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I guess you can say summer has officially come to an end. It starts with the Big Brother premier and ends with the Finale. What a summer it has been.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, loved house guests and loathed house guests but it all comes down to tonight. Who will win the $500 000 grand prize. Before we find out we need to know who is responsible for deciding who goes to the final 2. In the first of our three-part HOH we play flying high. The endurance test to end Cody Calafiore, Derrick Levasseur and Victoria Rafaeli all compete in part 1 of the final HOH Competitionall endurance tests. The final three are on a wall hanging on to a handglider while Big Brother throws rain and hail and wind at them while tilting their wall to the point of being parallel with the ground at some points. Our Warrior princess is complaining she can’t  feel her hands and well this is just not a competition befitting of royalty and she is first off the wall. It comes down to the boys and Cody really wants to win an endurance challenge just to say he did. Derrick is trying to convince him that Derrick Levasseur fights for part 2 of HOH on the Big Brother 16 finalehe’s just not that confident in a mental competition against Victoria. Really Derrick? Who is going to buy the tale that you don’t think you can out think Victoria of all people. After some discussion and Cody promising Derrick study he steps off the wall and Cody walks into the final round of HOH competition.  Part 2 is a mix of mental and physical competition. They need to race up a wall and put in order the two nominees in order from week to week. I think this would be harder than in any other season just because there were so many nominees and replacements. Trying to remember who the final 2 on the block were that week would not be an easy feat. Victoria having been on the block 9 times should have a pretty good handle on the situation, as does Derrick. What determines the winner of this competition is how they can make it through the physical task of climbing the wall.  Derrick does win the competition with a 15 minute lead and Victoria is now faced with living through the week knowing these boys have a final two and accepting her fate. Thankfully Victoria doesn’t like and spends the week needling Derrick about his betrayal. Where was this Victoria all season? Had she acted like this all season we would have remembered her name!

The Jury deliberates with Dr Will Kirby as moderator on the Big Brother 16 FinaleThe most talked about part of this episode is definitely the jury deliberations. We have been dying to hear what these guys are thinking and they are headed up by Dr. Will! Finally a year where St. Dan isn’t being  honored and glorified. The true mastermind of Big Brother is back and I couldn’t be happier. They all predict that Caleb will be next to join them and they were right. Caleb tells them about The Hitmen and they are all surprised but then it’s like the whole season made sense! Frankie and Caleb have a bit of an argument as to whether Frankie was loyal to Caleb because the jury feels that cutting Frankie was Caleb’s worst decision. Then we breakdown the games of our final three:

DERRICK – The manipulator or puppet master. He manipulated everyone in the game without being so overt about it. Frankie said he played the grandfather card with him to get him in close. He also accomplished a feat never done before by going through the season never being nominated. In a season where 4 people were nominated every week that is even more of an accomplishment. Playing devils advocate, was it really manipulation or was it putting himself ins a huge alliance where he could sit and hide for half the game. He stabbed everyone in the back and worked them to get their vote. Jocasta is particularly bitter about his “fake praying” with her. Zach who entered the game saying he would lie, cheat and kill to win this game has respect for what Derrick accomplished. I think Derrick played an impeccable game. Was it boring? Hell yes. The guy had such a tight handle on EVERYTHING that nothing was every up for change unless Derrick decided that he wanted it to change.

CODY – Cody played under the radar using his social game to get him where he is. He won when he had to and did something that most in this game can’t do. When given information he could keep it to himself. The question to be asked is how much of what Cody did is directly accredited to Derrick. The jury is going to want answers as to what were his game moves opposed to what game moves were made because he was told to make them.  Christine is impressed with Cody’s game. I think the game Cody played was pretty flawless as far as social games go. He went the majority of the game without being a target. He had a rough week early in the game when Caleb wanted him gone due to jealously over Amber, but besides that blip he was one of the most liked people in the house and people seemed to overlook his athleticism because of it.

VICTORIA – The floater of the season. This girl survived nine times on the block without losing her mind. Frankie was on the block twice and had mental breakdowns each time. Was Victoria dumbing it down for the show? Zach doesn’t think so. We have to remember that this girl does run a successful business so there aren’t just rocks between her ears. I really do think that she did downplay her smarts when she realized that if she played the princess role it would get her farther. After watching the girls with opinions get voted out week after week I would do the same thing. Caleb and Jocasta admit that they would vote for her if she manages to make the final two. The chances of it are slim to none, but I would love to see the boys faces as Victoria is crowned winner of BB16

Finally we get to see the final part of our HOH competition. In Scales of Just Us Julie will read them half a statement from the jury and give them two possible endings. They then have to decide who the juror would have ended the statement. It’s a great test as to how well you really listened to your house mates all season and how well you got to know them. Derrick takes the early lead. Shocking that the profiler would know how people would end a sentence isn’t it?  Cody does even it out and we have an on the edge of your seat competition for once. Derrick takes the lead on question 5 and Cody ties it Victoria Rafaeli fails to make it to the final two on the Finale of Big Brother 16up again. It gets down to a tie breaker question. “In seconds how long was Part 1 of the HOH competition?” Julie don’t have time for you do the math and is screeching answer please in 10 seconds.  OMG If she was the host of BBCAN 2 her head would have spun around 360 and flown across the studio when Jon asked her to repeat the question 5 times. It would have made great TV!  CODY WINS THE FINAL HOH COMPETITION! Holy crap I actually squealed. Partly because Cody was one of my picks to win the season and partly because I felt that maybe this would be the only way we’d actually get a blind side. Will he have the guts to cut Derrick and secure himself the 500 000 win? No one thought Jon would cut Neda on BBCAN and believe me when it happened it was the best moment EVER being in the live audience and watching the physical reactions of not just fans but of Arisa was an amazing moment. I wanted to live that moment again here! Cody proves to us the mind control Derrick has maintained over him is great and EVICTS VICTORIA! OH Cody, you will wake up tomorrow and regret that decision about 450 000 times. Do you think Cody should have kept Victoria and gave himself a chance to win or maintained loyalty to Derrick?

