Survivor 29 Blood vs. Water 2 Blog Recap Episode 1: Suck It Up and Survive


Finally! I am finally getting my Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2 blog posted. So many apologies for it being so delayed; it was a crazy busy week here in the Hills, plus last week was the Big Brother 16 finale! One of my tweets was shown on the air! One of my most boring BB16 tweets ever… Anyway… It’s Survivor Season so let’s get started.

As Jeff soars through the sky in his helicopter, we meet our pairs of Survivors. They will not be paired up for long, though, because this is Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

1_shutupjohnJon & Jaclyn are a couple, but don’t think they are this pretty, perfect couple because Jaclyn is very concerned about that and hopes that people see them as more than that.




2_boobandsoandsoJohn & Julie are another couple. John is a former baseball player and she is more than a pretty face and pair of boobs. My nicknames for them this year are “Boobs” and “So-And-So”.



3_worsethanbirdsBaylor & Missy are a mother/daughter team. Missy is thrice divorced, but it remains to be seen about whether or not she lives in a van down by the river. Baylor is billed to have a more motherly role in the relationship, but those monkeys really freaked her out! Lol




4_siblingrivalryDrew & Alec, well, the picture says it all. I guess sibling rivalry pairs are going to be a staple in any Blood vs. Water season. I still can’t tell which one is Drew and which one is Alec yet, though.




5_callusflamerscausewemakefireJosh & Reed are also a couple and they are huge Survivor fans. They go camping, they love the outdoors and more importantly, they know that if you’re going to be on Survivor you learn how to make freakin’ fire.



6_deepthoughtsDale & Kelley are a father/daughter team ala Dick and Danielle of Big Brother fame. They are not super close, but something tells me that by the end of this season of Survivor they will be!



7_firefightersvscopsJeremy & Val are a very competitive couple; Jeremy is a firefighter and Val is a cop. Val is very adamant that she doesn’t need Jeremy’s help and will do just fine on her own, thank you very much.



9_twinnieprayersNadiya & Natalie should be well-known to the Survivor watching crowd, as it seems a lot of us watch the Amazing Race. If you don’t know who the twinnies are you should really know who the twinnies are.



8_morefirefightersKeith & Wes are in the role of simple, small town folk, but both are firefighters. Hmmm… MORE firefighters who will be obvious fan favorites this season with all the humorous edits they received episode one.



After Jeff greets the Survivors and after some chit chat about who got fire and who didn’t, Jeff splits the pairs apart into tribes with some crazy names.


The orange team is Coyopa and the Blue team is Hunahpu. Or as we will all call them, the orange and blue teams. Jeff also lets them know that they are about to play for reward and after a round of Paper, Rock, Scissors, it is decided that Jeremy will be playing for the blue team and what’s this?! The first twist?! Guess who Jeremy is going to play against!

10_putyourmoneywhereyourmouthisHis wife! And the loser has to go to Exile Island! The winner gets food and fire for the tribe and gets to choose one person from their team to join their loved one on Exile. The challenge is pretty evenly matched for awhile, but Val, despite her fired up attitude before the challenge, loses. Jeremy doesn’t even need to think about whom to send. Keith, who Jeremy assumes can build fire and help take care of his wife on Exile.




11_smartmanstrongmanBack at blue tribe camp after the challenge, Jeremy is on it befriending the ladies of the tribe. All are very receptive to him because of his display of love made for his wife at the Reward Challenge. You all know that’s why they are eating up his words.



12_youngtriberulesOn the orange side of the island, the other tribe is just so young! They have such young people on their tribe. Well, there is Dave… Dave. He’s in his fifties, but that other guy is in his forties, but fifties is a whole lot older than forties… To a bunch of twenty year olds.





13_iamanassetAn intertribal challenge begins at the orange camp to make fire; Dave is off by himself trying to use his glasses. The young guns are rubbing sticks together next to a tree. Dave shows those kids a thing or two, though, because he gets that fire made.



Meanwhile… At Exile Island.


After exploring a bit, Keith and Val are told to choose one of two jars before them.
15_valkeepsherclueVal selects the jar with a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol back at her camp and chooses not to share the information with Keith, even though he knows there was something written on her paper. Even though her husband selected him to go with her to Exile to take care of her…




16_drewissoprettyDrew is working up a storm at the orange camp, building up both a shelter and his ego, which Julie notices. Did you guys know that Drew used to be a model? He did some modeling. In case you didn’t know, Drew was a model, but he can build shelter too!



17_classicblunderWes of the orange team, as well as his father, knows who John is and asks him what his last name is. John lies. Wes doesn’t let him get away with it, exposing himself as a threat to John. Such a dumb move! What was Wes thinking? Not strategy, that’s for sure.



Immunity Challenge!

19_forebodingFirst, tribes must scramble under an obstacle, kicking up all kinds of dirt, then three bags must be retrieved by lifting a tribe member up to untie them from a log. After that, a rope must be secured up a wall, then pegs must be used to get up a wall, then they have to help each other to the final platform where the equalizer, the puzzle awaits. It was back and forth for awhile, but eventually, the blue teams wins sending the orange tribe back to camp to make some decisions.



20_damnswingvoteAt orange camp, Josh is approached by the Nadiya to form an alliance because he’s just like a girl, which Josh hates, but isn’t against the idea of grouping up with Nadiya, or the rest of the girls. They all want to align with him, but so do the boys.




21_mastersoftheuniverseDale has been thinking, because he knows what Nadiya is capable of having seen her on the Amazing Race, and he would like to give Val a chance to get to know everyone since she had to go to Exile.



22_firefightersRusBack to blue, Jeremy talks to Keith to let him know that there is loyalty between them. He looked out for his wife so basically Jeremy is going to look out for Keith. It is also revealed that Jon’s dad is in very poor health, which is very sad and I wish the family well and hope that everyone gains the experiences they need with him.




23_itsallaboutnadiyaAt Tribal Council, Nadiya is center stage and the focus of all of Jeff’s questions, but it doesn’t really matter what she says because Josh has clearly made up his mind judging from the look on his face while she is speaking.



24_totallysafeVal does get to talk to the tribe, but not for very long because we will all get more of a chance to hear what Val has to say, but things are not looking good for Nadiya at the moment. The Twinnie needed some spot light time before this happened….





25_nadiyaOUTSo Nadiya is the first person voted out of the orange tribe and Val is still in the game. Josh obviously went with the boys for this vote, but I don’t think the boys have his full loyalty; he should definitely leave the door open to the girl’s alliance. Let’s face it; it’s girls vs. boys at the orange camp.



Next week I will not be working as many hours as I did this week so I will have this thing posted sooner. If you like this format better as opposed to how I wrote my blogs last season, comment below to let me know!


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