Survivor 31: Cambodia: Second Chance Blog Recap Episode 13: Villains Have More Fun


1_hedidntknowThis week on Survivor… Upon returning to camp, the tribe is not in a somber mood about Joe leaving, but no one is jumping for joy either except Abi. Kelley points out, excitedly, that they all have a better chance at winning challenges now! How cool is that? Spencer hadn’t even considered that aspect of Joe leaving; of course they all have a better shot at the necklace now that Golden Boy is gone. Keith is upset that he wasn’t included in the voting out of Joe; he would have been on board, but he wrote down Tasha’s name. He wants to get her out, but he’ll need to go talk to some folks. How convenient that Kelley brings up the votes. Tasha knows Keith voted for her and she’s going to keep her eye on him. Keith is the last person she wants to see join up with the guys or some of the girls.

2_totallyscrewedThe next day, day 33, Jeremy is with Kelley and Keith and Jeremy brings up how crazy it is that they are all three still there, all from the same season and the same original tribe. Yup! That’s pretty crazy! Alone on the beach, Kelley tells us that she is keeping her options way open right now; that’s how she’s played this whole time and it’s crucial at this point in the game to be on your toes. Elsewhere the beach, Jeremy and Spencer are walkin’, talkin’, and drinkin’, coffee I assume. Jeremy has a serious case of buyer’s remorse and Spencer is deeply concerned; Jeremy thinks they are in trouble. Spencer hopes there is a group of four he can pull together. They need to pull Tasha and Kimmi. Jeremy says this is all ridiculous. Spencer is worried about the girl alliance being a real thing and he doesn’t want to play at the bottom. He hopes he can keep it together to the end.

3_islandmadnessstrikesagainCome on in, guys! It’s time for Reward. Up for grabs: A trip back to the temples they traveled through before the game began. They will be blessed by the monks, enjoy great food, and they will spend the night in the temples – as per Survivor usual, a once in a life time experience. In this challenge, players will be attached to a length of rope has been spooled around a wooden structure; they will have to weave themselves out of the structure with enough length of rope to complete the challenge. When they think they have enough rope, they move on to stage two where they will assemble a bridge using wooden rods, which will lead them to the final stage where they will knock down wooden blocks by throwing sandbags at the pyramid of them. First person to knock all blocks off the platform wins reward. Spencer is the first one to get started on the bridge; Keith is next followed by Jeremy, then Tasha. Keith takes the lead, though, but only slightly ahead of Spencer. The big question is: Does everyone have enough rope? Keith is first to start tossing sandbags and Jeremy is right behind him, but he doesn’t have enough rope! And Keith totally does have enough rope to retrieve his sandbags and he’s knocked a lot of blocks to the ground when Spencer start tossing sandbags, but he doesn’t have enough rope to retrieve his bags – and Keith just totally owns this challenge as soon and he gets to pick one person to join him and he chooses Kelley because he gave him a reward and of course he can pick one more. He chooses Spencer since Spencer didn’t get to spend time with his loved one, and thinks that whatsherface (Tasha), and Jeremy have strong enough bonds with their loved ones or some such excuse like that…

4_dudemanBack at camp, the losers are commenting on how strong Keith is at challenges. Abi says he’s very underestimated; Kimmi asks if he’s the new Golden Boy. The subject of voting him out next is brought up and of course Tasha is up for that. Abi just wants to make it to day 39; she knows she’s a goat, she wants people to think she’s just a goat to pull to the Final Tribal Council. She likes to watch them squirm and scramble. She’s a villain. Villains have more fun and she’s having a great time. Anyway… Tasha, Abi, and Kimmi definitely want to vote out Keith, but Jeremy has reservations – on Day 39 at the Survivor Beach Shelter Breakfast pre-Final Tribal Council. Tasha asks he’s really that nervous about the “all girl” thing, he says he’s not, he says he trusts the girls, but clearly, he doesn’t. Tasha thinks Jeremy needs to chill out and let her make a move or she’ll find someone else who wants to get on board her ship and sail to the end of the game.

