Survivor 30 Worlds Apart Blog Recap Episode 3: Crazy is as Crazy Does


1_ThoughtIntentionChoiceThis week on Survivor… People are definitely surprised that Vince is gone, but Joe is more shocked that Will didn’t stick with the split vote and he’s not happy about it. Will just doesn’t know who to trust in his tribe; he’s playing chess, not checkers and he has to think about future moves too, but not too far ahead. He didn’t trust Vince so Vince had to go. Nina just knows she’s next and she asks the tribe if they could just make her feel like part of the tribe until they get rid of her… … … Okay, folks! I am “interrupting this broadcast” of my Survivor Blog to relay a different “program” to the readers that I picked up from the “signal” during this episode of Survivor. This week’s “program” is calledLife Lessons I Learned from Reality TV with the Real Melissa” and it’s a little different than what you’re used to reading.

2_monkeysabouttobematingIt was pretty obvious to me that Nina was getting the ol’ torch snuffed this week and it wasn’t just the editing, though, I will say this to the Survivor editors: Bravo! How involved IS Jeff Probst in the editing of the show? Hmmm? I am obsessed with Survivor, but I don’t research every little detail. I do know that Jeff has all of the snuffers from every season; it’s the one thing he keeps. I read that a long time ago so I don’t know if it is still true. I also know something else about Jeff Probst. Who knows how Jeff Probst got his job? Anyone? Anyone? Jeff Probst put a message in a bottle and sent it the right people. He literally mailed a message in a bottle and that message pretty much said this: Hire me if you want this show to be a huge success because I’ve seen the future and I’m the person for the job! lol That’s not exactly what he said, yes, that is true, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. If Survivor and shows like it are Social Experiments, as an observer of people, I have made this observation:

3_HUGEBALLSI don’t even care who wins these shows anymore because I don’t watch them to see the winners and guess what! The people playing them don’t really care about the money either! lol No one cares who wins the game. What Jeff has been trying to show us through this show is that Jeff knows a secret; Jeff knows ALL the secrets to help Future Survivors win the game. Jeff controls every aspect of his Survivor show; he knows what everyone is thinking and feeling because they tell him and he films it! lol In the beginning he showed us that people CAN work and live together while they are “lost” on an island even if they are all competing for the same prize. People still get along with each other, people from all walks of life; even if people don’t like each other, they will still make the effort when they have to work together to literally survive. lol Come on people now! SMILE ON YOUR BROTHER! lol No matter what, people usually get home after being on these shows and they don’t care that they didn’t win the money. It’s not really about the title either – IT’S THE EXPERIENCE! lol

4_bigmouthThe experiment then became more about the people themselves and Jeff started showing how similar we all are deep down. Everyone has different experiences, but when they are forced to confront deeper issues within themselves and each other… People CAN resolve their issues. People CAN agree to disagree and still survive together. People don’t hate each other THAT much. People DO want to get along when they are “lost” on an island and have to fight to stay in the game. Survivor really isn’t about winning a million dollars or the title of Sole Survivor. It’s really not. Some people don’t like the direction the editors are taking now with the show; it really is like they are telling us what is going to happen before it happens. And sometimes I DO wonder if they aren’t leading people to hidden Immunity idols… 😉 But I know that this is not a “production”. Jeff just gets very lucky! He always gets his rain, right “on cue”, and his wind, “right on cue”… 😉 Sometimes I wonder if Jeff hasn’t fashioned himself a weather machine since he is such a clever builder! lol And seriously, in All Stars, that tribe switch?!?!?! How crazy was that? You can’t PLAN that kind of thing. You can’t MAKE that happen – It’s just synchronicity and there as been sooo much of that on Survivor. lol

5_catchawaveLet me tell you why Jeff is showing us how the winners beat down their path to the prize… Is it obvious yet? lol 😉 If you want to be a winner, you have to think like a winner and he showed us an example of how thought creates reality this week. 😉 Anyone can be a winner no matter what role they assume within the game. You can be a hero or a villain. You can be a fan or a favorite. You can be someone’s friend and you can be a part of someone’s family and still play the game together… You can be an All-Star! lol We really don’t care about race or sex or age or anything like that at all. So far, this season, it doesn’t seem to matter what job and outlook on life you have either; people are just people living on island wanting to have a great experience so just have some fun! lol But only ONE will win the prize this time and Nina, this week, didn’t WANT to win the money. She wanted a far more valuable experience. She wanted to be shown what her problem is, because she couldn’t see it, but now it’s obvious, because it’s right there on TV for everyone to watch.

6_yougottawantitNina reminds me of my mom; both are great ladies! I think Nina is very No Collar, but she just took that collar off so she was still feeling it around her neck and it made her uncomfortable. All she could think of on the island was how her life was back at home and she made her “real world” a reality on the island. She didn’t have her HEAD in the GAME it was at home! lol And in the GAME, and in LIFE, you have to THINK like a WINNER. lol Don’t let your physical limitations be limitations! If you think you are limited, guess what! You are only limited in your thinking and you have to get your mind right to win. You have to think of your limitations as a benefit, something that can actually HELP you. Nina… You have a hearing “problem”, which means people are FORCED to look at you to talk to you. You have to make eye contact and have to focus and pay attention to “hear” people. You can hear them in more ways than one. 😉  lol So when someone pokes you on the back, TURN AROUND and LOOK at them! lol 😉 I hope you are doing better, Nina. I hope you can see what you were NOT doing and what your tribe WAS doing to support you. I bet it’s that way in real life too. 😉 You voted yourself out of that tribe, honey, because you weren’t thinking like a winner because winners know they won’t lose. Confidence! We all need to focus on what we CAN do instead of the things that we CAN’T do, but know that the things that we CAN’T do are there to  show us how to create solutions to what we think of as problems in our “games”. You dig? 😉

7_OnPointOnCueWe all need to try to think like winners and be the winners we know we can be. We all need to send messages in bottles to predict our own future in our own way. When you think you are a winner, you will be and if you go for something you want to win and know that you can win it, you will. When you are intent upon something and know how to work the pieces within your game you can obtain whatever prize you want. You can live whatever dream you want to live if you can figure out a way to use your strengths AND weaknesses to your advantage. Jeff Probst is doing it. Jeff Probst loves his job and we can all see it on his face because it’s not a job, it’s not work; when Jeff is “working” he is actually playing because he likes to make up games and talk to people and construct stories to share with people. He likes to crack open shells, toss them into the pot and stir, not to show weaknesses, but to show people what is inside of those shells that will be beneficial; not only within one person, but the whole tribe. 😉 Jeff has one of the best, most rewarding jobs in the world. He helps people see themselves in a different way.

8_HELLONINAnotbyebyeKeep watching Survivor,  it’s on CBS on Wednesdays at 8/7c, and read my blogs. Next week we will return to our usual broadcast, but I kinda like the feel of this one. Lots of heart, lots of truth, lots of inappropriate humor… Yup! That’s pretty much me. 😉 I usually put a picture of the Survivor getting their torched snuffed now when they are voted out, but not this week! Just in case Nina reads this, I want her to think and know that her torch is still burning so there will be no photographic evidence that it was snuffed in this blog! Survivor didn’t give Nina a million dollars; it gave her something better. By snuffing her torch in the game, Jeff gave her a new flame to use to light her way to a brighter life. 😉 Yes.

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