It’s time for one my favorite parts of the show – The jury questions. It’s disappointing now that the group has to agree upon all the questions The Jury reacts to Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur answering their questionsbecause I loved when the bitterness would come out in the questions. Christine had a great one. Asking Derrick to admit to being the reason they were all sent home since he claims he had no responsibility in the decisions but they believe he was the sole reason. Derrick then admits to planting the seeds of all the evictions in the HOH’s brains. Frankie asks Cody to prove wrong the fact that Derrick was the puppet master. Cody shoots back with that he’s glad Frankie is asking that question because it was Cody’s plan to get rid of Frankie and not Derricks. Famous- adjacent Frankie sits down looking a little stung. Caleb asked if Derrick using his family as a means of manipulation crossed the line. Derrick doesn’t think he used his family as manipulation. Really Derrick? Telling people if he doesn’t win you are taking food out of your baby’s mouth isn’t using your family as manipulation? In what world? The hash tag earlier this summer was #Devinhasadaughter but #Derrickhasadaughter was equally brought up if not more. Hayden asked Cody what his biggest strategic move was and both were asked why they should win over the other. Derrick’s sole reason is because he was never nominated and Cody said he played a great social game. Victoria got to ask her own question which I am sure was fed to her on the commercial break and it was Derrick was it your plan to be loyal to the Hitmen? Obviously yes. Victoria will need therapy when she gets home. Her mind was so worked over by Derrick that it will take many hears to straighten her out again. I thought the questions were a bit tame, and was disappointed! What did you think of the jury questions to Derrick and Cody?

So much happens in the next segments it’s a bits nuts. First we get the live vote. Everyone goes up and says their bit. Jocasta makes it known she is not happy with the fake praying by Derrick, Zach actually reveals his vote and Chenbot chimes in and tells everyone else to not do that. Let me guess next year, Zach Rance learns that Team America got him evicted on Big Brother 16 Finalethey won’t be allowed to speak!  Christine reveals she is impressed, not bitter and Victoria, did you not listen to Ms Chen, don’t reveal your vote! She basically does, so we know now we have 2 votes for Derrick! Time to bring out the 6 people we could careless about! They don’t even talk to them this year. Joey’s hair looked amazing. Loved the blonde with pink but she was wearing some sort of sash that made me think we are at the Game of Crowns reunion and I was waiting for Andy Cohen to come out. Then Julie says they will reveal this years twists. They revealed the existence of Team America, totally omitting the fact that Joey was part of it until they sent her to the curb. BB showed the video of the missions they completed and amusement went to anger in Zach’s face. When he realized that his demise in this game was all down to a Team America mission he was pissed! Apparently Derrick’s profession was a twist because Julie got Derrick to come clean about what he does for a living. Again shock and awe some our merry band of idiots. Frankie is in the back row making a spectacle of himself! Yes Frankie we see you! We have not forgotten that you are there now sit down and shut up!

Congratulations Derrick Levasseur is the winner of Big Brother 16Julie starts to reveal the vote. Jocasta was up first and her vote was Cody. There is hope! Could Cody take this whole game. No of course not but I’m glad it’s not a unanimous vote. Hayden and Zach both vote for Derrick. Then Donny votes for Cody! WHAT!! Team America didn’t stick together and we have a tie vote. The next three go to Derrick. CONGRATULATIONS DERRICK IS THE WINNER OF BB16 with a final vote  of 7-2. Cody and Derrick emerge from the house. I noticed is reception was not that of Jon Pardy. That guy barely got out the door before he was mobbed by the cast. I can’t say I was shocked by the outcome not only because Derrick has had the game in his backpocket since the beginning but if you watch closely there are signs. Look at where people sit. Cody’s family was about 4-5 rows back where as Jana and Tenley were first row.  Oh yeah and Ariana was there sandwiched between Big Jeff and Rachel Reilly. Victoria is the first to hug her “big brother” Really this outcome is no shock. All we as fans want to know is Who is America’s Favorite Player. Julie reveals it came down to Nicole, Zach and Donny with 10 million votes cast. Now I am shocked. Frankie didn’t even make it to the top three. Oh the Grande’s are not a happy bunch right now. With over 5 million votes cast Donny was named our AFP. If it’s not Zach then Donny would be my next best option. I think this season ended the way it should have. The mastermind won the show. Really he was the one that never stopped thinking, always knew what was going on and made things go how he wanted week after week. He lied, he stabbed people in the back and for that he is rewarded. What did you think of the outcome of BB16? Would you have like to have seen it go a different way? Comment below and let me know what you thought.

 Jon and Eric  give you their thoughts on what they wanted to have happen watch their pre-game show to find out:

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