Survivor 29 Blood vs Water 2 Blog Recap Episode 13: Let’s Make A Move


1_ohyesThis week on Survivor… After switching her vote to Alec causing his exit from the game, Natalie is on damage control immediately upon returning to camp. With Natalie, Missy and Baylor, Jaclyn wonders if Alec voted for himself; Natalie confesses that SHE voted for Alec – Isn’t that what she was told to do? Jon joins the conversation while Keith watches the group of five from the fire. The web of lies that Natalie continues weaving is really amazing. Jon and Jaclyn are sold on it, though, and Baylor thinks it is hilarious watching Natalie act her ass off with Team JJ. And she’s right, if they were smart, they would know exactly what she was doing. Jon is upset that Keith is still there; Keith is a huge threat and with him in the game, problems could arise…

2_dontchathinkThe next day, Natalie and Keith have a chat alone away from camp. She lets him know that she was supposed to vote for him, but she voted for Alec instead and she’s the reason he joined the jury. Keith can’t believe how he keeps squeaking by in the game and whodathunk he’d be teamed up with Natalie? Natalie thinks Keith deserves to be in the game more, Alec was too obsessed with Jon so he had to go. Now they, along with Baylor and Missy, need to stay tight and Natalie also tells him to pay no mind to, as Keith puts it, “Mr. and Ms. Prom/Homecoming Queen”.  Keith says there is no need for her to worry about that.

3_rewardTime for Reward! Up for grabs? A spa day! Shower, massage, food including steak, cookies and brownies! Totally worth playing for and here’s what they have to do. The tribe will be split into two teams of three and belted together and must complete an obstacle course and puzzle. After passing through a mountain of hay they must go over and under a series of poles to untie a bucket, fill it with water then step over a large teeter totter to fill another bucket to lower a bridge to assemble a wood panel puzzle. Blue team: Keith, Missy and Jon; Yellow team: Natalie, Baylor and Jaclyn. Yellow is first through the hay; Jon and Keith are practically drag Missy through it as the rest of the girls quickly maneuver the over/under obstacle and soon have their bucket full of water; Blue is right behind them, and Missy twists her ankle as they make their first pass over the teeter totter. Jon and Keith pretty much carry her through this challenge. Blue slows way down and yellow makes a dash for the puzzle station. Blue makes a total of three passes to fill the bucket and lower the bridge, but they finally get to the puzzle – the Great Equalizer. Of course, blue makes up a huge amount of time and Missy, Jon and Keith win Immunity!

4_alonetimeMissy’s injury is revealed to the other tribe at this point, but she’s adamant that she’s okay. It’s no big deal. Jon says a nice spa day will make Missy look even younger than she already does. Jaclyn is pissed that Jon is standing over there feeling good about himself; everyone deserves to go and he’s annoying her and it is pissing her off. But wait! Did Jon say he was going to go? Nooope! He’s not into manacures and massages so… He gives up his reward to Baylor, so the mother/daughter team can enjoy a memorable experience, Natalie volunteers to go to Exile and Mr. and Ms. Homecoming/Prom Queen will be alone at camp for awhile so Jon can give Jaclyn her own spa day.  Oooh oh OH! So Natalie leaves, Baylor insists that her mom get on her back, Jeff tells Missy to let him know if medical needs to take a look at her leg then Jon tells Keith to enjoy his massage.

5_massageschoolAs Baylor and Keith help Missy to Reward Beach, they are greeted by locals with a tropical beverage and the feast begins. Baylor is so grateful that Jon gave up Reward to her, but he’s still a target; Jon giving up Reward isn’t going to save him from going to the Jury. After having a look at Missy ankle, which is very swollen, and causes her to cry out in pain when Keith picks up her feet, Missy lets us know how much she struggled in the challenge. She could feel it swelling up, she’s in a lot of pain and she’s going to do the best she can in the upcoming challenges. Back to eating! Oh, if only Wes could see Keith now, enjoying a spa day! It’s more of a girl thing, but food, that’s a guy thing. He’s never really had spa food, but it’s not too bad! There’s bacon! After washing all the funk off of him, he’s pretty sure he’s going to come out looking like George Clooney then it’s time for the massage! Missy is really enjoying Keith’s company, he’s not so bad! He’s kinda cool! I think we ALL enjoyed watching Keith during Reward, but don’t nobody go telling anyone at the firehouse about all that massaging business with all the extracurriculars!  lol

