tries to see if she can at least figure out where it is by feeling around as she’s sitting in the shelter, but to no avail. She will make a move to retrieve it the next day when three people will be gone on reward. The next day arrives and Jeremy, Tasha, and Stephen are choppered away to the resort. Stephen brought his closest allies with him to solidify their bond – and because Tasha wrote his name down so he’s doing damage control. Part of Stephen’s damage control effort includes telling Tasha and Jeremy what his advantage is and they are shocked. It’s a game-changing advantage and all three agree that as soon as Joe loses Immunity, he’s gone.

4_goawayabiWhile the Reward is happening, the rest of the tribe is at camp talking Stephen’s choices for the reward; it’s obvious he would take Jeremy, but Tasha? It’s very telling. Joe thinks Stephen really threw himself under the bus because he’s been with Kimmi for a long time sooo… There must be a strong connection between the three people on the reward. After Kimmi excuses herself from camp, the rest discuss the voting plan moving forward. They all agree it’s Stephen – if he wins Immunity, the vote will be for Tasha, but Abi is worried that she will be on the receiving end of Jeff’s snuffer. She asks Joe if he will let her win immunity – no. lol Abi isn’t sure if this deal they’ve worked is good. She thinks Spencer and Joe are sketchy and isn’t sure if they are trying to play her or not. Meanwhile, Kelley cares about one thing and one thing only – getting that idol. After Joe and Spencer go out on the boat with Kimmi and Keith looking for snails and clams, Kelley is thrilled when Abi FINALLY says she is going to chill out on the hammock, giving Kelley the perfect opportunity to crawl under the shelter. And her heart must have been really pounding because while she’s under the shelter untying her idol, everyone begins to make their way back to camp. Kelley is barely out from under the floor when people start wandering into the shelter area.

5_OfaceCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity! In this week’s challenge, players will release a bundle of blocks then stack the blocks with their feet and place a flag in the middle of the stack. Yay! We get to look at everyone’s gross feet some more! Woohoo! Kelley is first to release her bundle followed by Abi, then Kimmi, Joe Jeremy, Keith, Stephen and FINALLY Spencer gets started on stacking. While most everyone is progressing well, Stephen is the slowest of them all because of his, as Jeff puts it, prehistoric feet. Kelley is the first to begin her third row, followed by Joe, Keith, then Spencer, but she’s struggling and Joe takes the lead. BUT! Joe knocks down three of his blocks and has to start restacking then Keith is confronted with the disaster of falling blocks. Spencer takes the lead, but Joe is quick on his heels… No pun intended! So it’s neck and neck between Spencer and Joe and Spencer is one block ahead of Joe – if he wins, it will be a BIG win for Spencer and all of the sudden, Spencer is going for this flag, but can he get it in the hole? ::headshake:: #ShitJeffSays… Like… Come on, dude. You can’t set me up like that… So can he get it in the hole? #ThatsWhatSheSaid!!! Yes, he can and Spencer breaks Joe’s Immunity winning streak. And for the first time in the game, Joe is really nervous.

6_theyareallliarsWhen Joe walks away from the shelter, Keith, Kelley, Spencer, Stephen, and Jeremy discuss the obvious vote: Joe. He’s a challenge beast and he could go on another winning streak so it’s best to get him now because it may be their only chance. And if he asks, they are voting for Abi. BUT… Kelley tells us that this is NOT the plan because she has five people ready, willing, and able to blindside Stephen. Later, Kelley and Spencer are talking with Joe; they assure him that he’s safe and that Stephen will be blindsided at Tribal Council. Joe is still nervous, but there’s nothing he can do. He has to rely on his social game now and only time will tell the story of this next Tribal Council. Elsewhere, Stephen is talking to Abi – she’s cool with voting out Joe, but she’s also suspicious of Stephen. When she sees Stephen and Jeremy talking to Joe, she is even more suspicious of the situation and she voices her concerns to Kelley who assures her the plan they’ve devised to blindside Stephen. Abi is still suspicious and tells Kelley she has some decisions to make; Kelley says that if she feels anything weird going down tonight, she’s pulling out her idol.

7_shakethecrazyoutLater, Abi talks with Spencer and he confirms that the plan they came up with yesterday is good and that she has nothing to worry about, but Abi is still suspicious. This scares Spencer because he’s afraid Abi will switch her vote and write down Joe’s name, which will ruin everything. Jeremy and Stephen are worried about Abi as well; she’s such a loose cannon… Too bad no one got rid of her a lot sooner, like they should have… So Stephen and Jeremy go talk to Spencer; Stephen says he’s going to play his advantage tonight and wants to know if Spencer will vote for Abi instead of Joe. Spencer wants to know what the plan is, though, like, what outcome are they shooting for? Well, Stephen wants to split the votes and he tells Spencer that he gets to steal a vote. Spencer is totally scared now; Stephen could ruin his plan, Abi could ruin his plan, an Idol could get played… There are just sooo many things that are up in the air by the time the tribe leaves for their date with Jeff and if ya’ll didn’t know – the Survivors are not allowed to speak on their way to or from Tribal Council so once they grab those torches and get to marching towards the voting “box”, lips must remained sealed until they are all sat down and Jeff starts asking questions.

8_byebyeStephenTime for Tribal! Jeff immediately points out that for the first time Joe is walking into Tribal with a very cold neck. Something is said about lack of scrambling and Abi notes that it’s because there are definite alliances and the trick is figuring out which one is loyal to you. Keith says “trust” is the key and Jeff remarks that there has been no trust because everyone on the Jury was blindsided. Tasha speaks up that they are all starting to realize that the voting blocks are becoming a thing of the past because the numbers and days are dwindling. And blah blah blah, Jeff asks Stephen about the odds of a blindside at this Tribal Council – he says the odds are low. Tasha speaks candidly now and says that there is a shift happening. Voting blocks worked for awhile, but trust is what is required to get you to the end. And with that, it’s time to vote and Stephen announces that he would like to play his advantage – Jeff asks him to explain and he does. There are some shocked faces, and some are delighted – mostly Jeremy. lol And what person would he like to steal a vote from? Joe, of course! He thinks this sucks, but it’s the game and again, it’s time to vote. With his vote, Stephen votes for Abi and with Joe’s vote, he votes for Joe. And OMG, Stephen… WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SPLIT YOUR EFFING VOTES?!?!?! Like, for real, dude! So anyway… Jeff reads the votes: Joe, Abi, Stephen, Joe, Abi, Abi, Stephen, Stephen and… Stephen. He immediately applauds the blindside.

Next time on Survivor… Someone gets hurt and it looks bad. I hope not too bad. It sucks when people have to leave the game at this point in it because of medical reasons. As always… Be sure to check out Jon and Eric’s Survivor videos. Hanne is covering the Amazing Race, we have post-season Big Brother coverage, if you love Bravo shows, you’ll love Your Reality Recaps, and there is also Scream Queens & American Horror Story stuff… And become a Patreon! And if you’re buying stuff on Amazon this holiday season… Click here to use this link. It doesn’t cost you more and it really helps us out. 😉 xoxox


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