Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5: Amster-Damn Slap


The next morning Kyle goes to check up on Yolanda in her suite. Yolanda informs her she is staying in for the day activities cause she isn’t feeling well and needs to rest. Her Lyme disease is really hitting her right now. Yolanda tells Kyle you have to accept her job in life with Kim. Kyle says she doesn’t understand cause she is lucky to have her relationship with her brother. Yolanda feels sad to see two sisters fighting so much.

Ladies meet in the lobby before heading out. The Lisa’s walk up to Brandi and Kim while Kim is saying “What’s up stoners?”. They ask Kim and Brandi what their plans for the day were and they said go shopping and invite them along. Eileen shows up and asks what’s up and they say they are all going shopping which completely confuses her. Eileen says she will stick with Yolanda and Kyle with going to the meseums. Eileen thinks they are all crazy acting like nothing has happened. Kyle comes to down to meet Eileen and tells her Yolanda is staying in not feeling well. Eileen tells Kyle everyone else went shopping which no surprise confuses her as well!

While out shopping Lisa V says she is excited to be out enjoying the day in the sun and shopping. Ladies stop by a few clothing stores before wondering their way into a sex/lingerie store. Lisa V says its times like today she remembers old times with Brandi laughing and joking. Says “she can still enjoy a laugh with Brandi” which is nice to see from time to time. Lisa Rinna and Kim seem to be getting along great and the ladies enjoy their time drama free. Over with Eileen and Kyle they enjoy going to meseum all while joking about the art. They enjoy taking some pictures with the sights. They send up going to have a little lunch and begin to talk about the fight from the other night. Eileen goes off about how they haven’t receieved an apology from Kim but Lisa Rinna did. They agree that Kim’s behavior was out of control that night and don’t quite now where to go from there. imagesMIGBT8W4

Eileen and Lisa Rinna meet up for a drink but before really Lisa could say anything Eileen goes in about the Kim situation. Feels that she had Lisa’s back but that Lisa didn’t have hers. Lisa tells her that she is done trying to have talks with Kim cause all she does is get mean and yell at people. Eileen tells her that Kim should have apologized to both her and Kyle as well and not just Lisa. Lisa is just taking Kim at face value and it doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Eileen still just thinks the whole situation is just BS.

Its dinner time and Yolanda had arranged a river boat dinner for them all to enjoy. Brandi and Yolanda show up first together and Brandi asks how she is feeling. Yolanda says she is felling so much better and the day resting really helped her. The ladies all start to arrive and great each other at the back table of the boat. Lisa says sorry to Eileen and Kyle for not going to the mesuem and that she just need some time to relax shopping. Lisa says to Kyle “All is fine” Kyle goes “Everything is fine?” Lisa tells her “It has to be” which Kyle says “Its not fine”. Lisa’s side interview she says everyone is pretending everything is ok and why cant she just loosen up. Kyle gets up and goes to the bar causing Yolanda to follow asking if everything is ok. Kyle tells her she just doesn’t know what to do to fix everything with Kim. Lisa V comes up next and asks whats going on. Kyle says she just is annoyed cause her and Kim aren’t speaking and Brandi keeps giving her mean looks. Kyle is clearly not down with all the fake acting going on. Back at the table Kim says “Well well well” which sparks Eileen to say “Id love to talk about it”. Brandi right away says ok and says sorry to Eileen for throwing wine at her and talking negative about her house. She then follows it up that she just doesn’t like people talking behind her back calling her an alcoholic. Eileen looks baffled and says sorry if she ever said that but doesn’t remember. Then Brandi goes well I was told I was a mean drunk which Eileen does agree she said “That she can be a mean drunk”. Yolanda, Kyle and Lisa come back to the table in the middle of this argument. Kim now chimes in “You see me one time after I took a pill..what gives you the right to talk about my situation”. Eileen defends herself saying she saw some scary signs as well did Lisa Rinna and they felt they should say something. Eileen apologizes and says she was not trying to be malicious. After a little mimagesXLOU9ZKHore going back n forth Eileen just tells Kim “Sue me for giving a damn”. Yolanda is just so confused as to why Kim just wont really take in Eileen’s apology. Brandi tries to be funny again! Says if everyone wants help with themselves: Lisa V sleeping with half of LA   Kim taking every kind of pill   Herself drinking to much   Yolanda overly bossy   Lisa Rinna not eating and Eileen being a homewrecker. Right away Eileen shuts her up saying “Don’t go there Brandi”. “You weren’t there you don’t know what happened”. Yolanda at this point has had enough and goes to sit and eat dinner. Lisa joins her quickly and says she can enjoy a laugh with Brandi but sometimes she just goes to far. Kyle goes in on Brandi telling her she just says mean things out loud and hopes it stick with lies. Brandi says she never lies and that Kyle is a bad sister. AGAIN with this. Kyle isn’t having it and calls out that she keeps using that card against her. Kyle says she is fed up with her and they wont be friends. Brandi is totally fine with that and they wish each other well and walk away. Lisa V calls over Brandi and Kim to eat with everyone else.

At dinner Brandi comes up with a game where they will go around the table and each say something nice about one lady at a time. Everyone is saying sweet caring things to each which is really bringing the mood of the night to a happier place. Tho once Lisa V turn comes and Brandi justimages4DP7RJTN says she has nice boobs Lisa tells her your just saying superficial things about everyone. Once it was finally Brandi’s turn she storms off to the bathroom and says she doesn’t want to play anymore. Kim ends up going to get her and brings her back to hear her complements. Night ends up ending on a positive note. But as ladies are gathering their things and exiting the boat Brandi is a little drunk and beings to joke with Lisa. For some reason Brandi is trying to kiss Lisa and blocking her from leaving. Lisa jokes saying I will slap you now lets go! But Brandi thinks they are just joking around and slaps Lisa not to hard. Lisa scolds her like a child while Brandi tells her to slap her back. Clearly this joke went south fast!

How will the slap unfold between the ladies? Is Kim’s sobriety talk finally done for the season? Don’t forget to check out all our Bravo content on our Bravo Page. We have blogs for all the Housewives shows and V  anderpump Rules and Jon is doing Audio Blogs for RHOBH, RHOA and Vanderpump Rules. They are HILARIOUS you don’t want to miss them!


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