Survivor 28 Cagayan Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn Blog Recap Episode 2 “Cops-R-Us”


jtia_entertainingNo chit chat! Let’s get right into the action. With Garrett out of the game, Spencer is the only dude left at the Brains camp and he knows his days are numbered. After Tribal Council, he asks Tasha if the outcome would have been different if Garrett the Dictator hadn’t show up at camp and she confirms that he is correct. Things changed for Tasha, as they should have, when the alliance between Garrett, Spencer and Kass was exposed. She has no loyalty to Spencer and she and Kass are all in for a girls alliance. Spencer is in big trouble if they don’t pull out a win at the next Immunity Challenge. So what if J’Tia threw out 95% of their rice?

tonysarah_shakeonitAt the Brawn camp, Tony comes out of the cop closet to Sarah and did I call it or what? The cops have decided to form a Cops-R-Us alliance, but as soon as it’s formed Tony start throwing around names and false stories – he’ll swear on any name he has to, he doesn’t care, he’s in it to win it! And he’s playing way too hard way too fast. You’ve got an idol, Tony, and your team is doing really well in Immunity Challenges! Why muddy up your reputation this early on by lying to a cop who knew you were a cop before you told her? Duh! Not a smart move for a guy with an Immunity Idol in his pocket. Not a smart move at all. I predict this guy either gets blindsided with the Idol in his bag, (or back at camp like Garrett) or he plays it when doesn’t need to. Sorry, Tony, but this is the part of the game when a guy like you has to play real chill because you’re a huge threat in individual immunity challenges.

lj_findtheidolAnd the RAIN is back! No Survivor Light for these players!  It amazes me this far into the series how often people “didn’t think it would be this bad” on Survivor. Have they never watched the show?! Dealing with the unpredictable elements is all part of the experience. Woo gets it, he loves it and I love Woo! The wind in this episode, though… I don’t think I’ve ever seen wind that fierce on Survivor ever before. Or a tribe of more useless women! Beauties! Letting those boys do all the work on the shelter, like you can’t weave palm leaves together for the roof and hey, maybe you’ll warm up if you move around a little more! All the time spend huddling in the shelter was good for LJ, though, because it gave him time to think about what Morgan was doing over there by those rocks when the rest of the tribe joined her at camp…

brainswatertossing_spencerTree Mail Call at the Brains island! The next immunity challenge will involve throwing buckets of water and they could win a tarp! Tasha immediately wants to practice, but J’Tia would like to eat some rice first… Let me say that again, J’Tia wants to eat rice before they practice for the challenge. Kass wants to do some work on some interior design elements in the shelter, Spencer is really dehydrated… Tasha does get in her practice time, though, and thus begins my favorite scene in the episode: The Brains tribe in the ocean tossing water back and forth into coconut shells with the Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss playing in the background. I will always think of Survivor when I hear that piece now. (And I made sure to get a picture of Spencer shirtless in the blog for Eric).

brainswinImmunity Challenge 3: Very teamwork oriented, this challenge requires that one tribe member toss a bucket of water to another, the person catching the bucket must throw the water out for a third member to catch in another bucket. (Oh yeah, and everyone is shocked that Garrett is gone). The third person will fill a container with water until it lowers, releasing a shiny ball that will be used in a vertical, circular maze that requires two tribe members to solve. First two to finish win Immunity and it’s looking real good for Beauty and Brawn when the challenge begins. Beauty finishes the water toss first; Jeremiah and LJ take the reigns for the maze. Shortly after, Cliff and Woo get to work on the maze for the Brawns. All of my favorites are working on this puzzle! When the Brains finally collect enough water, Spencer and Kass have a lot of time to make up and the Brawns provide them with a lot of motivation when they finish in first place. So it’s down to the Beauties and the Brains and Spencer is working those ropes like Jack jumped through those lasers on King of the Nerds. He’s moving fast and the Beauty tribe is starting to freak out and BOOM! Brains win Immunity!

So it’s off to Tribal Council for the Beauty tribe, (I’m skipping right over all the celebration and the Brawn tribe), where LJ reveals the he, Jeremiah, Alexis and Jefra are “on the same page” and they all think Brice should be the target. Brice is worried about being the target and has a little chat with his good friend, Jeremiah, who lets him know that what LJ and the rest of the group (minus Morgan) is targeting him; Brice suggest they vote out Alexis instead. Jeremiah says he down for that. If they can swing Jefra over to their side, Morgan thinks they can switch it up and she finds some time to chat with her alone. In turn, Jefra approaches Jeremiah for a chat to confirm what she just talked about with Morgan and then there are baby birds and a lizard and all of the sudden they are going to split the votes, go to a tie, then vote out Brice.

dotdotdot_briceTribal Council 3: There really isn’t any reason to break down this Tribal. They split the vote between Alexis and Brice, there’s a tie, they vote again and Brice goes home. While I see why they voted out Brice, I really don’t understand the point of splitting the votes into a tie. What’s the point of making someone who will stay on the island angry? The best thing from Tribal council number three is to the right, but there’s only one other thing I have to add, regarding the preview of the next episode: YOU NEVER EVER THROW A TRIBE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE IN SURVIVOR. EVER. If any of my readers are ever on Survivor, please follow that bit of advice and promise I get your first official interview.

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