6_countingchickensOn their way back to camp, Jon and Jaclyn discuss what a great move it was for Jon to give up his reward to Baylor. He didn’t need it anyway and it’s nice that just the two of them can spend some time together. Around the fire they discuss Natalie. They can’t believe she voted wrong. Jaclyn is sure that she told her to vote for Keith. It was a big thing to screw up and Jon is definitely bringing it up to the Jury. 100% Jon is bringing up Natalie’s mistake to the Jury, youbetcha. Jaclyn mentions being somewhat worried that maybe Natalie and Keith have some kind of agreement, but Jon questions the concern; that would be two against four so that doesn’t make any sense. Jon doesn’t see Natalie flipping on them on, but boy, Jaclyn sure does hope that this doesn’t come back to bite Natalie when Keith keeps on freakishly winning these challenges. They might just have to break up the five sooner than they thought.

Alone at Exile, Natalie is struggling, but she is surviving. Without a good supply of food, no shelter and no contact with anyone, being at Exile is draining. Natalie hasn’t gone this long without seeing her sister so her emotions get the best of her. She’s going to buck up, though. She’s so close to the end so she’s going to do the best she can with these last few days of the game.

7_nowayCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity… As Missy hobbles onto Challenge Beach with the assistance of Jon and Keith… And a crutch made from a tree branch… The smile fades of Jeff’s face. “Clearly we have something to discuss,” he says as the tribe settles onto the start mat. Natalie is brought in from Exile and Baylor hands her a coconut full of rice and tells her to eat it now. A few tears spill from Natalie’s eyes as she explains why she’s so touched by the act; being on Exile is hard yada yada yada. So your leg is worse, now, eh, Missy. This produces some tears from Missy because her ankle is getting worse. Jeff doesn’t think she’ll be able to compete in the challenge and he insists on bringing in medical to have a look at Missy. Natalie and Jon help her to the bench, Baylor is sniffing back tears. Medical does an exam and he’s concerned about a significant sprain and he’s considering that she’s broken her ankle and recommends pulling Missy from the game to do X-Rays… Missy bursts into tears… Jeff asks for his honest opinion; does she absolutely need to be removed from the game. The doc says that he can immobilize her ankle and she can continue. It’s her decision. She chooses to stay in the game. Baylor comments on the situation, her mom never gives up and she’ll carry her to the finish line if she has to. And under softly, Natalie says that she’ll help.

8_stupidwindSo, to the challenge: Players must stand on blocks of wood and use handles at the end of a rope to balance a jar on a teeter totter pedestal. And wouldn’t you know it; Mother Nature is again providing Survivor with serendipitous weather conditions. The wind is gusting nicely on Challenge Beach that day. When the challenge starts, he points out that there is no way Missy could have done this challenge and just like that… Jaclyn is out then Baylor followed by a huge gust of wind. Jeff babbles on his usual banter. Who wants it the most, you’ll have to hang on, concentrate, oh and here comes the wind again, brace yourselves. Keith is next out leaving Natalie and Jon to battle it out for the necklace. And just like that… Jon’s jar falls and Natalie wins Immunity! It had to have been that bowl of rice that Baylor brought to her. Has to be! According to Jon, Natalie winning Immunity totally redeems her mistake at the last tribal. Now they can stick with the plan and vote out Keith…

9_samefaceWhen the tribe is back at camp, talk is all about Missy and about how much pain she must be in and how hard it must have been for her to sit out of the challenge. Jon is frustrated with how the challenge went today, but he accepts that however things fall, it’s for the best. While Keith is out in the water, the rest of the tribe discusses the vote; Natalie is adamant that Keith knows he’s going to the Jury tonight. Without a doubt, he knows. Natalie confirms the Keith vote with Mr. and Ms. Homecoming/Prom Queen, but the real plan is to split the votes between Jon and Jaclyn. As she explains to Keith, if Jon plays the idol, they’ll vote out Jaclyn, if he doesn’t, they’ll revote and Jon goes to the Jury. Keith is totally down for the plan to take out Mr. All American and Ms. USA. Natalie coaches Keith to act very unhappy at Tribal and not to get all crazy so that Jon doesn’t catch a whiff of their plans.