5_notcrazyAt the reward, Keith, Kelley, and Spencer totally enjoy being immersed in the Cambodian culture and their surroundings, but of course, as soon as they sit down to eat, the game talk begins. And of course, as Spencer points out, at this point in the game if you go on a reward with two other people, you’re probably gonna make a final three deal, but Spencer’s ideal three is himself, Abi, and Keith. Talk turns to who the next vote should be; Keith says Jeremy, but Spencer thinks that’s expected so he suggests Tasha first then Jeremy. He wants Abi to be their fourth to go after Tasha and Kelley is totally up for that. Spencer feels pretty solid with this plan, but it all hinges on the fourth person to stay cool, calm, collected, logical and rational, and do what’s best for the group. Unfortunately for Spencer, that fourth person is Abi and she is not any of those things at all. Back at camp, Abi is preparing rice and Tasha asks if she minds if she and Jeremy talk privately. Abi would rather it be a three person conversation, but whatever. She’s “cool”. Abi doesn’t understand why Tasha wants to buddy up to Jeremy because she feels that she, Abi, has more in her pocket. HA! Jeremy and Tasha choose to let their private conversation happen later, Kimmi joins them wanting to know what she missed and they discuss Abi – Jeremy can’t imagine dating her. Tasha confirms that she feels that Abi is a totally loose cannon. Then later, Tasha and Jeremy hatch a plan in the hammock to go after Abi first, then Keith. They have to make a move now and Abi is just too unpredictable, she’ll flip in a heart beat; Tasha is not going to let Abi ruin HER game, but she’s iffy about Spencer… Jeremy is down because it’s one less girl in the game and he’s just hoping the plan won’t blow up in their faces.

6_sosorryCome on in, guys! It’s time for the Immunity challenge. Each player will race over a series of obstacles in the water then dive in and retrieve a key from a buoy, which will open a chest that will give them access to the pieces of a five piece puzzle; first person to solve it wins a one in six shot at a million. Survivors ready… GO! Jeremy and Spencer take an early lead, but after Spencer takes a good chunk of boat to the junk and falls into the water, he has to start over – bollox! Jeremy is first to the buoys followed by Keith then Kelley and Spencer are suddenly there too as Jeremy begins to swim back to the beach. And Spencer catches up with him and takes the lead, but takes a platform to the face and has to go back giving Jeremy the lead again and he’s first to start on the puzzle… Meanwhile, this whole time, Tasha has been struggling at the buoy… And right after Spencer wins the challenge, having gotten lucky putting the puzzle together in the fastest time in recorded Survivor history, Tasha starts to swim back, but begins to struggle even more. Jeff is on it. He calls for safety to help Tasha, calls for medical and is all “Let’s go”. She’s fine, she just got really exhausted, her energy levels were low and she took in a lot of water, but she’s fine. She’s A-Ok. She really scared Kimmi, she scared herself and damn these second chancers are hard core!

7_goingtotribalAfter the challenge, Tasha is the topic of conversation. She really did scare herself, her response was to keep swimming, but her body wouldn’t let her. She’s okay now, though, but everyone is cool with her taking some alone time no the beach, which she uses to think about her next move; she’s nervous about the vote because Spencer could have bonded with Kelley and Keith on reward. It’s crucial for Spencer to be on board with her… Meanwhile… Keith, Kelley, Spencer, and Abi are talking about how they can count on each other. Abi says she feels good; as long as it’s none of them. But really, as long as Abi is still there at the end of the day – she’s just thinking about who to take to the end with her. She thinks her resume is impressive, and it sort of is, but … Um… Only ironically… Later, Tasha pulls Spencer into the jungle – It would be a disservice to allow Keith, Kelley, and Abi get any further than they should. How does Spencer feel about voting Abi? He doesn’t like not having control of his fate, but he totally does have his fate in his hand because he is the swing vote. It’s the breaking point. The final seven. The point of no return. Spencer doesn’t know what to do.

8_byebyeAbiOnward to Tribal! Jeff starts Keith and the reward and blah blah blah; Jeff is stirring the pot because he brings up how three people go to reward and four are back at camp. Next he brings up Tasha’s incident during the Immunity challenge. It was scary. Next item up for discussion is Idols, and Kimmi says “we” and Keith remarks with a “we”, then Spencer says “we” and it’s “we” “we” “we” instead of blah blah blah and I really wanna hook up the Wii I have available to me and do a little bowling… So anyway, there is all kinds of “we” up in this Tribal Council and it’s time to “we” “we” “ we” ourselves all the way to the vote. No one plays an Idol so Jeff goes right on ahead and tallies those votes: Abi, Tasha, Abi, Tasha, Abi, Keith???, wtf? One vote left…. Abi!? Whaaat??? Spencer voted out one of his goats??? Wow… So… Finale time on the next Survivor! Really excited!!! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out… As always, my dear readers…Be sure to check out Jon and Eric’s Survivor videos. Hanne is covering the Amazing Race, we have post-season Big Brother coverage, if you love Bravo shows, you’ll love Your Reality Recaps, and there is also Scream Queens & American Horror Story stuff… And become a Patreon! And if you’re buying stuff on Amazon this holiday season… Click here to use this link. It doesn’t cost you more and it really helps us out! 😉 Merry Christmas, Loves. Happy Holidays, ya’ll. Whatever the Eff you celebrate, and even if you don’t – Have a great week. See you after the finale. xoxox


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