10_imyourdaugherMeanwhile, Jon and Jaclyn are taking a walk together; Jaclyn was a little worried about everyone blindsiding Jon, but he’s not worried about it. If they were going for Keith last time, they are going to go for Keith at this Tribal. Jaclyn brings it up again, maybe she’s just being paranoid; it’s just a thought in her head. Jon acknowledges her concern, but he doesn’t think that it’s going to happen. No way is Jon getting blindsided. Jaclyn says that Jon usually achieves what he visualizes so hopefully he’s right this time too. Cut to Baylor and Natalie as Natalie tells us what the plan is; Natalie and Keith vote Jon, she and her mom vote Jaclyn. It’s the same plan Natalie talked to Keith about, but it hinges on Missy voting with them. Cut to Baylor talking to Missy; she tells her mom that she and Natalie want to vote Jon out. Oh no. Missy can’t do that. She gave her word. She can’t do it. Baylor continues to try to convince her mom that this is the right move for them both; she doesn’t have a deal with Jon; only Missy has a deal with Jon. Natalie joins the twosome at this point, but Missy is just not having it. She wants to play the game truthfully; it has crossed her mind that the Jon and Jaclyn show has to come to an end, but she has to play truthfully. This frustrates Baylor. Um, isn’t she her first born? Again, her mom is putting men ahead of herself…

11_motherdaughtertelepathyLet’s go to Tribal Council! The tribe helps Missy to her seat, the Jury joins them. Keith is addressed first and he’s all talk about big moves. He’s trustworthy. Jeff points out that he’s a fireman! Jon says it’s not a matter of not trusting Keith, it’s about their group of five and the trust they have. Jeff asks Jaclyn about the Five Strong Circle of Trust; she doesn’t think the she and Jon are going anywhere, which Missy, Baylor and Josh and Wes find quite interesting, and somewhat amusing to the Jury members. Aaand… I think that’s really what tugged Missy over to her daughter’s side, that and Jon talking about how much he thinks about that final speech. This also causes some fun Jury member expressions, but enough is enough, tonight is a great night to make a move so let’s get a move on and let’s get to the vote…

12_outwittedWhen Jeff asks if anyone wants to play an idol… JON does NOT play his idol… Jeff begins to read the votes: Keith. No surprises there.  Jaclyn. She seems as if she was expecting that. Another Keith vote, then another for Jaclyn… Oooh…  What’s this? Two Jon votes are thrown down next and we have a three-way tie, ladies and gentlemen! The Jury is tickled pink. Jon, Jaclyn and Keith are not allowed to vote now. Only Missy, Baylor and Natalie are allowed to vote. Jon is NOT pleased, but the Jury is very amused. Time to revote! Aaand… Jon joins the Jury! Hashtag blindside! Jon’s so out of sorts he forgets his torch! Natalie is very happy.

Next time on Survivor… It’s the two hour season finale. Missy is very upset that she’s injured. Jaclyn is very pissed that Jon was voted out and I’m sure we’re all in for a really good three hours on Wednesday, December 17th! This is always about the time that I check out the Ponderosa videos at, but don’t forget about all of the awesome content here at Your Reality Recaps! We’ve got Amazing Race, we’ve got Bravo and The Bachelor will be returning very soon! Along with King of the Nerds! Season Three! (click to read begin my season 2 recaps…) And… If you’re doing any holiday shopping on Amazon, please click here before making your purchases. It doesn’t cost you more and it really helps us out so that we can bring you all of this lovely content 100% free to you! Thanks! Happy holidays!


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